There are many benefits to using cannabis. And now comes a new study that seems to suggest, literally, the cherry on top. According to the Journal of Sex Medicine, weed may in fact boost sexual frequency. Cannabis users actually appear to have about 20% more sex than abstainers.

The best news? Cannabis does not appear to impair sexual function. It may also increase sexual drive and satisfaction beyond that.


The study was conducted by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. It is the first of its kind to examine the specific link between marijuana use and sex in the US. According to NIDA (the National Institute for Drug Abuse), more than 20 million adults in 29 states report using cannabis. That figure includes both medical and recreational users.

That said, there is little understanding or data on the procreational use of pot. Some studies have suggested that heavy cannabis use “causes” erectile dysfunction in men. Other studies have found drastically reduced sperm count in chronic male users. On the other hand, in animal and human studies, overwhelming data suggests that cannabis stimulates sexual arousal activity in the brain; in other words, desire.

Cannabis And Sex

This Stanford study used data gathered from 28,176 women and 22,943 men. The average age of participants was 29 years. More than 60% of the individuals studied were Caucasian. Over 75% of all respondents had completed formal education to the age of 18.

Of the women, daily, weekly, and monthly incident reports of sexual activity were significantly higher in those who used cannabis compared to those who did not. The same is true of male participants.

While the study does not establish a causal connection between marijuana use and sexual activity specifically, the results hint at such a conclusion.

“The overall trend we saw applied to people of both sexes and all races, ages, education levels, income groups and religions, every health status,” said senior author Michael Eisenberg MD. “Whether they were married or single and whether or not they had kids.”

One thing is clear; marijuana tends to stimulate sexual arousal. Beyond that, however, it can impact people differently. Further, the study itself is still wildly inconclusive. Starting with the question of whether study participants actually had active cannabinoids in their system when they had sex.


Studies about sex and pot tend to be linked into other issues, including addiction and other forms of maladapted drug and alcohol use. Joseph Palamar, a professor of Population Health at New York University, has also authored a recent study with a similar focus as the above. His was much smaller, but the results are intriguing nonetheless. His study found that people who smoke marijuana are far more likely to enjoy (and not regret) sexual experiences as opposed to those who drank alcohol to loosen up libido.

There is also a great deal of anecdotal evidence that cannabis can actually help improve sex for both men and women on a variety of fronts. Here are a few reasons how and why.

  1. Cannabis is an aphrodisiac: Weed can absolutely help you get in the mood in the first place. Not only does cannabis seem to stoke desire in the brain, it will also relax you and make you less nervous. Further, it reduces pain. The combination of these effects tends to lead to heightened interest toward sex for all genders.
  2. Cannabis can help women achieve orgasm: About 1 in 3 women experience difficulty having an orgasm during sex. Cannabis can lower that ratio. The CB1 receptors in the brain are directly responsible for not only stimulating general euphoria, but tactile sensations. This increased sensitivity, especially with strong “body high” strains can completely turn up the level of your interest and satisfaction.
  3. Cannabis appears to help increase sexual stamina: There are many men who claim that cannabis can help extend their sexual stamina.
  4. Cannabis seems to make orgasms, for both men and women, more intense.
  5. Cannabis is good for relationships in general: Multiple studies have shown that even legalizing medical weed drops domestic violence rates. According to a University of Buffalo study, couples who smoke together, fight less. 

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