The Sea of Green (SOG) has been popular for years, and the SCROG method relies on the same features, but growers add a screen that can maximize light exposure. Screens can be as simple as chicken wire or nylon netting that allows you to hold back the tops of the growing canopy. Ideally, the screen should have holes with a 5-cm diameter.

SCrog in veg stage


Screens should be kept as close to your lights as possible, and you can train your plants' tops to increase the number of marijuana buds that have access to light. Screens are kept between the growing medium and your favorite Cannabis plants. Generally, marijuana gardeners put one plant for every 30 square centimeters of screen. If you're not sure, it's better to use less plants rather than more. You can grow all of our marijuana strains with the SCROG method, and it works just as good with Indicas as it does with Sativas. Because Cannabis Sativa has a tendency to stretch during the first few weeks of flowering, the plants are an ideal option, and you can use the screen to keep the total height of your indoor marijuana garden down, making sure that your buds do not burn under intense indoor lights.

Scrog Method Cannabis


Knowing the way that your marijuana plants will grow is crucial to getting optimal yields with the SCROG method. If you're growing one of our outstanding Cannabis Sativa strains, like our Sour Diesel, you may want to keep your plants in the vegetative stage for a few weeks. Because Cannabis Indica varieties, like our Special Kush, will not stretch much during flowering, you can keep them in the vegetative stage for a longer period of time.


The main concept behind the SCROG method is that instead of growing a single top bud, you can grow multiple colas under your light. As your plants grow through the screen, you simply pull them back down and tie the branches to the screen. This creates more budding sites and allows you to maximize your indoor marijuana harvest. Plants can easily be tied down with plastic ties, and you can guide the branches to the empty sections of your screen. As the plants grow, they will branch out, and you'll get a crop of massive buds that have access to the light on which they thrive. Keep in mind that you'll probably see more branches when you turn your lights back to 12 hours of darkness and start the flowering period.

Amnesia Haze grown with the Screen Of Green Methode Scrog


Because the SCROG method attempts to create more budding sites, removing the larger fan leaves allows your buds to get more energy, so you can harvest dense buds that are coated with trichomes. It's essential to keep in mind that the plants depend on sun leaves for energy, and you may want to be sure that you don't remove too many of the larger leaves.


While growing Cannabis with the SCROG method, you'll have a thicker canopy, so optimal air circulation is crucial. You can also find some of our Cannabis strains that are mold resistant, so you don't need to be concerned about the increased humidity. If you're growing your indoor marijuana garden in a tent, having an air-cooled lamp is the best way to keep temperatures and humidity in the proper ranges.

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