Gelato Seeds

Explore the legendary world of Gelato cannabis strains. Originating in California, Gelato genetics are celebrated for their sugary terpenes and potent THC. Find a curated collection of Gelato crosses and tasty descendants, and savor the essence of its renowned flavors.

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  • Cookies Gelato
  • Cookies Gelato Auto
  • Green Gelato Auto
  • Wedding Gelato
  • Blue Gelato
  • Triple G
  • Biscotti
  • Gushers
  • Gelato 44
  • GOAT'lato Auto

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Sugary terpenes, impressive potency, and productive yields; discover the unmatched quality of our carefully curated range of Gelato genetics. Once you get a taste of these strains, you won’t go back.

The original Gelato strain descends from Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. These parent strains passed on a mix of terpenes that enabled their progeny to achieve stardom. Now, our breeders have harnessed Gelato to create a wealth of new varieties with even richer tastes and effects!

How We Made Our Gelato Strains

Our Gelato strains stem from a diversity of scrumptious parent strains, including Gelato 33, Cookies Gelato, and Biscotti Gelato. By crossing these varieties with other delicious and productive strains, such as Wedding Cake and Big Skunk Auto, our breeders unleashed a new range of genetics suitable for growers that prioritise flavour above all else!

Why Should You Grow Our Gelato Strains?

Our Gelato strains tick all of the boxes when it comes to top-performing genetics. Their gooey, frosty flowers are packed with aromatic terpenes that deliver dynamic tastes of sugar and fruit. On top of this, their high levels of THC will leave your eyes red for hours to come. Of course, they also offer huge returns of extremely dense colas.