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Ryan Najjar BS

I write about: Social & Legal Issues - Cannabis Breeding - New User Education - Scientific Research

Ryan Najjar is a cannabis journalist focused on the social and legal issues surrounding weed and the people who use it. They also have a passion for investigating the scientific merit behind claims made about cannabis.

“Life's a maze and we're all wearing blindfolds, so try looking for the walls”.

Ryan Najjar began their writing career in 2015 while studying at New York University, crafting articles for the college-oriented publication Verge Campus. They weren't writing about cannabis, however, but focused primarily on music and art. This theme continued as they transitioned to working for Neurocentrikk Magazine and eventually became their Art Director.

Eventually, after graduating in 2018 and spending some time working for a publication in their hometown, Ryan got the chance to meet other writers working with Royal Queen Seeds. They hit it off, and Ryan began writing for RQS in autumn of 2019. Since then, Ryan's passion for teaching people about cannabis has blossomed, and they take pride in helping people learn more about weed and how we function when it's in our system.

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