Cannabis Grow Supplies

Don’t be fooled—growing weed can be easy. You just need the right equipment. Below, you’ll find the supplies you need to cultivate healthy and productive plants every time you pop seeds at home.

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  • Easy Start
  • Starter Kit Autoflowering
  • Starter Kit Feminized
  • Beginner Cannabis Grow Kit
  • Indoor Grow Kit
  • RQS Geotextile Fabric Pot
  • Tyson x RQS Fabric Pot
  • Geotextile Transplanting Pot
  • Wall Planter
  • Soil Plugs
  • Cannabis Seed Booster
  • Easy Boost Organic Nutrition
  • Bio-Grow Fertiliser
  • Bio-Bloom Fertiliser
  • Easy Roots - Mycorrhiza Mix
  • Easy Roots Trichoderma
  • Easy Roots Rhizobacter
  • Easy Grow Booster Tablets
  • Easy Bloom Booster Tablet
  • Easy Combo Booster Pack
  • Bio Flowering Booster
  • Easy Plus Micronutrients
  • Seaweed
  • Bat Guano

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Having dedicated years to cultivating strains, we've gathered valuable insights into nurturing plants effectively. Drawing from this experience, we're pleased to share some recommendations on growing supplies that will potentially elevate your yields.

Grow Room Accessories: Watch Your Plants Thrive

Easy to use, our expertly crafted line of cannabis nutrients contains everything you need to keep your weed plants thriving and free from deficiencies. Our macronutrient lines contain perfectly balanced nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus levels for optimal vegetative growth and flowering. Our micronutrient formulas ensure plants have everything they need for superior cellular function, root growth, and immunity.

Our respect for the environment also led us to develop cutting-edge organic products that feed plants as well as the soil. Our bat guano fertiliser and companion plants help to build living soil, while our bioinoculants—including mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma—infuse growing mediums with beneficial probiotics.

Essential Growing Supplies for Home Growers

Over decades of breeding, we’ve reduced our cannabis grow supplies to a simple list of essential and functional items. These include fabric pots that enhance soil drainage and herb dryers and humidity packs that perfect the processes of drying and curing. Essential cultivation tools such as curved trimming scissors make harvesting a breeze, and pH metres are essentially for mastering hydrogen balance.

Weed Growing Starter Kits

Our weed-growing starter kits aim to assist you in cultivating weed with ease. Put together by experienced growers, these bundles contain all the essentials necessary for nurturing and thriving a healthy and productive cannabis plant.

RQS Nutrients: The Best
Fertilisers for Cannabis

Easy Roots Rhizobacter
Easy Roots Mycorrhiza Mix
Bat Guano
Easy Boost Organic Nutrition
Easy Grow Booster Tablets
Easy Bloom Booster Tablets
Easy Combo Booster Pack
Easy Plus Micronutrients
Thicker Flowers
Bigger Flowers
Sweeter Flowers
Incompatible (unless used in separate phases of growth) High in phosphorous (check Special considerations for each product)