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Our comprehensive range of growing products has everything you need to cultivate cannabis and keep plants healthy. Organic nutrients, starter kits, fabric pots and supplements are ideal for hobby growers.

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Growing supplements, nutrients, and starter kits give your cannabis seeds and young seedlings the best possible start in life. During germination, marijuana seeds require careful management of moisture, light, and temperature. These factors can be challenging to balance, especially for hobby growers or those new to cultivating cannabis.

All of the products in our Growing category have been carefully chosen to remove the complications experienced during the germination, vegetative, and flowering stages. The products provided are perfect for growers who want to make the most of small, personal cultivation projects.


To produce healthy, resistant, and high-yielding cannabis plants, successful germination is crucial. However, even once the first leaves have begun to develop, your seedling will need a very different feeding regime than during the vegetative or flowering stage. This vital time can be overwhelming for growers, with cannabis plants being incredibly sensitive to even minor changes.

By using supplements, starter kits, and all-in-one nutrients, growers can focus on successfully germinating cannabis seeds, regardless of experience. Once marijuana plants have entered the flowering stage, booster tablets and fertilisers let your buds reach their maximum quality and quantity.


Our Easy Start kit has been expertly designed by RQS to provide the perfect home for germinating cannabis seeds. With a few extra accessories, your seeds will develop into young seedlings within a matter of days. If you want a complete kit, our autoflowering and feminized starter kits are ideal—they include everything you need for effective germination.

Once your seeds reach the seedling phase, they require a carefully balanced regime of nutrients. While Allin1 GrowCaps will take plants all the way to harvest, RQS also offers Easy Grow, Easy Bloom, Easy Roots, and Easy Boost organic nutrients. Regardless of your requirements, our Growing category has everything required to grow healthy cannabis plants.