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 seeds and supplies

Free Cannabis Seeds & Merchandise With Your Online Purchase

Free Seeds

Spend: Get:
25 € 1 Free Seed
50 € 3 Free Seeds
75 € 5 Free Seeds
110 € 6 Free Seeds
135 € 10 Free Seeds
200 € 15 Free Seeds
260 € 20 Free Seeds
325 € 25 Free Seeds
390 € 30 Free Seeds
455 € 35 Free Seeds
520 € 40 Free Seeds
585 € 45 Free Seeds
650 € 50 Free Seeds
715 € 55 Free Seeds
780 € 60 Free Seeds
845 € 65 Free Seeds

Free Merchandise

Spend: Get*:
25-50 € Eco Stickers or Organic Paper
50-70 € + Eco Matches, Pocket Ashtray or Hemp Wick
75-115 € + Eco Grinder or Eco Poker Cards
110-135 € Eco Stickers & Organic Paper + Eco Rolling Tray or Organic Pouch
135-200 € Eco Stickers & Organic Paper + Posters or Organic Tote Bag
+200 € Eco Stickers & Organic Paper + Organic T-shirt

Our Sustainable Freebies

Free feminized cannabis seeds with your order

Free Seeds

Good news for organic cannabis growers: We’re giving away free seeds! Check out the table above to see how many free seeds you’re eligible for. When you get to the checkout, select the strain that catches your eye the most!

Free RQS organic unbleached hemp papers and filters

Organic Paper

If you have a passion for Earth-friendly products, you’ll love our organic unbleached hemp papers and filters. These products even arrive in sustainable packaging made from pine and bamboo.

Free feminized cannabis seeds with your order

Eco Matches

There are too many plastic lighters sitting in landfill sites. We’re switching to 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable Eco Matches, made right here in Europe. With portable boxes made from recycled cardboard.

Free RQS organic unbleached hemp papers and filters

Pocket Ashtray

Our portable ashtray, constructed partly from Kraft paper, lets you smoke anywhere without leaving a mess behind! Almost 100% sustainable, it offers one of the more environmentally friendly options.

Free RQS organic unbleached hemp papers and filters

Hemp Wick

Blaze your herb in the greenest way possible. Made from nothing but natural EU hemp and beeswax, our Free Hemp Wick allows you to incorporate a different kind of cannabis into the combustion process..

Eco Grinder by RQS

ECO grinder

As well as being environmentally friendly, our Eco Grinder combines natural and degradable materials to create an earthen aesthetic. It’ll also bring the smell of the forest to your smoking room (seriously, it smells great!)

Free RQS organic unbleached hemp papers and filters

Poker Cards

At RQS, we’re taking things to another level with environmentally friendly poker cards made from Kraft paper. Roll a joint, deal some cards, and enjoy some stoned poker.

Free feminized cannabis seeds with your order

ECO rolling tray

Rolling trays are an essential component in any cannabis lover’s toolkit. Roll with our Earth-friendly Eco Rolling Tray made from recycled plastic.

Free RQS organic unbleached hemp papers and filters

Organic Pouch

Complete your Earth-friendly cannabis collection with this handy Organic Pouch to keep all of your items together in one place.

Free feminized cannabis seeds with your order

Organic Tote bag

Want style points? Then strut your stuff with our 100% organic cotton Tote Bag. Featuring the names of legendary cannabis strains and the RQS logo, this accessory will catch the attention of fellow organic growers.

Free RQS organic unbleached hemp papers and filters

Organic T-shirt

Our Organic T-Shirts are comfy, stylish, and good for the planet! Bring an environmentally friendly element to your look, and enjoy this soft material against your skin.

Free feminized cannabis seeds with your order

ECO stickers

We’ve developed a close connection with our organic growers over the years. Now you can show off your love for top-tier cannabis genetics with our Eco Stickers. Slap them on your grinders, stash boxes, and car bumpers.


We’re Committed to a Greener Approach

At RQS, everything we do revolves around nature. We’re in love with the cannabis plant and the miracle of life on this planet! So, we want to make sure future generations can enjoy all of this in the same way we have. We’re dedicating ourselves to walking down a greener path by developing more sustainable smoking products and merchandise. Plus, we’re encouraging our customers to grow organically and nurture the soil and its organisms past the boundaries of their gardens. Join us as we strive to lead a sustainable lifestyle!

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