Diesel Weed Strains

Not every smoker values sugary-sweet terpenes and stoning highs. If you’re more into fuel-scented buds that rev the engine of your mind, check out our Diesel strains. Born in New York City, Diesel and its offspring varieties offer a bold flavour and stimulating effects.

10  products
  • Sour Diesel
  • HulkBerry
  • Kali Dog
  • Royal Gorilla
  • HulkBerry Auto
  • Sweet ZZ Auto
  • Solomatic CBD
  • Diesel Auto
  • Dynamite Diesel
  • NYC Sour D Auto

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What Are Diesel Strains?

Original Diesel was first bred in New York, USA from Mexican and Afghani landrace genetics. Soon after, new hybrids carrying on Diesel's unique genetics and traits started taking over the market. Among them was the now world-renowned Sour Diesel, but original New York Diesel is also believed to be closely related to Chemdog and OG Kush. At Royal Queen Seeds, we stock a variety of unique Diesel strains with both classic aromas, flavors, and effects, as well as modern twists.

How To Grow Diesel Cannabis Strains:

Diesel cannabis strains are fairly easy to grow, reaching moderate heights indoors, while still growing large enough outdoors to produce heavy yields. They produce dense, frosty flowers with big, swollen calyxes and a sticky coating of resin, rich in THC and terpenes. Whether you're growing in a tent, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, our Diesel strains are bound to suit your setup and skill level.