Autoflowering cannabis can be a convenient alternative to photoperiodic strains. As autos go into bloom all on their own, you can simply keep them under 18–24 hours of light for the entire duration of the grow. Moreover, as the life cycle of many autoflowers is normally a short 60–70 days from seed to harvest, this means they can deliver their goods to you in record time. Another advantage of autos is their compact size, so you can fit them practically anywhere. They are also ideal if you’re growing outdoors and need a small plant to reduce the risk of discovery. As autoflowering cannabis doesn’t rely on the natural daylight cycles to grow, it also allows cultivators to achieve multiple outdoor harvests in a single growing season.

No matter if you want to grow indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of great autoflowering cannabis strains to choose from. If you’re not sure which one to grow and are looking for some ideas, here is our list of the top 10 autoflowering cannabis strains of 2019!


Not long ago, some growers would turn up their noses at those who chose to grow autoflowers. The reason behind this is that early autos simply couldn’t match the yield, potency, and flavour of photoperiodic strains. Today, no one would dare say anything bad about Royal Gorilla Automatic, a dank auto that is more than deserving of the spotlight. This uber-potent lady from the US West Coast is a cross of Royal Gorilla, Royal Cookies, and ruderalis. She has been finely tuned for exceptional performance, beastly potency, and top resin production. Not to mention, she delivers up to 400g/m² of dense bud indoors—all within a short 8–10 weeks from seed.

Royal Gorilla Automatic boasts an impressive 20% THC, so she can deliver a real knockout punch. She starts you out with a happy, heady euphoria that makes way for an incredibly relaxing couch-lock. Smoke (or vape) the girl, and you will taste Diesel flavours with citrus, pine, and fruity notes.

Royal Gorilla Auto

Royal Gorilla Automatic

Royal Gorilla Automatic Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background Gorilla x Cookies x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 325 - 400 g/m2
Height indoor 60 - 120 cm
Flowering time 5 - 7 weeks
THC strength THC: 20% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 30% Sativa, 50% Indica, 20% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 120 - 170 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 60 - 140 cm
Harvest time 8 - 10 weeks after germination
Effect Stoned, physically and mentally

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Royal Cookies Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is another really hot autoflower. This cross between the famous Girl Scout Cookies and select ruderalis has kept her iconic dessert flavour and spectacular high intact. Grow her indoors, and she may get a tad taller than other autos, reaching a height of 60–120cm. Then again, she’ll reward you with up to an impressive 450g/m² after a super-quick 8–10 weeks indoors, and up to 180g/plant outdoors.

With 18% THC, you will likely not need much to experience the deepest relaxation taking hold of you. Her effect goes great with her flavour, where she blends her signature biscuit aroma with a subtle minty aftertaste for a mouth-watering cannabis experience.

Royal Cookies Auto

Royal Cookies Automatic

Royal Cookies Automatic Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background Girl Scout Cookies x Ruderalis (auto thunderfuck bx2)
Yield indoor 325 - 450 g/m2
Height indoor 60 - 120 cm
Flowering time 5 - 7 weeks
THC strength THC: 18% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 20% Sativa, 60% Indica, 20% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 130 - 180 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 60 - 140 cm
Harvest time 8 - 10 weeks after germination
Effect Relaxed and Euphoric

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Northern Light is a very popular indica among cannabis cultivators of all experience levels. Bred sometime in the 1970s in the US, she has her roots in Afghan genetics, which give the strain versatility, reliability, vigour, and top yields. No wonder she has remained a staple indoor strain up to this day! Royal Queen Seeds’ Northern Light Automatic is one of the highest-yielding autoflowering strains available. She keeps things manageable at a height of only 90–120cm indoors, yet you can expect to get as much as 550g/m² in good conditions, and up to 200g/plant when grown outdoors.

After a reasonable 9–10 weeks from germination, you can enjoy the same sultry taste of her photoperiodic ancestor, alongside an extremely relaxing high with a nice cerebral uplift to it. Superb as a nighttime smoke for some chill time, but also great at any other time of day when you need her!

Northern Light Auto

Northern Light Automatic

Northern Light Automatic Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background Northern Light x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 500 - 550 g/m2
Height indoor 80 - 120 cm
Flowering time 5 - 7 weeks
THC strength THC: 14% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 0% Sativa, 80% Indica, 20% Ruderalis/td>
Yield outdoor 170 - 220 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 130 - 160 cm
Harvest time 9 - 10 weeks after planting
Effect Cerebral and uplifting

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_The_ White Widow is another classic strain beloved by cannabis smokers and growers all over the world. Royal Queen Seeds took an original White Widow variety and gave the strain an autoflowering update with the help of a fine ruderalis specimen. Out comes the same spectacular White Widow, but now so easy to grow that even bloody novices can handle her! Indoors, she will stay at a convenient height of 40–80cm and produces a very impressive 450g/m² after about 80 days post-germination. Grow her outdoors, and you can expect around 240g/plant in good conditions.

White Widow Automatic is not extremely potent at 14% THC, but she’s still strong enough to make for a very good high. Compared to her photoperiodic sister, her effect is a tad more physical and stoney, making her an excellent smoke for some cool relaxation at the end of the day. She has a pungent aroma and taste defined by woody and earthy notes, yet her smoke is pleasantly smooth.

White Window Auto

White Widow Automatic

White Widow Automatic Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background White Widow x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 400 - 450 g/m2
Height indoor 40 - 80 cm
Flowering time 7 - 8 weeks
THC strength THC: 14% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 40% Sativa, 40% Indica, 20% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 190 - 240 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 50 - 110 cm
Harvest time 10 - 12 weeks after germination
Effect Physically stoned

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The original Amnesia is a famous sativa with a cult following. Her euphoric high and unique flavour are the reward for what many would describe as a difficult growing process. Most Hazes need around 12 or more weeks to flower, and their size and nutrient demands can be an issue too. Luckily, Amnesia Haze Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is here to save the day! This fabulous autoflowering variant does away with the long wait, instead requiring only 80–85 days from germination. Moreover, she will remain at a convenient height of 80–150cm, which makes her very manageable.

Amnesia Haze Automatic provides the same superb heady effect that made her big sister so famous—a high that is as cerebral as it is uplifting. Another highlight is her classic Haze aroma that blends earth and citrus notes to max capacity. As long as you make sure not to overfeed her, growing (and enjoying) Amnesia Haze Automatic will be a breeze.

Amnesia Haze Auto

Amnesia Haze Automatic


Genetic background Amnesia x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 350 - 400 g/m2
Height indoor 50 - 100 cm
Flowering time 8 - 10 weeks
THC strength THC: 18% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 50% Sativa, 20% Indica, 30% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 130 - 180 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 100 - 120 cm
Harvest time 10 - 12 weeks after germination
Effect Cerebral and uplifting

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Critical is another indoor grower’s favourite, and one of Royal Queen Seeds’ most popular strains. Among the reasons for the strain’s unwavering popularity are her reliable growth, her natural resistance, and, of course, the ample amount of top-class bud she produces within a short time frame. Royal Queen Seeds gave this classic their autoflowering treatment by crossing her with a select ruderalis variety. The spectacular result is Royal Critical Automatic, which displays all the qualities of the original, but in a faster and simpler format. Added bonus: Indoors, she stays at a very manageable height of only 55–65cm, yet can deliver up to an impressive 400g/m².

Royal Critical Automatic isn’t quite as potent as the original, but with 14% THC, she also isn’t what one would consider weak by any means. If anything, this means you can enjoy her even longer as she won’t knock you out right away. Her effect combines the relaxing embrace of an indica with the heady high of a sativa. You can smoke her at any time of day and remain productive and focussed. At night, she will soothe and relax you, but without the couch-lock that comes with other strains. She blends woody, spicy, and sweet notes into quite an irresistible smoke.

Royal Critical Auto


Royal Critical Automatic Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background Critical x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 350 - 400 g/m2
Height indoor 55 - 65 cm
Flowering time 6 - 7 weeks
THC strength THC: 14% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 1Sativa 15%, Indica 50%, Ruderalis 35%
Yield outdoor 115 - 165 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 90 - 140 cm
Harvest time 8-9 weeks after sprouting
Effect Relaxing and full of flavour

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Royal Queen Seeds brings growers the distinct flavour of New York City Diesel bundled in a small but potent package. They created their Diesel Automatic by crossing a fine NYCD descendant with Lowryder #2. Out comes an autoflower that offers much better yields, better potency, and better flavour than early generation autoflowers. As if that’s not enough, she goes through her life cycle in a fast 10–12 weeks, and will reward you with yields of up 375g/m² indoors and up to 110g/plant outdoors.

Diesel Automatic’s flavour doesn’t just stand out with the distinct, fuel-like notes that gave this strain her name; she adds to it subtle notes of citrus fruit to make for a delectable and unique taste experience. At least as great as her flavour is the effect of Diesel Automatic: Just like the original, she provides a clean and clear high that makes the strain fabulous to enjoy at any time of day, and on any occasion.

Diesel Auto

Diesel Automatic

Diesel Automatic Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background Diesel x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 325 - 375 g/m2
Height indoor 40 - 70 cm
Flowering time 7 - 8 weeks
THC strength THC: 14% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 40% Sativa, 30% Indica, 30% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 60 - 110 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 60 - 110 cm
Harvest time 8 -9 weeks after germination
Effect A clean and clear high without euphoria

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Most autoflowers are not exactly big, but Royal Dwarf gives “small” a whole new meaning! This bonsai-like cannabis favourite won’t get taller than 40–60cm, so you can seriously grow her almost anywhere, indoors and out, no matter how small your space. She makes a fabulous figure even in the tiniest tents and terraces; outdoor growers love Royal Dwarf as she’s just perfect for clandestine guerrilla grows. Yet, despite her tiny size, this Dwarf will churn out a respectable yield of up to 200g/m² indoors after 8–9 weeks.

Royal Dwarf is mainly a sativa (60% sativa) with an effect that is largely cerebral, motivating, and uplifting. As such, this strain makes a superb daytime and social smoke. But this effect is not without a welcome bout of relaxation, thanks to the Skunk presence in her genetic makeup. As for her flavour, she blends sweet and citrusy notes with a hint of skunk for a great-tasting smoke.

Royal Dwarf

Royal Dwarf

Royal Dwarf Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background Skunk x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 150 - 200 g/m2
Height indoor 40 - 70 cm
Flowering time 6 - 7 weeks
THC strength THC: 13% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 60% Sativa, 10% Indica, 30% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 30 - 80 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 50 - 90 cm
Harvest time 8- 9 weeks after germination
Effect Physically stoned

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Quick One, believe it or not, grows really quick. Plant your seed, and this indica-heavy specimen will fill your bags in a short 8 weeks from seed. Royal Queen Seeds brought this strain to life by reinvigorating the “original auto” Lowryder, which itself is a cross of Williams Wonder, Northern Light, and ruderalis. Not only does Quick One eagerly grow you top bud in record time, the plant, which indoors won’t exceed a height of 50–60cm, is also great if your growing space is limited. Grow her in optimal conditions, and you can expect a decent 325g/m² indoors and up to 150g/plant outdoors.

At 13% THC, Quick One is considered a mild strain, but this isn’t a bad thing! In fact, she can be ideal for those seeking something tame to enjoy during the day. With this girl lit up, you can just sit back, chill, and enjoy. Her flavour is great as well, blending tangy citrus notes with sweet fruit for an ideal smoking experience.

Quick One

Quick One

Quick One Royal Queen Seeds

Genetic background Strong Indica x Ruderalis
Yield indoor 275 - 325 g/m2
Height indoor 50 - 60 cm
Flowering time 5 - 6 weeks
THC strength THC: 13% (aprox.) / CBD: Low
Blend 10% Sativa, 60% Indica, 30% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 100 - 150 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 60 - 100 cm
Harvest time 8 - 9 weeks after germination
Effect Physical

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These days, everyone is talking about the therapeutic potential of CBD. This cannabinoid is helping people relieve symptoms of various ailments. Some prefer high-CBD, low-THC strains simply for the relaxing effect they get, without the high induced by THC-rich strains. Solomatic CBD by Royal Queen Seeds is a market-leading medicinal autoflower that boasts a massive 21% CBD and only trace amounts of THC under 1%.

Solomatic CBD is autoflowering, so even inexperienced growers (and those with little patience) can cultivate this medical cannabis strain without a fuss. You needn’t worry about switching your light cycle; after 9–10 weeks from seed, the plant will have moved through veg and flowering to offer you up to 475g/m² of CBD-charged buds indoors, and about 150g/plant outdoors. To the therapeutic effects of CBD she adds the joy of great flavour, mixing sweet and fruity notes with subtle hints of ginger and pine.

Solomatic CBD

Solomatic CBD

 Solomatic CBD

Genetic background Diesel CBD x Asia CBD Auto
Yield indoor 425 - 475 g/m2
Height indoor 90 - 120 cm
Flowering time 7 - 8 weeks
THC strength THC: 1% (aprox.) / CBD: 21%
Blend 20% Sativa, 70% Indica, 10% Ruderalis
Yield outdoor 110 - 150 g/per plant (dried)
Height outdoor 110 - 150 cm
Harvest Month 9-10 weeks after planting
Effect Soft, Clean and very light

Solomatic CBD


Have you found a favourite that you want to grow from our list of top autoflowers? For even more choices, check out all the cannabis strains in the Royal Queen Seeds catalogue! RQS offers not just top autoflowers, but also feminized cannabis seeds and CBD-rich medicinal cannabis seeds.

Happy growing!

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