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Money Points are earned through purchases, gifts, and rewards/actions and can be exchanged for discounts, exclusive products, and/or promotions.

Level Points are only earned through purchases and they count towards your tier status (more Grower Points, higher tier status in the program).



0 - 149 points
1 point for every € spent
10 Money Points


150 - 399 points
1 point for every € spent
15% Welcome Discount
50 Money Points
1 Extra Free Seed*


400 - 999 points
1 point for every € spent
20% Welcome Discount
75 Money Points
3 Extra Free Seeds*


over 1000 points
2 points for every € spent
25% Welcome Discount
100 Money Points
10 Extra Free Seeds*
Free UPS delivery **
Free Stealth Shipping **
* On first order in each tier
** Optional