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Do you want to receive 10% discount on your next order of feminized cannabis seeds?  All you have to do is to give us some feedback on the products you already tested! 

At Royal Queen Seeds, customer feedback means everything to us. It helps us know what we’re doing right and where we can improve. By leaving us a review, you won't only save 10% on your next order, but also help us develop a more enjoyable shopping experience and improved products.

How to Place a Review

It only takes a few seconds to place a review, so it’ll be the easiest 10% off you'll ever earn! Simply register a new account on this page, and tell us what you think about our service and products to receive your discount code.

How to Place a Review

How to Use the Discount Voucher

After you’ve added your favourite products to your cart, head over to the checkout menu to enter your discount voucher and save 10%.

Discount of Reviews: Questions & Answers

Got some burning questions? Quench your curiosity with answers to the most common queries below.

⌛ How long does the voucher remain valid?
After writing a review, you’ll have up to six months to use your 10% discount code.
🌱 What products can I purchase with my discount code?
All of our products are eligible! Check out our entire range of top-shelf seeds, merch, accessories, and more to decide what you want to save on.
🎫 Can I use more than one voucher on the same order?
No. You can only use one discount code per purchase to save 10% with your order.
📝 I placed a review, but didn't receive my voucher. What can I do?
First, we'll need to make sure that your review meets our guidelines. If it does, you should receive an email with your discount code within one business day of writing a review. If not, reach out to us for further assistance.

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