Companion Planting

Our comprehensive selection of companion plants can deter insects and small creatures, improve water retention, boost soil quality, and provide shade or concealment. Companion plants provide natural protection for cannabis.

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  • Royal Guardians Bio Pack
  • Royal Guardians Growth Pack
  • Royal Guardians Anti-Bug Pack
  • Royal Guardians Full Pack
  • Royal Guardians Nutrient Pack
  • Sunflower Royal Guardians
  • Marigold Royal Guardians
  • Alfalfa Royal Guardians
  • Red Clover Royal Guardians
  • Chervil Royal Guardians
  • White Clover Royal Guardians
  • Peppermint Royal Guardians
  • Coriander Royal Guardians
  • Chamomile Royal Guardians
  • Yarrow Royal Guardians
  • Dill Royal Guardians
  • Lemon Balm Royal Guardians
  • Sweet Basil Royal Guardians
  • Borage Royal Guardians
  • Cerastium Royal Guardians
  • Lavender Royal Guardians

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As the name suggests, companion plants are helpful species that can be grown alongside your cannabis, indoors or out. Each species of companion plant has different natural attributes, delivering a wide range of benefits. Companion plants establish a natural defence against pests and other threats, without the need for artificial pesticides, fungicides, or supplements. By establishing crop diversity, companion plants encourage and support a natural ecosystem for your cannabis plants to thrive.

Even the smallest growing spaces can benefit from companion plants and the polyculture principle. Polycultures increase local diversity by encouraging and attracting various plant and animal species. Monoculture (single species cultivations) are more prone to disease, infection, and pests.


Companion plants bring a wide range of benefits to indoor and outdoor cultivation projects. By adopting a polyculture environment, home growers can take advantage of the biodiversity our comprehensive variety of companion plants provides. While the exact characteristics of each companion plant will vary from species to species, growers have found companion plants to be effective in supporting the following:

Repelling insects and small creatures (aphids, mosquitoes, caterpillars, spider mites, flies, mice, ticks, whitefly, lygus bug, beetles and leafhoppers), improving water retention, enhancing soil quality, and boosting cannabis growth.


The complete range of companion plants at RQS has everything you need to build a rich and natural ecosystem. Our single-species packs include cerastium (snow-in-summer), sunflower, marigold, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, dill, and many more. We also have combination packs featuring a selection of companion plant species. Our Bio, Growth, Anti-Bug, Full, and Nutrient packs include everything you need to get started with companion planting. Simply choose the bundle that best complements and supports your cannabis plants.