Tyson 2.0 Cannabis Seeds

What do you get when two giants of the cannabis world collide? Excellent genetics, of course. Introducing Tyson 2.0 Seeds, an exclusive line of cannabis strains created in collaboration with Iron Mike and Royal Queen Seeds. 

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  • Gelato 44
  • Dynamite Diesel
  • NYC Sour D Auto
  • GOAT'lato Auto
  • Punch Pie
  • Corkscrew Auto
  • Tyson x RQS Fabric Pot

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A Clash of Titans — Tyson 2.0 and RQS Unite to Create Unique Strains

Mike Tyson, Dynamite Mike and Royal Queen Seeds collaboration

Derived from powerful genetic lines and inspired by Tyson's love for cannabis, the selections from Tyson 2.0 Seeds boast resilience, high yields, and powerful effects suited for all kinds of users—from heavyweight connoisseurs to holistic users and everyone in between. Explore a curated selection of champion genetics designed to elevate your home-growing experience, crafted by a man who treasures cannabis with his iron heart, and a team that knows the plant inside and out.

Tyson 2.0 Seeds — A Testament to an Enduring Bond With Cannabis

Mike Tyson, a household name both in and out of the ring, has channelled his enthusiasm for cannabis into the creation of the Tyson 2.0 brand. While he's long hung up his gloves, Tyson emerged from the ring not only as an undisputed champ, but also a genuine cannabis enthusiast. With a passion for this ancient plant, fuelled by his first-hand experience with its healing powers, Tyson and his team collaborated with Royal Queen Seeds to create a new line of champion genetics for the home grower.

Order Tyson 2.0 Seeds Exclusively @ RQS and Fill Your Tent With Champions

The strains featured in the Tyson 2.0 Seeds collection transcend everything but Iron Mike's love for cannabis. Every offering has been meticulously bred to ensure resilience, vigour, and stable grow traits, with cannabis flower that's nothing short of top-tier. Browse the full selection of Tyson 2.0 cannabis seeds below, place your order, and join us on a journey that's a testament to the enduring bond between the GOAT, RQS, and the ancient plant that is cannabis.