Royal Queen now offers a specialized lineup featuring fast growing varieties of some of our favorite long-night strains. The Fast Flowering lineup blends the prized potency of top photoperiod strains with the fast growth cycle of autoflowering cannabis. The result is a fast feminized photoperiod strain with a cannabinoid rich harvest.

Not Autoflowering, But Faster Feminized Photoperiod strains

Our first generation hybrids are the result of marrying high grade clones with third generation autoflowering cannabis. Little interference is needed, making for an easy care schedule. The fast flowering genetic recipe offers a short and streamlined path to well-bred buds of the highest quality.

With a short life cycle that can be completed in as few as 8 weeks, the latest hybrids are among the quickest cannabis strains currently available on the market. They are genetically coded to bloom on a expedited timeline with a desirably short flowering period. After just 6 to 7 weeks of flowering, it's already harvest time. For cultivars grown outdoors, our photoperiod hybrids easily grow 1 to 2 weeks faster than their original counterparts.

All New Fast Cannabis Strains

Which strains did we use to craft our ultraquick lineup? We now offer faster versions of both Royal Cheese and Royal Caramel. And for 2014, we will expand the seed collection to accommodate two all new strains: Speedy Chile and Candy Kush Express.

A London original based on Skunk #1 and classic UK Cheese, Royal Cheese never disappoints with its distinctive taste, wicked smell and extensive yields. Already an efficient strain, the fast growing version of Royal Cheese flowers on a supercharged timeline, bringing you a world class crop on a surprisingly short timeline.

An indica-dominant Spaniard, Royal Caramel is one of our most popular strains. With a dense bud structure and sweet, medicinal molecules, you can smell the potency of our Royal Caramel hybrid even before you smoke it. People like Royal Caramel because of its complex flavors and deeply relaxing, yet productive high. It is ideal for medical marijuana patients.

We look forward to Speedy Chile and Candy Kush Express in 2014, just in time for a spring full of exciting new strains. With the stellar legacy of Northern California's OG Kush, Candy Kush offers a delicate sweetness and energetic effects. Our 2014 Candy Kush Express will enable a quick Candy harvest with maximum bud strength.