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  • How to Make Highly Potent Cannabis Butter

    You only need a few basic ingredients like salted butter, tab water, and of course, a good amount of trimmings, buds, or a mix of both. Learn how to make your own cannabutter!

  • How to Make Hash

    Wondering what to do with all that spare trim? Looking for an improved cannabis experience? You came to the right place! Here is how to turn kief into hash.

  • Low Stress Training

    All marijuana loves LST and you should too. Low stress training is a great way to increase yields and control the height of your cannabis plants. If you want to grow cannabis bushes and sprawling w ...

  • The Best Ways To Smoke Weed Without Rolling Papers

    Many people like to smoke joints. Many others don't. Thankfully, there are numerous ways that you can get high without rolling papers. Not only can you use traditional methods like pipes or bongs, ...

  • Can CBD Treat Migraine Headaches?

    CBD boasts a seemingly ever growing list of conditions it can potentially soothe. Migraine headaches may be one of them. CBD has been shown to sustain anandamide levels outside of the cell by stopp ...

  • Is It Possible To Grow Organic Cannabis With Hydroponics?

    In a world plagued by unsustainable practices, growing organically is becoming an increasingly necessary venture. The natural assumption is that organic cultivation needs to take place in soil to b ...

  • Can CBD Be Used To Treat A Sunburn?

    We've all been there: Spent a bit too long at the pool, and our skin turns red and inflamed. Turns out, cannabis might be the solution to even this! If you’ve got a sunburn, cannabidiol or CBD ma ...

  • Can CBD Be Used To Treat Jet Lag?

    Jet lag causes sleep issues, muscle aches, digestive problems, and cognitive fuzziness. For many, this ailment is the worst part of travelling. Could CBD be the solution to this all-too-common mala ...

  • Does Taking CBD Too Often Cause Tolerance?

    We all know that taking too much THC produces tolerance—but can the same be said for CBD? CBD has a wide range of medical applications, and it's important to know whether these become less effect ...

  • CBD Flowers: Dose CBD Without The THC

    CBD flowers are an ideal choice for those seeking high levels of cannabidiol and next to no THC. They can be used just like regular cannabis flowers, offering versatile options for all types of con ...

  • Top 10 Tastiest Cannabis Strains From Royal Queen Seeds

    All cannabis strains smell and taste good. However, some of them stand out above the rest in this domain. Find out which strains from RQS will send your taste buds into overdrive.

  • Hemp And Cotton: Which Is The Better Textile?

    Hemp is an incredible material; but if you're anything like the average Westerner, most of your clothing will be made of cotton, not hemp. Why is this the case? Read on as we explore the storied hi ...

  • How To Spot, Eliminate, And Prevent Stink Bugs On Cannabis

    Stink bugs are a relatively new cannabis pest that only appeared in Europe in recent years. Nevertheless, they are now becoming a lot more common. This wouldn’t be a problem if these nasties didn ...

  • How To Grow Cannabis From Seed Under 12-12 Lighting

    Force flowering marijuana from seed can provide excellent quality, resinous flowers, all the while saving space, time, and money. For those with space constraints, it is a win-win!

  • Five Ways To Support Heavy Buds On Indoor Weed Plants

    Everyone likes a heavy bud; but if the buds on your plants are getting too heavy, your indoor garden might suffer! Luckily, you can have the best of both worlds. The following methods will guide yo ...


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