By Ryan Najjar

While the two have often been connected, we were once unsure of whether cannabis positively impacted sex or not. If you relied on personal anecdotes, you would surely hear plenty of opinions from both sides of the issue, but no certain conclusions. Now, however, we have the power of science on our side. Emerging over the past couple of years, multiple studies have come out in support of cannabis as an aid to sexual enhancement or stimulation.


The idea of "better" sex is subjective, of course, but it's hard to argue with numbers. What do we mean by this, you wonder? We'll walk you through the details in this article.


For the ladies, there's a lot of enjoyment to be found in toking before poking. This is, at least, according to research[1] published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. In a study comparing women who used cannabis before sex to those who refused cannabis, researchers found the former group to be twice as likely to report reaching orgasm. The sex isn't just better, either; it's more frequent[2], too. In another study from The Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers found women who used cannabis to have sex far more often than women who had never tried it. While this doesn't guarantee the same effect for every woman, the positive association is clear.


It isn't just women having all the fun, either. In the same study on sexual frequency mentioned above, researchers found men who used cannabis to experience a significant boost in coital activity compared to their non-smoking peers. Furthermore, for those who normally use pills like Viagra or Cialis for an extra boost, you don't have to worry about marijuana conflicting with those effects. While no recent studies show whether weed improves orgasm rate, there isn’t as much literature on men struggling to reach climax.


Now, let’s get to the fun part. How can you use cannabis to enhance the sexual experience? Of course, we’re not just talking about the act itself, but everything surrounding it; from the decadence of a nice meal to the sensual foreplay of a massage.


Using cannabis during sex itself can be risky, but using it as a way to get the romantic juices flowing in general is a time-tested tool used by many. For example, it can be a great way to increase bonding time together—why not prepare a romantic meal? Get the candles out, pick the right playlist for the occasion, and allow yourself to be intimate and relaxed. Instead of garlic butter, why not add some homemade cannabutter to the mix? A simple and unobtrusive way to bring cannabis to the table, and you never know where dinner might lead!


Some heavy indica strains are known for their couch-lock properties that will leave you gazing longingly into the distance, an activity that can also be shared with your partner. Take advantage of these body-load strains and spend some time in each other’s arms or looking into each other’s eyes, as opposed to searching the cosmos.



Remember reading those lonely singles ads about enjoying long walks in the park as a means to show one’s sensitive side? Well, they might've just been marijuana smokers! Schedule a walk in an area you both enjoy—ideally the woods or something similarly serene. This way, you can marvel at the experience of being with your partner amongst the gorgeous scenery. Just don’t stray too far from the path…


The holy grail of dates. Let's be honest—who doesn't enjoy a massage session? You're already halfway there with a distinct lack of clothes. Well, it turns out that cannabis users have hit the jackpot. It's claimed that THC can help make female orgasms last 15 minutes, with the added benefit of being available in lubricant form. Whilst the effects are not guaranteed and vary depending on how you respond to cannabis, the process of applying the lubricant and its aromas are bound to do most of the work.


Do you want to lose your inhibitions, or enhance your senses? Depending on what you desire, there are certain strains that are perfect for getting you in the zone before you get busy. Some of you might get nervous about your performance in the bedroom, and we don't judge you one bit. To get rid of stage-fright, we'd suggest an indica-dominant hybrid like Kali Dog that will get you in a relaxed headspace, or a sativa like Shining Silver Haze that will have you feeling playful in no time. Sour Diesel, on the other hand, is a sativa that'll have you feeling every touch on a deeper level; hybrid strains like Skunk XL, on the other hand, will give your libido a little extra kick.


There are a few tips you should keep in mind if you want the most mind-blowing high sex possible. Besides picking the right strain, of course, you should also watch how much you smoke. Remember, you're enhancing the moment with cannabis, rather than making cannabis the focus of the moment. Along with that, if the strain you plan on using is new to you, take time to see how it affects your body. Once you're comfortable there, though, keep things painless with a generous amount of lube, as the downstairs version of cotton-mouth is not unheard of. Oh, and if you were planning on doing edibles, sample them the night before you plan on doing anything. The high from those can be both unpredictable and long-lasting, so testing is the name of the game here.

And, of course, the most important part of any sexual encounter is consent, and this is especially true when psychoactive substances are thrown into the mix.


For those who don't like getting high, you might be wondering whether CBD has similar sexy benefits. Thankfully, you're in luck! Not only has CBD been shown to improve energy and stamina in the bedroom—it's been shown to sharpen one's sense of touch as well. If you want to learn more about the benefits of CBD use before (and during) sex, feel free to check out our in-depth article on the topic.


As with any substance, the effects might not be fully positive. A 2011 study[3], for instance, found that prolonged cannabis use showed some connection to erectile dysfunction. Another study, performed one year earlier, found[4] that frequent use inhibited some men's ability to achieve orgasm. The former study, however, cited animal and in vitro studies as primary examples, and the latter involved self-reporting via telephone survey, so the truth is unclear. Overall, though, until new studies suggest otherwise, the benefits seem to far outweigh the risks.

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