Sativa Seeds

Known for their towering heights, sativa weed seeds will reward you with enormous yields. There’s a huge range of flavours, aromas, and effects to choose from. Explore our sativa seeds below.

  • Chocolate Haze
  • Royal THCV
  • Power Flower
  • Royal Domina
  • Bubblegum XL
  • AMG - Amnesia Mac Ganja
  • Lemon Shining Silver Haze
  • Stress Killer Automatic CBD
  • Joanne's CBD
  • Shining Silver Haze
  • Royal Medic
  • Painkiller XL
  • Royal CBG Automatic
  • Dance World
  • Sour Diesel
  • Shogun
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Mimosa
  • Mother Gorilla (Formerly Royal Madre)
  • Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering)
  • HulkBerry
  • Royal Moby
  • Green Crack Punch
  • El Patron

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What Are the Benefits of Our Best Sativa Strains?

These varieties come into their own in the right environment. If you have enough space in your grow room or garden, then you can capitalise on these tall and mighty strains. Their large and lanky morphology, inherited from their landrace ancestors, allows them to peak at heights of 3m and upwards. Because they develop such mammoth canopies, you'll find yourself with quite the stash by the end of the growing cycle.

Where Do Sativa Strains Come From?

All cannabis subspecies descend from a common ancestor that originated in Central Asia. As cannabis spread, certain populations developed different traits through breeding and natural selection. Many narrow-leaf sativa strains developed in South Africa, Europe, Mesoamerica, and Southeast Asia. Some of the most famous examples of sativa genetics include Colombian Gold and Thai.

How Did We Create Our Sativa Strains?

We carefully crafted our best sativa strains by harnessing some of the finest genetics on the planet. By selecting the likes of Durban Haze, Durban Poison, White Widow, and Bubblegum, we created some of the most reliable and productive cultivars currently available.

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