By Miguel Ordoñez

For many people, wintertime is a glorious time. The cold weather may restrict activities largely to the indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your fun. And if you’re a stoner, you can definitely find things to do while under the influence of your favourite herb.

But in case you’re out of ideas, we have not one, not five, but ten activities for you to try out. Some are Christmas-themed, but in case you don’t celebrate the holiday, there are others to choose from.

So here it is: ten winter activities that are perfect for the herb lover. Feel free to bookmark this for future reference!

10 Winter Activities To Try High

Now, you can definitely enjoy these activities even without smoking your preferred strain. But of course, everything becomes more enjoyable with a little psychotropic kick.

1. Get Baked While Baking

Since you'll be mostly stuck indoors, especially during the coldest days, why not do some baking?

Thanks to YouTube, even the most inexperienced baker can whip up a batch of fudgy brownies. You’ll even learn a few hacks along the way that can very well make you look like you know what you’re doing.

But if you want to make things a little more interesting, go ahead and take a puff or two off a joint. You’ll be warped just enough to be a little more loose and creative through this sometimes tedious process.

Now, if you’re trying your hand at baking for the first time, you may want to skip on the weed. You wouldn’t want to make the crucial mistake of mixing up the sugar with the salt. That would be a recipe for disaster (pun intended).

If you wish to be a little buzzed as a beginner baker, do yourself a favour and take smaller doses. And, if possible, go with a strain that won’t have you feeling lethargic in the kitchen.

10 Winter Activities To Try High

2. Make a Snow Bong

You’re probably reading this, thinking, “Snow bong? Is this even real life?”. Yes, dear reader, it is. You can very much build yourself a snow bong, just like you would any other structure using packed snow.

If you’re still befuddled at the idea, check out this video. As you can see, it appears to be a complex contraption that requires a lot of creativity and patience.

Of course, you have to consider the challenges ahead. For one, you ought to consider keeping yourself warm as you battle the elements. It’s also quite a lot of work, and it might serve you better to be prepared for a workout.

But if and when you pull it off, you can easily consider yourself a renaissance stoner. Others will give you your due props, and you should very well give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!

10 Winter Activities To Try High

3. Go Dab-for-Dab While Watching Christmas Movies

Even if you don’t celebrate, you likely have a favourite Christmas movie.

It’s probably tradition around your house to watch Kevin McCallister’s shenanigans in his Home Alone movies. Maybe you’re enamoured by John McClane’s heroics in the first Die Hard film. Or, perhaps you’re a classic film buff and instead choose to indulge in the original Grinch movie.

Whatever your cup of tea, you can very much enhance the experience by busting out the dab rig. For the uninformed, dabbing is a form of cannabis consumption that involves vaporizing a small amount of cannabis concentrate in a bong-like “dab rig” for a hyper-potent hit.

Now, if that description made you think twice, it’s alright. Dabbing surely isn’t for everybody. There’s still the option to go with weed popcorn instead. But if you dare to dab, consider making up a game based on your favourite xmas flick to make the experience even more fun. Or, just host a good old-fashioned Christmas movie marathon.

10 Winter Activities To Try High

4. Go Stargazing With a Joint

Ah yes, stargazing. Unless you easily get bored by looking at a bunch of twinkly lights in the night sky, this is something you’ll likely enjoy.

And what’s not to love? For one, there’s nothing like the silence and serenity of being outdoors. If you’re a busy person, you probably haven’t done this for ages, so it should be a refreshing experience.

Moreover, stargazing while passing a joint around makes for even more memorable moments. Imagine the hilarity that'll ensue once you try to guess the cluster of stars above. Are you looking at the Andromeda galaxy? Maybe you’re staring at the Milky Way? Or perhaps that’s the Big Dipper…

Either way, stargazing with a joint is a fun, mystical, and meditative experience. You can share it with a few close friends or loved ones, or you can do it on your own.

And if you want to take it to the next level, get yourself a telescope. That could very well open up your curiosity for astronomy, which is a great thing!

10 Winter Activities To Try High

5. Indulge in Canna-Infused Sweet Treats

As the world slowly embraces recreational cannabis, many of today’s brilliant minds have come up with edible innovations.

Edibles are no longer just about pot brownies and cookies. These days, you’re given a wider array of options, from gummies to infused sodas. And once you’ve made yourself your very own cannabutter, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

But let’s stick to sweet treats because they’re always a delight to indulge in. Cookies alone encompass many different varieties, from the classic chocolate chip to oatmeal and peanut butter. Brownies will always be brownies, and they will always hit the spot. The difference lies in how moist and fudgy you’ll make them. Adding cannabis to the party, however, completely changes the game.

So go ahead and indulge in your favourite canna-infused sweet treats. Just be mindful of how you store them around the house. You wouldn’t want the youngsters, or visiting relatives, to devour them by mistake. That will be a whole new headache for you to deal with.

10 Winter Activities To Try High

6. Cosy Up in Front of the Fire With a Bubbler

Wintertime means dusting off the old fireplace and lighting it up again. There’s nothing cosier than hearing the crackling of the wood and seeing those flames dance around while keeping you warm.

And if you’ve been following along, here’s the part where we tell you to ramp things up with some good weed. But this time, our focus will be on the bubbler.

What’s a bubbler, you may ask? It’s a hybrid contraption between a full-sized bong and your run-of-the-mill spoon pipe, giving you the best of both worlds. Try to wrap your head around that for a moment.

The main issue that people have with bongs is portability. You won’t have that problem with a bubbler, thanks to its smaller size. So you get to enjoy the water filtration of a bong, but you can also keep it in your bag or pocket. And because it’s more discreet to use, you can bust it out at any time with no one noticing, if you do it right.

So go ahead and cosy up in front of the fireplace with a bubbler in hand. That would be wonderful, especially after a long day at work.

10 Winter Activities To Try High

7. Vape Your Way Through a Winter Wonderland Experience

One great thing about the holidays is that you’ll both see and feel the festive spirit all around you. Just by taking a stroll downtown, you’ll be welcomed by lit trees, tinsel, snowfall, and the all-time favourite carols that can warm your heart in an instant.

If you’re lucky enough, your city will be a mini winter wonderland. And what better way to enjoy the scene than to include the magic herb? But since you’ll be in public, you may need to be more stealthy in your approach.

So how do you do this? Vaping, for one, is a great solution. You can take as many hits as you want while getting yourself extra baked in the process, all without people noticing. You can do it in a crowded night market or a busy street without any issue.

Yes, cannabis may be more accepted in this day and age, but not everyone will be a fan. So save yourself the unnecessary conflict and opt for a vape pen. You’ll thank yourself later.

10 Winter Activities To Try High

8. Get Stoned in a Hot Tub

The best way to relieve yourself from the freezing temperatures outside would be to jump in a hot tub. It’s also the perfect option for those stressful days involving hours of nonstop toiling.

Of course, this is the part where we recommend spicing things up with your favourite strain. Take a hit, situate yourself perfectly in the tub, and feel your troubles melt away. You can enhance the mood further with a glass of wine and the soothing sounds of some jazz.

Now, as we all know, a hot tub isn’t a luxury that everybody can afford. Maintaining it is another problem altogether. But fret not, because if you have the resources, you can rent out a tub for a good few hours. What a time to be alive, right?

As for getting stoned, be sure to keep it at manageable levels. A hot tub can still be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. Ideally, you’ll want to keep it at a level where you’re relaxed, but not to the point of incapacitation.

10 Winter Activities To Try High

9. Keep It Simple With Snowballs and Blunts

Many of you probably didn’t expect to read the words “snowballs” and “blunts” in the same title. But if you think about it, the two could indeed be a perfect match.

Snowball fights can be competitive, depending on how things play out. Sure, a harmless duel between a sibling or a close friend could get heated. However, the action can die down quickly once fatigue sets in.

But if it’s become a full-blown exchange with half of your street joining in, that’s an entirely different story. In this scenario, the back-and-forth can potentially last a while. That’s when the situation can go from “good, clean fun” to an all-out war.

This is where the magic of cannabis comes in. Have everyone take a few tokes before heading into battle and see everything play out differently. You’ll likely experience more laughter and amusement along the way, which is never a bad thing. Just don’t get yourself too stoned to prevent any injuries; e.g. slipping on ice.

10 Winter Activities To Try High

10. Grow the Perfect Winter Strain

The last, but certainly not least, item on this list involves exercising your green thumb. If you haven’t tried growing your own strain yet, now’s the perfect time to take the plunge.

Not all strains are created equal. Some thrive under warmer climates, while others are better off growing in colder conditions. For this purpose, you’ll want to cultivate the perfect winter strain to keep you company as temperatures drop to ungodly levels.

There are several cold-weather strains out there for you to experience. Although they’ll bear the cold better than many others, you should still opt to grow these strains indoors or in a greenhouse, unless you experience very mild winters.

10 Winter Activities To Try High

Enjoy These Stoner Winter Activities

As you can see, there are many stoner-friendly activities to enjoy during the winter. Hopefully, with these suggestions, the season will be more enjoyable, even if you have a dislike for the cold weather.

Happy holidays!

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