The most important thing we urge you to do with the method shown here is NOT to mix our beautiful and fragrant cannabis with horrible and bitter tasting tobacco. There is no need to ruin your smoke by adding tobacco to the mix. The mere thought of this makes us cringe!


First, get yourself some papers large enough for rolling. Large papers are the most common; however, there is also blunts/cigars and fronto (fonta) leaf blunts or spliffs as the Rasta’s prefer. Using those two types of papers take the same steps with just a few variations. We will be concentrating on using large paper only. There are other supplies you will need when rolling with large paper. They include a small piece from a carton, usually from a cigarette pack but you can use any type of a small box-like container. This will ensure that you will be able to roll it into a filter to keep your lips from touching the thin paper directly causing it to tear, and of course, your cannabis. This step ultimately is the most important one.

Rolling Cannabis Joint


Get your paper out of the package and hold it in preparation to roll with the glue side facing you. Then, turn it around so the glue side is facing your feet and the fold is in your direct sight. Fold the paper in the opposite direction gently and roll it between your fingers gingerly so it will retain the shape you need. Now, you are ready to prepare your cannabis for your joint. You can physically break up the cannabis with your hands versus a grinder. If you are using high grade cannabis such as ours, you will probably want to feel it between your fingers as you gently break it up knowing that it will fall apart in your hands. Also by breaking it up in your hands, you’re releasing the sweet smell of what you will be enjoying once you’re finished rolling and have the opportunity to smoke. Then place the cannabis in your paper, and you’re ready to start rolling!


Gently pick up your paper containing the cannabis and start rolling it gently as you move your fingers from left to right to distribute the cannabis evenly. Insert your filter from Step 1 into one end of the paper and then start rolling. Make sure your fingers are near the filter. The closer together they are the better. Gently roll the paper back and forth to ensure the tip of the paper crosses over the filter. You’re on your way to the perfect joint! Continue rolling between your fingers until the paper is pulled tight and the edge can be easily folded in with the tip.

When the rolled up part comes around again, lick it thoroughly by going through the outer layer to hit the glue layer sealing up the sides and leaving the end open. Put back anything that fell out of the open end. While holding it upright from the filtered end, gently tap on a flat surface to compact the cannabis and push the filter in so that the joint will be reinforced. Seal the opposite end by twisting the paper gently so that it resembles a candle wick.

Rolling Joint

This will be your lighting point. If you have any excess paper, roll it back and then burn it off. Burning the joint will make it dry up and give it a slight curve, resembling a banana. Another method is to lick the edge again and tear it off. The drawback to this is that the glue may not hold and then you will need to start all over. You want to avoid this at all costs! No need to waste your paper or your cannabis!

At this point, you are ready to indulge in your smoke! Now there is nothing between you and the sweet cannabis you just rolled. The key here is just to light it and enjoy! After all, your joint tastes the best the first time it’s lit. Try to smoke it all at once and not relight it. Relighting it is bad for the taste and we want you to enjoy every single puff so that you get the most from our product!

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