An overview of how to grow cannabis indoors.

“Dude, I should grow my own weed!”

If you love cannabis, chances are you’ve caught yourself saying or thinking that on at least one or two occasions. Well, if you’re finally ready to get your hands dirty and dive into the rich world of cannabis cultivation, you’re in luck.

Below, you’ll find a complete walkthrough of all the basic concepts involved with growing great weed indoors.

Why grow cannabis indoors?

Growing cannabis indoors has a lot of advantages:

  • Year-round harvests
  • Consistency in crop
  • Control over the growing environment
  • Control over flowering (for photoperiod strains)
  • Privacy
  • Fewer pests

What tools and equipment do you need to grow cannabis indoors?

To grow great weed indoors, you’re going to need the following:

Designated grow sopace

This can be a spare room, a DIY tent, a broom cupboard, a refurbished piece of furniture, or even an old fridge!


You’ll use these to help track the temperature and humidity of your grow space.

Scissors and shears

Trimming,training, and manipulating cannabis strains can really help them flourish and produce bigger, denser, and more potent flowers.

pH and PPM meters

These tools will help you track the pH and electrical conductivity of your medium to ensure your plants can access all the nutrients you’re feeding them.

Lux meter

Cannabis plants love light, and lux meters help you measure and optimise the light in your grow room.


To automate the light cycle.


To tie down your plants for training. You’ll want to use appropriate gardening wire or something similar to avoid damaging your plants.

Buckets/measuring cup

To measure out your nutrients.

Jeweller's loupe

To inspect the trichomes of your plants as they flower, and to inspect the foliage for any pests or other issues.

Garden stakes

To support heavy branches during flowering.


These can come in several forms, but your plants will require sufficient nutrients to churn out a productive harvest.


11-litre white plastic pots tend to be the norm among most indoor growers. However, fabric pots and other smart pots can also be used. You can fit around nine 11-litre pots per m².

Seedling Starter Kit

Our Starter Kits come with feminized or autoflowering seeds and a propagator, making it easy to create the perfect environment for your seedlings.


Choosing the best place to grow cannabis indoors

Growers have plenty of choices when it comes to setting up their growing area. Check out the best places to start your grow—and the benefits of each—below.

  • Basement

Situated underground, basements provide a concealed safe haven for cultivating cannabis. They are usually void of windows, meaning they are free of light leaks—and thus ideal for photoperiod growers. Basements are also usually relatively large and provide more than enough room to obtain a heavy crop. You’ll also find your basement maintains a fairly even temperature all year round—they are easy to regulate using the same automated settings no matter the season.

Most basements have ventilation shafts to carry stagnant air outside. Be mindful of where this shaft ends—you don’t want to send a plume of terpenes towards your neighbour's windows. A good-quality carbon scrubber will remove the suspicious scent if you’re faced with this challenge.

  • Garage

Unless you use it to store your car, chances are your garage just holds random items and gardening equipment. Garages are usually cool in the summer and relatively warm in the winter, making them super easy to regulate. Grow tents also look a lot more innocent in a garage, opposed to standing tall and suspect in your bedroom or living room.

Garages usually aren’t as well insulated as the rest of the house. Be sure to cover up any gaps and drafts that might spread the smell of your crop down the street. If you’re not using a grow tent, black out any windows—the sight of bright pink and blue LEDs will surely arouse suspicion if not covered up.

A Complete Overview Of Growing Cannabis Indoors
  • Attic

An attic serves as one of the safest places to grow cannabis. Guests have no reason to enter, and most are only accessible using a step ladder. Most attics are also entirely blacked out and won’t leak light (which has the potential to revert your plants back to the vegetative phase).

Chances are your attic won’t have any power outlets, and running an extension cord up there might look out of place, so consider installing some outlets for increased stealth and ease. Unless you’re using LED lights, it’s also a good idea to run some fans to keep the room cool.

  • Grow box

You can grow cannabis literally anywhere in your house by building a grow box. With a few basic materials such as some PVC pipe, duct tape, a hand saw, a good light, and a fan, you’ll have everything you need to create your own custom grow box. You can modify the size of a grow box to fit flush with any corner within your house.

A Complete Overview Of Growing Cannabis Indoors

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