By Luke Sumpter

As one of the most diverse plants on Earth, there are many varieties of cannabis to choose from. If you’ve ever found yourself asking: “What strain is best for me?”, then we’re about to make life very easy for you. Below, you’ll discover the best cannabis strains for a wide range of occasions. Then, we’ll introduce you to our Seedfinder tool to help you complete your weed strain search.

Should I Smoke Indica or Sativa?

Browse practically any seed bank, and you’ll come across the broad categories of “indica” and “sativa” strains. According to popular cannabis culture, indica strains are most known for offering quintessential relaxing, physical effects, whereas sativa varieties are more cerebral and energising. This system of classification, though widely used, is steeped in scientific debate and controversy.

You see, these two titles simply describe the morphological traits of a plant—its size, shape, and structure. Indica strains are shorter and bushier with wide leaflets, whereas sativa varieties are taller and lankier with narrow leaflets.

Let’s look at sativa-dominant strains as an example. You can grow five different varieties side by side. They’ll all look relatively similar, but could produce dramatically different effects. Their visual appearance doesn’t determine their psychoactive characteristics—their chemical content does.

Top RQS Sativa Strains
Top RQS Sativa Strains

Do you see how selecting a strain based on its indica or sativa morphology alone can leave you in the dark? Selecting a cultivar based on its shape comes in handy when it comes to the growing space you have available, but it does little to predict its effects.

To get a good idea of how you’ll feel after smoking a strain, look deeper into its chemical content. THC and CBD levels will give you a good idea of the core effects, while analysing the terpene content will reveal the nuanced details.

Top RQS Indica Strains
Top RQS Indica Strains

Should I Smoke THC or CBD?

This depends on the effects you’re looking for. As the principal psychoactive constituent within cannabis, THC underpins the notorious “high” induced by marijuana. CBD, on the other hand, affects the body in a different way; it doesn’t produce a high, and research even shows it could counteract the effects of THC to some degree.

If you’re seeking a hard-hitting high, then opt for strains higher in THC. If you desire a clear-headed effect, consider varieties packed with CBD with only trace levels of THC. For the best of both worlds, there are plenty of strains that contain equal quantities of both cannabinoids.

Top High TCH Strains
Top High TCH Strains
Top High CBD Strains
Top High CBD Strains

Stress-Relieving Weed Strains

The sheer diversity of cannabis strains means there’s a variety for any occasion. If you’re looking to combat stress and unwind, the three cultivars below fit the bill. Their high levels of THC and aromatic terpenes will help to lift the weight of the world off your shoulders, at least for a while.

Special Queen 1

RQS breeders created Special Queen 1 by crossing parent strains Power Bud and Skunk. This variety features a perfect balance of indica and sativa genetics, and a THC content of 18% makes for a mellow high unlikely to overwhelm most users. The addition of earthy and stoning terpenes helps to diffuse tension.

Cookies Gelato

Cookies Gelato produces small, compact, and resinous colas. These buds pack a huge THC content of 28% and will soon make you forget about your worries. Take things easy with this strain, though, to avoid becoming anxious and paranoid. You’ll enjoy flavours of citrus, earthiness, fruit, and mint with every hit.


Have you had a long day? Do you need something to put you at ease? Then Watermelon can provide the experience you're looking for. This successor of Watermelon OG S1 targets the body with high levels of THC and soothing terpenes. Feel your muscles relax as your mind slows down.

Top RQS Stress-Relief Strains
Top RQS Stress-Relief Strains

Mood-Enhancing Weed Strains

Many cannabis users attest to the herb’s potential mood-boosting effects. Nothing brightens up a dull day and helps to motivate you into action like a few hits of the right strain. If you’re looking for something to help you plough through some work, or simply give yourself a pick-me-up after an uninspiring day, get to know the varieties below.

Triple G

As the progeny of legendary parent strains Gorilla Glue #4 and Gelato 33, Triple G had high expectations placed upon her from the get-go. Fortunately, she more than lives up to her family’s lineage and has solidified herself as an instant classic. Enjoy a euphoric and motivating high perfect for wake-and-bake sessions.

Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver blooms some of the prettiest weed flowers you’ll ever see. Her dark purple buds possess a thick layer of trichomes that house a chemical cocktail designed to enliven the mind and spark creativity. You’ll also enjoy rare flavours of earthy vanilla.

Top RQS Mood-Enhacing Strains
Top RQS Mood-Enhacing Strains

Physically Relaxing Marijuana Strains

Though cannabis users are all different, most of us enjoy using the herb to relax. Who doesn’t love to sit down with a joint at the end of a long day and enjoy a well-earned reward? The strains below are perfect for these special moments. Choose from large and productive to quick and small varieties.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel descends from an impressive lineage of legendary hybrids and timeless landrace genetics. Her moderate THC content of 19% and complex terpene profile offer a clear-headed effect that won’t leave you disoriented or too high, but will bring your mind and body into the present moment. She makes a perfect smoke when you want to settle down with a beverage and read a good book.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze possesses a sativa-dominant genetic profile and grows to a great height of 210cm outdoors. She provides huge yields of buds that offer a long-lasting relaxing effect. With a yield of up to 700g/plant, you’ll find yourself with a bounty that will offer weeks, if not months, of relaxing smoking sessions.

Royal Kush Automatic

Royal Kush Automatic appeals to growers of all skill levels. Prepare to harvest up to 350g/m² indoors and 170g/plant outdoors in as little as 11 weeks after seeds sprout. At the end of the process, you’ll enjoy a relaxing high and complex flavours of pepper, pine, and citrus.

Top RQS Physically Relaxing Strains
Top RQS Physically Relaxing Strains

Sleep-Promoting Cannabis Strains

Sleep serves as the foundation of health. Our busy modern world can deprive us of much-needed rest with long working hours, addictive glowing screens, and stressful deadlines. If you need something to help your eyes close when your head hits the hay, consider blazing one of these cannabis cultivars.


Watermelon works wonders just before bed. Her THC content of 22% synergises with the terpene myrcene to make the eyelids heavy and the body relaxed and ready for rest. Take a big vape hit, start counting sheep, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.

Sherbet Queen

Sherbet Queen makes the perfect accompaniment to a warm herbal tea. Her flavours of mint and citrus go well with a warming ginger or peppermint brew. Shortly after taking the first hit, you’ll experience a heavy high wash over your entire body. Place your joint in your bedside ashtray and say nighty-night.

Bubble Kush

Of all the types of weed to smoke, Bubble Kush ranks as one of the most peaceful. This indica-dominant hybrid will instantly put you at ease and halt rumination. Shut your eyes, breathe deeply into your belly, and direct your nervous system toward a restorative night’s sleep.

Top RQS Sleepy Strains
Top RQS Sleepy Strains

Cannabis Strains to Make You Laugh

You’re well-aware that laughter is the best medicine. If you’re searching for giggly varieties during your strain search, then look no further.

Royal AK Automatic

Royal AK Automatic will help you stop taking life so seriously. This giggly cultivar harnesses a THC content of 15% and savoury terpenes to tickle the mind. Get ready to get goofy with your friends and let your weird side out. Throw in a couple of beers for a crossfade if you want to get extra silly.

Royal Critical Automatic

In the mood for a belly laugh? Well then, blaze up some Royal Critical Automatic and brace your abdominal muscles for impact. Put on your favourite comedy film, grab some snacks, and laugh the evening away. Sit back and relax as THC synergises with the feel-good neurotransmitters released with every laugh.

Wedding Crasher

Do you want to know a good combination? Try the Wedding Crasher strain with the Wedding Crashers movie. This film will tickle you while sober but will have you gasping for breath under the effects of this cultivar. Take a hit every time you feel the effects start to wane, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped off a rollercoaster ride when the credits roll.

Top RQS Strains for Laughter
Top RQS Strains for Laughter

Weed Strains for Increased Appetite

Are you in the mood for a feast? Whether you’re heading to a fast food joint or a fancy restaurant, these weed strains will allow you to make the most of the experience.

Chocolate Haze

Even before you feel the hunger-inducing effects of THC kick in, the terpenes within Chocolate Haze will have you opening up your snack stash. Enjoy delicious flavours of chocolate and fruit, followed by some insane munchies. If you can tolerate intense highs, you need to experience these buds baked into brownies.

Haze Berry

If you’re not into chocolatey tastes, then let Haze Berry blow up your taste buds with irresistible flavours of blueberry, earthiness, fruit, and pepper. As these flavours begin to fade, you’ll feel the strong urge to devour your own body weight in food. Hit this strain through a vape while eating a fruit salad, and thank us later.

Top RQS Appetite-Stimulating Strains
Top RQS Appetite-Stimulating Strains

Cannabis Strains for Creativity

How do you express your creativity? Writers, painters, and musicians all experience creative blocks at times. These cannabis strains will help you overcome this mental struggle and unleash what’s inside your unique mind.

Cookies Gelato Automatic

Say goodbye to writer's block. Cookies Gelato Automatic works like a cognitive grenade and will blast this barrier to pieces with a THC content of 23%. Prepare to lose yourself in the creative process for the next several hours. Continue to take small but frequent hits as the creativity flows.

Cereal Milk

Not only does Cereal Milk rank as one of the tastiest cannabis strains, but she works wonders at stoking the creative fire. Load up a bong bowl, reach for your paint brushes or guitar, and let this variety work wonders. Play some music to get you in the zone, and you’ll soon see the fruits of your labour materialise.

Apple Fritter Automatic

You can rely on Apple Fritter Automatic to put you in the mood to create. Step foot into your studio armed with a joint, and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve accomplished something beautiful. Her THC content of 23% will keep you in the zone for hours at a time.

Top RQS Creative Strains
Top RQS Creative Strains

Weed Strains to Enhance Sex

Sex serves as a physical way to deepen our relationship and connection with the person we love. Throw weed into the equation, and you could find yourself experiencing even more pleasure. The strains below are good choices when blazing in the sheets.

Bubble Kush

Bubble Kush can help you pack more of a punch in bed. This potent indica-dominant lady will leave you feeling relaxed and erase performance concerns from the equation. You’ll become immersed in the moment without that persistent inner critic ruining things. Take a hit, embrace your partner, and enjoy every second.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel will pour fuel onto the passionate fire during moments of intimacy. Her relaxing properties will help you ease into the moment, while her energising side will boost your stamina and make you want to keep at it for as long as your body can hold out. Tastes of sourness, citrus, and fruit add even more pleasure to the experience.

Top RQS Sex-Enhacing Strains
Top RQS Sex-Enhacing Strains

Strains for Focus During the Day

Procrastination kills dreams. Every second you spend mindlessly scrolling social media subtracts from progress made elsewhere. To stay the course and ensure you tackle all of your goals for the day, smoke up some of these motivating strains.

Joanne’s CBD

Joanne’s CBD boosts focus and motivation without getting you high in the process. THC can help with creativity, but it can also be distracting, depending on the amount and the person in question. This strain contains a CBD content of 15% and only trace levels of THC. Enjoy a clear-headed effect while hammering away at your work.

Stress Killer Auto

Stress Killer Auto offers the best of both worlds. A THC content of 11% paired with high levels of CBD results in a tame high that places users in complete control. You’ll benefit from increased motivation without losing yourself in the psychoactive effects.

 Top RQS Strain for Focusing
Top RQS Strain for Focusing

Strains for Meditation

There are many different ways to meditate. Some people prefer sitting cross-legged in their living rooms, while others feel more in the present moment while strolling barefoot through a forest. Whatever method you prefer, these two strains will help to deepen your practice.

Legendary OG Punch

Legendary OG Punch will plunge your mind into the present. Her phytochemical cocktail helps to silence repetitive thoughts and improve focus. Take a hit, focus on your breathing, and feel yourself become grounded. Her high yields of up to 400g/m² indoors and 550g/plant outdoors will provide a stash for many meditation sessions to come.

Painkiller XL

Painkiller XL soothes the body while clearing the mind. Play some relaxing music, light a couple of candles, and let all thoughts of the outside world slip away. High levels of pinene within these flowers help to enhance focus, while equal levels of THC and CBD will extinguish any niggles in your muscles and help you pay attention to the task at hand.

Top RQS Strains for Meditation
Top RQS Strains for Meditation

We hope the sections above have given you some inspiration when it comes to smoking weed in different situations. To help narrow down your weed strain search even further, we created the Seedfinder. This handy tool will filter out weed strains based on your preferences, including flowering pattern, growing location, climate, available space, effects, and flavours; you’re several clicks away from finding your perfect cannabis strains.

You’re now equipped with a long list of cannabis strains compatible with many different situations, from work to meditation sessions. Now all you need to do is try them! Find out which work best for you, and refine your cannabis strain search even further using our Seedfinder tool. Your perfect strains are out there, so don’t stop searching!

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