By Max Sargent

If you need some inspiration for the best movies to watch while high, look no further. Below we list our top 10 movies to watch stoned. Ranging from absurd comedies to deep, art-house thrillers, there’s something for everyone. We’ve tried to move away from the classic “stoner movies”, instead bringing you a list of exquisitely beautiful and funny films that can be enjoyed anytime, but are even better with a little smoke!

We've even paired up each flick with what we think the most suitable accompanying strain would be.

1. Big Fish

Big Fish is a fantastic watch if you’re stoned and after something compelling. Directed by Tim Burton (you already know it’s going to be a delight) and starring Ewan McGregor, it follows a son as he tries to piece together his father’s memoirs in an attempt to distinguish what is fact, and what is fiction. Delivered in a series of vignettes, this “Southern Gothic fantasy” is both artistically fascinating and comedically brilliant. Just make sure you’re not too blazed, as if you miss parts, you'll get lost!

Big Fish
Most Suitable Strain: Royal Jack Automatic
What smoke should accompany this? We recommend Royal Jack Automatic. This bud encourages creativity and sets the mind thinking—perfect when watching a film that is both interesting and beautiful. This cerebral quality is offset by an indica body stone, which means you won’t be too energetic to sit back and enjoy. For those who love herbal, spicy smokes, you’re in for a treat! The perfect warming smoke.

2. Little Miss Sunshine

This is a film that needs little introduction. Little Miss Sunshine is hilarious. A dysfunctional family sets off across the States in their battered old camper van to take the daughter to perform in the “Little Miss Sunshine” beauty pageant. As the trip grows ever more farcical and hopeless, we are thrown between fits of laughter, and then brought almost to tears by some brilliantly written and performed dialogue that gets to the heart of difficult family relationships. A perfect watch with a partner or a group of friends, this has got to be one of the best movies to watch when high!

Little Miss Sunshine
Most Suitable Strain:
Wedding Crasher

We recommend accompanying this film with Wedding Crasher. Physically relaxing and giggle inducing, it’s the perfect smoke to recline with. Strong, but not too strong, with 21% THC you’re going to be very stoned, but able to stay awake. While there is significant depth to the film, it can be enjoyed on various levels. So while you don’t want to be too stoned, there will still be something for you if you are!

3. Moonrise Kingdom

Heartfelt and a joy to behold, this is a great movie to watch high. For those familiar with Wes Anderson, you’ll be aware how surreal and beautiful his movies are. Well, Moonrise Kingdom is no different. Telling the story of two adolescent lovers who abscond to the country, it deals with feelings of nostalgia from childhood, and those feelings that are unique to that place between childhood and adolescence. With themes of young love, childhood sexuality, and juvenile mental health, it sounds heavy. However, it is delivered in such a careful way that it never feels like this, and as such can be enjoyed when pretty stoned.

Moonrise Kingdom
Most Suitable Strain: El Patron

We recommend El Patron to enjoy this masterpiece with. It will get you powerfully stoned, but not overwhelmed. Well-balanced, it combines a strong body stone with a degree of mental alertness, allowing your mind to indulge in Anderson’s characteristic use of colours and symmetry.

4. Nebraska

Nebraska is a more serious film than the others mentioned thus far, and as such should be enjoyed a little less stoned. Nonetheless, it is still up there as one of the best movies to watch high. Following Woody and his son David, it tells the story of an ageing father and his relationships with his family. The plot has them headed to Lincoln, Nebraska to collect the winnings from a sweepstakes that David knows is a scam. However, Woody is adamant. On the road trip, they pass through Woody’s childhood hometown, and it becomes a voyage of rediscovery and acceptance. Nominated for many awards, it is highly critically acclaimed and spectacularly written, shot, and performed. It is tastefully shot in black and white, which gives it a degree of gravity.

Most Suitable Strain: Stress Killer

Due to its more demanding nature, we suggest not being too stoned when watching Nebraska. As such, we recommend smoking Stress Killer alongside it. With only 11% THC, it’s fairly moderate, and gives you a clear, focused high. But as you watch the powerful performances unfold, you’ll be grateful that you’re able to give them the attention they deserve. For lovers of classic smokes, Stress Killer has reliable citrus flavours.

5. Coherence

This movie could, conversely, be considered incoherent. But it is all by design. A surreal sci-fi psychological thriller, there’s a lot to love and a lot to digest with this one. A great movie to watch when stoned, expect to be engaged and, at times, a little uncomfortable. Due to its nature, it’s probably best enjoyed with friends or a partner, as it might set your mind racing a little. Without giving much away, a comet passes very close by Earth, after which strange occurrences begin to take place. Eight friends are enjoying a dinner party when this takes place, and after a power outage, things begin to become strange. Why does that one house still have power? Who is leaving photographs from that night lying around? Who are the other people they can see?

Most Suitable Strain: Triple G

We think that Triple G will suit this movie well. With 26% THC, it’s very strong, but with a clear-headed, euphoric high. This energised mental state will have you second-guessing and running down wild theories—exactly what the film intends. While you’ll want to pay attention to get the most from it, you can enjoy this film fairly stoned. And all this accompanied by notes of chocolate and diesel!

6. Birdman

Birdman is a magnificent film. Not only is it one of the best things to watch while high, it is simply one of the best things to watch. Following Riggan Thomson’s attempt to cling onto fame, it is a surreal descent into madness, alcoholism, and insignificance. But it is not depressing to watch. Shot with phenomenal care and beauty, it is a supreme work of art. And not only is it filmed well, but the writing is near perfect. For the literati among you, it contains a wealth of references. The plot follows rehearsals of a play based on Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. And midway through, we get a wonderful rendition of Shakespeare’s “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow” soliloquy from Macbeth. This film is a rare treat, and must be watched.

Most Suitable Strain: Honey Cream

Due to its strange and immersive nature, we suggest Honey Cream as an accompaniment to Birdman. The almost psychedelic properties of this bud make it the perfect smoke for a film that is so bizarre, and at times disconcerting. With 16% THC, it’s not too strong, though it could still have you pretty blazed if you’re not careful! It’s one for those with a sweet tooth, boasting flavours of candy, but underpinned by heavier, earthier notes.

7. Whiplash

Whiplash has something to offer everyone, but is one of the best stoned viewing experiences for lovers of music in particular. Following an ambitious young jazz drummer at the fictional Shaffer Academy in New York, it investigates the relationship between him and his strict, perfectionist, and abusive tutor. Featuring a lot of brilliantly performed music, it is a delight for the ears. However, it is primarily a psychological drama that deals with the lengths some will go to in order to achieve the things they want. It is very intense, rewarding, and not very funny. That being said, it is so well made that it is highly enjoyable. Just don’t go into it expecting something lighthearted. It is a serious drama that is likely to draw you in.

Most Suitable Strain: Hulkberry

We recommend HulkBerry to go alongside this experience. Pushing above and beyond 27% THC, it’s extremely strong. However, the effects are clear and uplifting, so you should be able to remain fully focused on the film. Strong, sharp flavours ranging from diesel to pepper make this a heavy smoke, and thus a suitable accompaniment to a heavy film.

8. Captain Fantastic

A light film with a simple yet powerful message, Captain Fantastic is highly enjoyable and thought-provoking. Following a disillusioned family who took to the wilderness rather than living in a capitalist world, it deals with their reluctant reintroduction into society. The children excel both intellectually and in terms of wilderness survival, however they lack the social skills that most children gain. So how do they cope in a busy, hyper-social world after growing up surrounded by the slow pace of nature and a wealth of abstract knowledge?

Captain Fantastic
Most Suitable Strain: Royal Runtz

Ultimately, it is a light comedy that is best enjoyed with friends. While the themes do go deep, the film doesn’t require any serious degree of concentration, and is therefore one of the best movies to watch stoned. We recommend Royal Runtz as a companion. Much like the film, it is euphoric and uplifting. It also has a THC level of 27%, so you can expect to get pretty blazed. For lovers of all things sweet, flavours of fruit and candy will not disappoint!

9. Get Out

This is a thoughtful psychological thriller with an epic ending sequence. Twisting and turning, this undulating film deals boldly with issues of race, while somehow managing to be surprisingly light. Well-acted, highly engaging, and entertaining to its core, this has got to be one of the best movies to watch while blazing. It’s probably best enjoyed as a couple, as it’s very intense and at times disturbing. It follows African-American Chris Washington as he and his white girlfriend go to visit her upper-middle class, conservative family for a summer party. But all is not as it seems, and soon things begin to get strange.

Get out
Most Suitable Strain: Diesel Automatic

Due to its intense nature, we recommend the soothing effects of Diesel Automatic to accompany Get Out. This clear-headed high will not send your thoughts spiralling into a hole of paranoia, but will elevate your consciousness enough to add something extra to the experience. With notes of fruit and diesel, this 14% THC smoke is a great, moderate strain to enjoy alongside the film.

10. The Gentlemen

If you like Guy Ritchie films, then you’ll love The Gentlemen. If you don’t, then perhaps you won’t. This film has twists and turns, and a particularly notable and hilarious performance from Hugh Grant. With the classic gangster tropes and some great action, there’s nothing revelatory here, but it is highly entertaining nonetheless. If guns, blackmail, plenty of cursing, and beefy A-listers are your thing, you’re likely to remain engaged. A great ensemble movie to watch with a group of mates.

The gentlemen
Most Suitable Strain: Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies will go well with The Gentlemen. Euphoric and physically relaxing, descend into the depths of your sofa and enjoy this action-packed romp around gangster-filled Britain. With 23% THC, it’s strong, and with earthy, fruity notes, it’s delicious. As the film draws to its conclusion, you’ll be left wondering about the journey your bud went on from grow to spliff.

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