Ah... there are few things that beat the joys of a bong filled with some high-grade Mary Jane. But, picking up a bong only to see it is filled with grimy water can be pretty off-putting – especially in a group session. Dirty bong water not only makes you look lazy and unclear, it can also have some negative effects on the experience, so make sure you change it often!

Changing your bong water on a regular basis has many benefits, not only affecting taste and potency, but also for your health. Studies show that water filtration is effective at reducing compounds in smoke. Water also helps to keep your smoke cool and smooth. But what about dirty bong water? How healthy is it?


It is thought that bacteria become present in used bong water roughly 22 hours after sitting in your bong. Gross!! That does not sound too healthy or tasty to smoke out of. In fact, we breathe in content from the water, so it gives bacteria a direct line to your lungs, potentially increasing the risk of infection. Chemicals in the water are also present, sitting in your bong as it turns a dark, sewage colour with age and use. To avoid any additives, consider filtering your water. This last point is for those truly concerned about content, and could be considered overkill. However, the point about bacteria should not be taken lightly.


Smell comes in in two factors: the smell of your bong, and the smell of the smoke it creates. When it comes to the bong, leaving dirty water in it puts you at risk of the dreaded bong spill - with all the nasty, smelly water spilling out and potentially staining carpets with its rancid smell and colour. So simply changing the water on a regular basis cuts back drastically on the smell and possible stains.

bong water cannabisNext, you probably put a lot of effort into growing your own stash, so why skimp on effort now and smoke your tasty herb in a nasty bong? In opinion polls, it has been found to be the general consensus that taste and aroma of the herb are highly affected by the quality of the water used. Many tokers enjoy putting ice in the bong for an even cooler, smoother taste.

The bong itself is another factor. If you have some beautiful, highly creative glass bong that you spent a lot of money on, why would you want skanky water sitting in it?

In conclusion, it is best to change your bong water on a regular basis. Some say change it for every session, some say change it each day - that is your choice. Without a doubt, you need to keep that bong clean and change your water often for the best overall experience – everyone involved will thank you.



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