There is nothing more inspiring than seeing your beautiful cannabis thrive outdoors – just where Mother Nature intended her be. For those fortunate enough live in the sunny, warmer climate of Southern Europe, the world is your oyster when it comes to growing weed. However, if you really want to push your plants to the limit, you need to choose the right ones, so we have put together a guide of our five most suitable strains for outdoor growing in a warm climate.


Fruit Spirit, as the name suggest, is a strain we developed in a bid to make one of the most tongue tantalising and mouth-watering strains possible. She is a sativa with a fierce exotic streak in her; as such, she is perfect for growing outdoors in warmer areas of the world, such as Spain, Italy, or Greece. When allowed to thrive in the great outdoors and really spread her roots, she can produce up to 525g per plant of some very cerebrally uplifting bud. Definitely one for the connoisseur! Fruit Spirit becomes ready for harvest in early October.

Fruit Spirit cannabis warmer climates


One of the most recognisable names of the cannabis world, Northern Light is a titan that has gone down in history as a strain of legend. It just so happens she also thrives in warm climates. This pure bred indica can grow up to 2m tall outdoors – becoming tree like, and produce in excess of 600g per plant. The high induced is a hard hitting body stone that melts the muscles, leaving you completely relaxed. Northern Light’s flowering time allows her to finish late September.

Northern Light cannabis warmer climates


Another legend, especially amongst the canals of Amsterdam, Amnesia Haze is a sativa hybrid well suited to the relaxed and sunny lifestyle of Southern Europe. Her heritage can be traced back to both South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, giving her a preference for hot locations. She is an award winning strain with a lot to offer, including an extremely potent THC content, large yields (up to 700g per plant), skyrocketing high, and a sweet citrusy flavour. Being mainly sativa, Amnesia Haze needs a little longer to finish, becoming ready for harvest late October.

Amnesia Haze cannabis warmer climates


Royal Moby is a sativa dominant behemoth renowned for her gigantic size and overwhelming yields. In fact, that is how she got her name – after the fictional leviathan of the oceans. This award winner induces a psychoactive effect of galactic proportions while gently numbing the body. As a grower, Royal Moby thrives in the warm sun, growing up to 3m in height, and producing yields to suit. She is usually ready for harvest around the end of October.

Royal Moby cannabis warmer climates


If you are a Kush fan looking for that special something to add to your garden, then the RQS Special Kush 1 could be the strain for you – perfect for that sunny spot you have been saving. This heavily indica dominant hybrid can grow quite tall, reaching in excess of 2m. For the time and effort, she can produce in the region 550g per plant of some very dank bud. It is bud that produces a strong hash-like, earthy flavour, and induces the classic kush high - improving mood while thoroughly relaxing the body. Special Kush completes her flowering phase towards the end of September.

Special Kush cannabis warmer climates

These are just five great examples of RQS strains suited to the warmer areas of Europe. There are, of course, many more in our seed catalogue – these are just a great place to start!



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