By Luke Sholl

When it comes to smoking weed, everyone has their preferences. But one of the most common questions beginner smokers have is: what time of day is best to get smoke weed? To answer such a question, you first need to consider why you're smoking and what you want to achieve (or not achieve, as the case may be). If you want to encourage creativity, relax after work, or build up an appetite, timing is crucial.

Given how much there is to consider, let's jump straight into key points of the day, and see how smoking weed can make, or break, daily activities.

What Are the Best Times of Day To Smoke Weed?

Although everyone's daily schedule differs, there are some pretty common assumptions we can make. Many people wake up early, spend most of the day at work, then grab a few hours to themselves in the evening.

Wake and Bake (7:00–10:00)

Wake and bake is a stoner tradition that has gone from strength to strength, especially in the home-working era. But, wake and bake is also something of a double-edged sword. Before rolling your first J of the day, you'll need to ask yourself one crucial question—CBD or THC?

If your day consists of heading to the office, meetings, or social engagements, CBD is a solid pick. It won't interrupt your ability to function like THC, but it will scratch that proverbial wake and bake itch, while boosting your well-being. Conversely, if the day ahead consists of working from home and tasks that require a creative edge, then a little THC never hurt anyone.

  • CBD strains are great for staying productive
  • THC strains suit creatives who can work from home
  • Remember to pace yourself; there's still a whole day ahead!

Smoking Weed After Work (16:00–18:00)

You've overcome a day of workplace politics and back-to-back meetings—your reward? One of the best times to smoke weed. Period. Nothing beats the first toke after a hard day's work, and, for most of us, this is one of the best times of the day to smoke.

However, don't think smoking weed after work means you can't leave the sofa. If the weather's favourable, try heading to a local park for a walk or getting stuck into a hobby. Paired with an uplifting sativa, both activities can help you relax and disconnect from the corporate grind.

  • Pick a strain that suits your evening plans—chilled out, or ready to party?
  • Don't stay indoors; head to a local park for a nature-inspired high
  • Strains with a balanced CBD:THC ratio provide the perfect middle-ground

Blazing Before Exercise (18:00–19:00)

Exercise is one of the best ways to overcome a bad day and get the creative juices flowing. Nothing feels better than hitting a new PR, but should you consider adding some herb to the equation? Getting high and lifting weights may not be the best idea, but there are some benefits to working out with weed if you pick the right strain.

Low-THC strains work well with activities such as yoga, and vaping is typically a better option than smoking, especially if you plan on doing cardio. If you'd rather smoke after the event, CBD-rich strains can help with muscle recovery and fatigue.

  • Low-impact sports work best with THC-dominant strains
  • CBD can help with recovery
  • Consider vaping or edibles to limit the impact on cardio

Lighting-Up To Watch a Movie (19:00)

Here's where strain choice is paramount. It's no good picking an indica-heavy strain and falling asleep before the end of the movie. On the flip side, a super uplifting sativa may not be the best pick for an intellectual thriller. Perhaps going with a 50/50 hybrid with an array of different terpenes is the best course of action in this scenario.

If you want to elevate your movie experience, consider sharing it with a partner or friends. Passing a joint around while laughing the night away is not only fantastic for the soul, but ensures you'll finish your favourite box set. If you're not sure what to watch, there are a ton of movies that only get better the more you smoke.

  • Choose a strain that matches the mood of the film
  • Roll your joints before the movie starts, to avoid interruptions
  • Share the experience with friends or a partner for an epic movie night

Smoking Before Dinner (19:00–20:00)

Forget expensive sorbets as a palate cleanser; weed is the way to go. Not only can you pair the flavour profile of your strain with the food you're going to eat, but if you struggle to finish a meal in the evening, a quick smoke before dinner can kickstart your appetite.

Getting most of the meal prep done before you start smoking is highly recommended—you don't want to get distracted halfway through and revert to snacking instead. Also, don't forget, you can add cannabis to meals using cannabutter, tinctures, and other tasty infusions—smoking isn't the only way to make the most of weed and food.

  • Pair the flavour of your weed with food for a mouthwatering combo
  • Get your meal prep done before smoking
  • Try infusing food with weed via oils, butter, and sauces

Smoking Weed At Night: A Quick Puff Before Bed (21:00–23:00)

The sun has set, and you're already thinking about the day ahead. If you struggle to switch off at night like so many people, smoking before bed is ideal. A few hits from a vaporizer is enough to ease most people, but you could try smoking weed outside at night as well. Against the backdrop of a starry sky, you'll instantly feel more relaxed.

The trick, of course, is finding the right strain. You'll need to not only consider whether the strain is indica or sativa-dominant, but also which terpenes it contains. These aromatic compounds play a significant role in weed's influence on sleep.

  • Focus on “sleepy” terpenes like myrcene or linalool when planning a nighttime smoke
  • To help autumn asleep quicker, smoke in a different room before getting into bed
  • Try a vaporizer to target specific terpenes, or cannabinoids such as CBN

Finding a Time To Smoke Weed That Suits You

The best time of the day to smoke will vary from person to person, depending on shift patterns, time off, and daily routine. However, it doesn't matter what you have planned; weed can greatly enhance the experience—morning, noon, and night.

Whichever time of day you love to blaze, be sure to pair it with a suitable strain; and, if you're committed to smoking but don't want the high associated with THC, don't forget that there are dozens of high-quality CBD strains available. Enjoying weed is about enhancing the experience, so don't be afraid to experiment and find the timing that works for you.

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