By Max Sargent

It's good to spend more time in nature. Now more than ever, people are feeling disconnected from the natural world. If you can go somewhere with no WiFi signal and really take in the atmosphere of nature, it will benefit you. Taking a few peaceful hours away from the modern world can be a regular boon to mental health. This can even be true on a calm winter's day when you need all the sunlight you can get—as long as you wrap up well enough. Being mindful on a forest walk, for example, can bring a great sense of serenity. Investigate whether there is somewhere near you where you could go hiking.


Hiking through mountain paths won't just surround you with beautiful views of a natural landscape. It is a demanding but rewarding form of exercise in fresh mountain air. By yourself, or with close friends, hiking will be good for your health. Combining the experience with cannabis could make you feel even more present. It will enhance the sensations of a mountain's sights, sounds, and scents. It will be uplifting in a peaceful setting. Hiking is also a good time to do some thinking if you have a few hours of walking ahead of you. If you need to come to terms with a decision or insecurity, some people are helped by cannabis. It enables some to think more clearly by enhancing the brain's reasoning power against negative thoughts. Sometimes you need to think things through while high, then review and take action when sober.

Cannabis can make your hike a deeply fulfilling experience. Whether you need time for self-care or just want to enjoy the good vibes of nature, cannabis can be a great companion.


In order to ensure such an experience is also safe, we have prepared some tips on doing it responsibly. The first issue that immediately springs to mind is getting to where you want to hike. You have great amenities if you live within walking distance of such a place. Alas, this won't always be the case. There won't always be public transport links either. If the only way of reaching your hiking destination is by car, then you need a designated driver to stay sober.

If you are going to be driving, you must not operate a vehicle under the influence of cannabis. You will have to time yourself accordingly. If you smoke a joint, you should wait at least 4 hours before attempting to drive again—simply to be a responsible user. If you have taken an edible, it could take 6 hours or even longer before the high passes.

Make sure you get the timing right. You will be outdoors for many hours, so ensure you are dressed appropriately. If the weather is cold, you will need enough layers to stay warm. If the weather is very hot and sunny, you should have sunscreen on you. In any case, make sure you have still drinking water with you at all times. It's very important not to get dehydrated, and cannabis use often comes with cottonmouth. You may also want to bring some light and preferably healthy snacks with you, as you may get the munchies. But DO NOT leave any trace behind in nature! Take your litter with you, including and especially the butt of your joint. Do not be that idiot who started a fire in a forest.

Hiking Cannabis Sport


Pace yourself when you're walking. The higher you get, physically on the mountain, there is gradually less and less oxygen. Depending on the mountain, this could be imperceptible, but enough to make you take it easy. National parks tend to have different routes on a variety of difficulty levels. If you are hiking high for the first time, pick somewhere that has a smoother, easier route. Explore the woods if you wish, but mind your step and don't stray far from the path.

As time goes on, you may be able to safely explore more and more places high, but this comes with an important caveat. Only attempt hiking on routes you are already familiar with. If you are forgetful or your mind drifts while high, you don't want to get disoriented and lost. Choosing a route you already know quite well from hiking sober is the best way to avoid this.

If you have found a good place to do it, then you want to ensure you're causing as little disturbance to others as possible. Edibles and tinctures are a more discreet way to get high. If you are smoking, however, that smell will drift around. Choose an isolated spot where you won't be disturbing others when you get high. Be respectful and enjoy your hike with careful steps.


You should be able to focus on careful steps and good balance as long as you are not too high. This is why it's important to pace yourself, not just when walking, but when getting high. You want cannabis to improve your hiking experience, not to be a detriment to it. So smoking a heavy indica that's usually used for couchlock may calm you if you're sitting or lying down for a while. But if you're looking to explore on your hike, you want the energetic uplift of a stimulating sativa. This will put you in the good mood you need for enthusiastic walking.

Toward the end of your descent, or after you get home, an indica may be more suitable. Your legs and other body parts should feel some aches after a decent hike. It's a sign your muscles were put to good use. Such muscle pain can be soothed by the effects of a “physical” indica strain. Have a good trip and be safe!

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