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Luke Sholl

I write about: Cannabis, CBD, Cannabinoids, THC, Science

Luke Sholl focuses on the wellness potential of cannabis, specialising in CBD, terpenes, and cannabinoid research.

“If knowledge itself is power, then let cannabis research energise our lust for life”.

Luke has over a decade of experience writing about the latest cannabis and cannabinoid research developments. With his passion for natural wellness, Luke writes, edits, and creates a variety of evidence-based content for RQS and several other industry-related publications.

Supported by strong analytic and technical SEO skills, his experience researching cannabinoids offers valuable insight into the world of cannabis. Luke believes that by questioning the data and pushing for long-term studies, everyone can benefit from the wellness-boosting potential of compounds such as CBD, CBC, and CBN. Working with RQS and other cannabis industry experts, Luke provides factual content to thousands of unique visitors every month.

Areas of expertise:

  • CBD
  • Cannabinoid science
  • Cannabis research & development

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