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RQS Author Cannabis journalist and writer

Steven Voser

I write about: Cannabis cultivation, cannabis history, cannabis culture

Steve is a formally trained journalist that specializes in covering cannabis news from around the globe, including the latest medical studies, legislative changes, celebrity interviews, and more.

Cannabis is much more than THC and CBD.

Steve Voser is a freelance cannabis journalist. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Steve is currently based in South America, where he contributes regular articles to Royal Queen Seeds, Zamnesia, ZeWeed, and other publications. With a degree in investigative journalism, Steve's biggest passion is interviewing and feature writing, although he also regularly writes about cultivation and breaking news from across the globe.

He has been published in High Times and, before entering the world of cannabis, worked on an Emmy-nominated documentary for Al Jazeera called Stray Bullets.

Areas of expertise:

  • Investigative journalism
  • Interviews and profiles
  • Cultivation and grow guides
  • Cannabis history and culture

Steven’s latest posts

Latest posts

  • Is CBD Oil Safe?

    CBD companies promise countless benefits, but just how safe are CBD products? Keep reading to find out everything we know (and don't) about CBD's safety, legality, and how it affects the human body ...

  • Cannabis In Argentina

    Today, Argentines can register for the legal exception to grow, transport, and consume cannabis in a way that is 100% legal. The same provisions also extend to buying cannabis seeds locally, whereb ...

  • Dissolved Oxygen: The Key to Thriving Hydroponic Weed Plants

    Molecular oxygen does not hold well in water above baseline values. But with simple techniques, you can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in your cannabis plant's water. The result is a much ...

  • How Cannabis Interacts With Other Drugs and Medications

    Cannabis is an extremely popular substance used for both recreational and therapeutic purposes around the globe. But before you go ahead and mix weed with other substances, read this review of cann ...

  • Top 5 High-THC Autoflowering Strains (2022 Update)

    Autoflowering cannabis strains are hardy, easy to grow, and super reliable. Many growers opt for these cultivars to achieve a near-effortless stash over a short period. But certain auto strains off ...

  • Understanding Legal Cannabis Reform in Malta

    Malta is the first European nation to officially legalize recreational cannabis use. But just how does Malta's new weed law work? What does it allow, and what does it still prohibit? Read on to fin ...

  • Wet Weed: How to Identify, Prevent, and Solve the Problem

    Spill some water on your weed, or land a batch of bud that you know wasn't properly cured? In this article, we'll teach you all there is to know about wet weed, how to identify it, the concerns wit ...

  • The Importance of Cryptocurrency for the Cannabis Industry

    At RQS, we're passionate about crypto and the opportunities it presents to revolutionise the cannabis industry. In this article, we explore the exciting world of crypto, its importance to the canna ...

  • Growing Cannabis In Spain | A Month-By-Month Guide [2022]

    With its liberal cannabis laws and long, warm, and sunny summers, Spain is one of Europe's best nations for growing weed. If you're lucky enough to live there, read on for our month-by-month guide ...

  • Thai Cannabis Genetics: History and Origins

    Thai Cannabis Genetics: History and Origins Marijuana wasn’t always bred in highly controlled environments. For most of history, cannabis has grown wild or alongside human beings ...

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