However, using these methods can often do more harm than good. An improper balance or excess of nutrients can cause a number of problems including "root burn" or "nitrogen/nutrient burn". This causes the roots and leaf edges to take on a burnt appearance (yellow to black). If you are a grower who is already seeing this problem and are using "grow boosters" or extra nutrients, you should stop immediately and flush the plant(s) with water to rid the excess.
Nutrient Burn
What should be understood here is that these medical plants want to grow and will do so without any added enhancements or nutrients. When growing cannabis, it is important to remember that natural is the best way to go. As the human body thrives off of more natural means, so too do these plants. Furthermore, using "grow boosters" and/or extra nutrients to enhance the flavor of the cannabis actually has the opposite effect. These methods most often cause the taste to become harsh or bitter whereas more simple and natural means enable the plant to become more full-bodied, flavorful, and potent.
PH and cannabis
In order to grow more wisely, there are only a few things you need to know. First, ensure that you are using a pot that is about 11-18 litres (3-5 gallons) in size. Most hardware stores carry 3-5 gallon buckets that are ideal for this. Make sure that the grow pot/bucket is clean and properly sanitized to provide the healthiest home possible before adding the soil. Next, ensure that the soil has a proper NPK (Nitrogen, Phospherous, Potassium) balance. Each of these nutrients serves a specific purpose to the plant. Nitrogen enables proper growth of the plant itself. Phospherous is vital in the development of the roots, leaves, and ultimately the buds. Potassium ensures a strong plant that will grow with a resistance to molds and diseases. A proper NPK balance consists of Nitrogen-12, Phospherous-14, and Potassium-24 (N-12 P-14 K-24).

Cannabis Growmix

Last is the water. If at all possible, develop a system for collecting rain water as it is the best option for plants. If not possible, any water is fine as long as its Ph balance is correct. This Ph balance should be between 6.0 and 6.3 for optimal results. One of the ways "grow boosters" can harm plants is by severely disrupting a proper Ph balance. Ph testers can be purchased at inexpensive prices and are invaluable when ensuring the water you put into your plants is the best for them. Cannabis plants are strong and determined growers and can usually grow in any climate or surrounding. Following these three simple steps will result in plants that will grow strong and healthy, yielding potent and flavorful buds with absolutely no need for "grow boosters" or extra nutrients.

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