By Luke Sumpter

Growing weed is a very satisfying process. But sometimes, if we only grow a single strain, having a huge amount of one type of bud can get a little monotonous to smoke. Therefore, you might be curious if it’s possible to grow a range of different strains in the same grow space. Though possible, there are some obvious issues with catering to the demands of different cannabis cultivars growing in tandem.

In this article, we take a look at how to overcome these hurdles so you can successfully grow a variety of cannabis strains in a single grow space, without sacrificing quality.

Making the Most of Your Grow Space

If you’re going to dedicate a space to growing weed, you might as well use that space as efficiently as you can. You’re going to be utilising a lot of light and pumping out a lot of air. This takes energy and costs money, so you may as well get as much bud as possible at the end of it, right?

But what’s the best way to make the most of your grow space? Should you fill it with a single, uniform strain? Or should you mix it up so you can fill your stash jars with all manner of buds?

Pros and Cons of Growing Multiple Strains Together

While growing a mixture of strains in the same space is certainly tempting, there are pros and cons to this approach.

Pros of Growing Different Strains Together

  • A mix of different strains

This might seem self-evident, but it’s indeed the biggest benefit. Growing different strains together means that, when it comes time to smoke, vape, or otherwise consume your buds, you’ll have a wide array of strains to choose from. Whether you’re after an energising sativa or a sleepy indica, you’ll have just the thing to fit the bill. Or perhaps you want something super fruity to start with, and then something a little earthier later on; growing different strains together means variety!

  • Maximise the likelihood of a successful harvest

If you go for a single strain, then you’re beholden to it. It may be that it’s not very productive, it’s susceptible to mould, or perhaps you just don’t like its effects or flavour. Whatever the case, by growing multiple strains at the same time, you minimise the risk of disappointment associated with a particular strain.

  • Enhance your cultivation skills

Each strain has unique needs. If you grow a single strain, then you’ll become a pro at growing that one particular cultivar, but might miss out on valuable knowledge related to other varieties. Growing a range of cannabis genetics means you deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills, increasing your chances of achieving successful grows in the future.

Pros and Cons of Growing Multiple Strains Together

Cons of Growing Different Strains Together

  • Managing varied growth

Each cannabis genotype has unique characteristics. Some grow fast, others slow; some grow large, others small. When you grow a single genotype, the individual plants (phenotypes) should be fairly uniform, growing at the same rate and reaching about the same height. If you grow multiple strains, this will not be the case. Some plants will shoot up, taking up all the light, while others will linger below in the darkness. Not having an even canopy means some plants will lose out on light, thus reducing their quality and yield.

  • Lighting

Some strains love strong light, while others don’t. Whether you happen to use light that’s too strong for one strain or not strong enough for another, you’re going to see some of your plants under-perform as a result.

  • Feeding requirements

The idea that each plant may require a different ratio of feed may not seem like a big deal, but when you have to mix several different feeds, a few times a week for months on end, it might become somewhat burdensome. This can be avoided by choosing strains with similar requirements.

Pros and Cons of Growing Multiple Strains Together

Planning a Multi-Strain Grow

It is definitely possible to successfully grow multiple strains in the same tent or room—you just need to plan accordingly. Throwing in a random selection of seeds is not going to get you the best results. But if you know what each strain needs, and curate such needs throughout the grow cycle, you can make it work.

Below are some of the main considerations when it comes to seed selection for your multi-strain grow.

Indica and Sativa

If you’re growing a mix of indica and sativa strains, there are some obvious problems that might occur. Primarily, these will be related to the speed of growth and overall height. Indicas tend to flower over a period of around 7–10 weeks, whereas sativas can take anywhere from 10–14 weeks to do the same. Furthermore, indicas generally remain stout and bushy, rarely exceeding heights of 150cm, while sativas are known to surge well above 2m.

The main issue that will result from these differences is that it’ll be hard to maintain an even canopy, as the sativas will be much taller. Therefore, the indicas will be overshadowed and deprived of light, potentially stunting their growth.

And given that sativas flower for longer than indicas, the latter may never get a chance to emerge into the (artificial) sunlight.

Photoperiod and Autoflowering

Some growers like to mix autoflowering strains with photoperiod ones; and it can be done. However, you must plan very carefully if you want it to go well.

Autos grow fast, finishing their entire life cycle in around the time it takes for photoperiod plants to flower. Moreover, autos can thrive on almost any light schedule—the more, the better (potentially)! Photos, on the other hand, need a schedule of around 18/6 to veg and 12/12 to flower. Subjecting autos to a 12/12 light schedule would most likely reduce their final yield, though they would still make it to harvest.

Can You Grow Different Strains in One Tent?

Yes—you just have to be careful. You can’t just grow any mixture of strains in one tent, at least not effectively. If you’re trying to grow multiple cultivars, do your research to ensure your strains have similar growing characteristics.

Tips for Growing Different Strains of Cannabis in the Same Grow Room

To get the most out of growing different strains of weed in a single grow room, there are some important factors to take into account. By exercising some forethought and caution, you can reap the rewards of a multi-strain grow!

Pick Strains With Similar Characteristics

We’ve alluded to this throughout this article, but one of the easiest ways to make a multi-strain grow successful is to choose cultivars with similar growing characteristics. Rather than trying to grow one Kush indica and one pure Haze sativa, for example, opt for cultivars that generally reach similar heights and take the same amount of time to grow/flower. Luckily, if buying cannabis seeds from a high-quality seed provider, they will list this information online or on the product packaging. Though you may not find strains with the exact same traits, the closer you can get, the better.

Manage Canopy Height and Shape With LST or ScrOG

Using certain training methods allows you to manipulate plants as they grow, evening out the overall canopy height. This is a good option if you want to grow a diverse array of genetics.

ScrOG is one viable method, and involves growing plants through a mesh screen to control growth and maximise bud sites. By encouraging more flat, horizontal growth, canopy height is limited, and smaller strains are able to soak up more illumination for optimal growth and yields. If you’re up for the challenge, you can even train strains to be exactly the same height through a combination of low-stress training and high-stress training methods, such as topping.

Extend Photoperiod Veg Time to Accommodate Autoflowers

Though it can be tricky, it is very possible to grow autoflowering seeds and photoperiod seeds in the same grow space. Photoperiod plants can veg indefinitely indoors, until you decide to switch them to a 12/12 light cycle. Meanwhile, autos will veg, bloom, and reach harvest after a genetically predetermined amount of time, no matter what light cycle you expose them to. Still, for best results, autos are often left to veg and flower under an 18/6 cycle.

Therefore, you can grow a batch of auto plants while your photoperiod ones are vegging, then once you harvest the autos, you can flip the photos to flowering.

Depending on your choice of autoflowering genetics, you may need to veg the photoperiod plants for a couple of weeks longer than you otherwise would. But if you’re happy to do this, this is a fantastic option when it comes to growing multiple strains in one tent.

Grow More Autoflowering Strains Than Photoperiod

On that note, it’s probably best to weigh the ratio in favour of autoflowering plants when it comes to strain selection.

This is because autos tend to grow significantly smaller than photos, so you can fit more in a space. Moreover, the photoperiod strains that are there could likely still fill a whole grow room or tent once the autos have been harvested.

And, unless you can light them properly, more plants doesn’t mean more bud. Fewer but happier photoperiod plants will produce larger yields than a larger number of poorly lit plants.

So a ratio of, say, 3:2 autoflowering to photoperiod will probably make the best use of the grow space available to you.

What are the Best Strains to Grow Together?

As you may know, there are a lot of cannabis strains in the world. Choosing between them can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re trying to match up different strains to grow together based on complementary characteristics.

So to get you started, here are some ideas of the best strains to grow together.

Fast Flowering Cannabis Strains

If you want a grow that moves quickly, then you want to get yourself some seeds that grow very fast. For this, you’re not just limited to autoflowering seeds either. Following the tips above, you can grow autos and photos together for maximum efficiency.

The following strains work great in combination for a fast and rewarding grow.

Royal Dwarf Quick One
Grow time 9–10 week grow time 9–10 week grow time
THC 13% THC 13% THC
High Uplifting and relaxing Chill and functional high
Flavour Skunk flavours Citric and earthy flavours

Easy Bud Royal Cheese Fem Special Kush #1
9–10 week to harvest 7–8 week flowering time 7–8 week flowering time
12% THC 17% THC 17% THC
Physical stone Balanced, clear high Heavy, relaxing stone
Lemon flavours Classic UK cheese flavours Pungent flavours of earth and fruit

Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

For a grow that’s full of autos, this is the list! Featuring a range of plants which will complement one another in terms of growing characteristics, but will land you with stash jars full of a variety of types of weed, this combination is sure to please!

Cookies Gelato Auto North Thunderfuck Auto
Lifecycle 8–9 week lifecycle 8–9 week lifecycle
THC 23% THC content 21% THC content
High Balanced, creative high Uplifting, energising high
Flavour Flavours of cookies, fruit and honey Fruity and citric flavours of lime
Royal Gorilla Auto Fast Eddy Automatic CBD Solomatic
6–8 week lifecycle 7–8 week lifecycle 7–8 week total
20% THC content High CBD content wit 9% THC 1% THC to 21% CBD
Heavy, relaxing stone Clear, calming highs Clear effects
Flavours of citrus, fruit and pine Simple earth and citrus flavours Pungent, citrus flavours

Similar Heights and Flowering Times

For the easiest growing experience, whilst still cultivating a mixture of different strains, choosing those plants with very similar growth times and heights will keep an even canopy. This means that you’ll have a fairly hands-off experience, without much or any need to train or restrain your plants. Here are our suggestions.

Green Gelato Amnesia Mac Ganja Sherbet Queen
8–10 week flowering time 10–11 week flowering time 8–10 semaines de floraison
Huge THC content: 27% 22% THC content Forte avec 24 % de THC
Clear and physically chill effects Balanced, clear stone Effets apaisants, lourds et léthargiques
Flavour Saveurs d’agrumes et de terre Saveurs de bonbons et de menthe

Royal Skywalker Royal THCV Royal Medic
9–10 week flowering time 9–10 week flowering time 9–10 week flowering time
A potent 25% THC content 7 % de THCV to 7 % de THC 10% THC and high CBD content
Clear, physically relaxing highs  Clear, motivating and uplifting high Clear, fast thinking effects
Flavours of blueberry citrus and pepper Fruity and herbal flavours Classic citrus and herbal flavours

Long Flowering Times

Some strains just demand a little more time than others, but they deliver when harvest finally comes around. This is our selection of cannabis strains for those who like plants which both demand and reward patience. Expect a lot of sativa genetics in this mix!

Hazeberry Hulkberry Chocolate Haze
9–11 week flowering time 9–11 week flowering period 9–11 week flowering period
20% THC Massive 25% THC content 20% THC content
Powerful and long lasting highs Clear and uplifting effects Heavy, stoned effects
Flavours of blueberry, fruit and pepper Flavours of citrus, diesel and pepper Pungent flavours of pine and citrus

RQS Mixed Packs

If this is all too overwhelming for you, then we’ve made life even easier. Always seeking to please, we provide mixed packs of seeds to suit your needs, meaning you needn’t even make a choice!

  • Fast as Fuck: as the name suggests, this pack is all about speed, and will get you a harvest in no time! 8–9 weeks of flowering time, to be exact.
  • High Yield Pack: you can probably guess what this one does. All seeds in this pack can yield at least 700g/m² indoors!
  • Energy Pack: this comes with a mix of strains with energising and uplifting effects, perfect for daytime smoking!
Pros and Cons of Growing Multiple Strains Together

Is Growing Multiple Strains in the Same Grow Room Worth It?

Yes, as long as you’re motivated to work a little harder. Because, unless you find the ideal combination of strains that perfectly complement one another, you’re going to need to do some fiddling to ensure every plant stays happy.

If you pick your strains without care, this could amount to quite a lot of work. If you do your due diligence, however, the extra effort will be less significant. Planning is key when it comes to any grow, and especially when growing multiple strains in one space. So plan accordingly, and you could find yourself with a very satisfying crop of varied bud!

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