Mixing strains, aka “making a salad” is an increasingly popular way to customise your high. If you ever have an extremely potent strain, you can tone it down a bit by mixing it with a “lighter” strain. In that same vein, you can also mix buds to intensify the experience, if that’s what you’re in need of. Plus, finding the right weed combination can be a great way to receive the perfect amount of medicinal components from each strain.

Royal Highness, Royal Gorilla And Painkiller


Many would argue that yes, the high is significantly better. There are two primary reasons for this, cannabinoids and terpenes, and the way they blend together when combined.

Cannabinoids are a diverse group of chemical compounds (such as THC and CBD) secreted by cannabis plants that bind to cannabinoid receptor sites in our bodies to produce various recreational and medical benefits. Terpenes are the molecules that give cannabis the fragrance and flavour we’re all so very fond of. And just like cannabinoids, terpenes have quite a few therapeutic attributes as well.

Consuming different combinations of these compounds can change the effects they have. For example, it can boost the pain-fighting and medicinal properties, as well as adding more depth to your high. This phenomenon is referred to as the “entourage effect”, which claims that consuming multiple cannabis compounds together can boost the overall efficacy of each.


When it comes to the difficulty of mixing and matching, that all depends on what exactly you’re trying to accomplish. If you prefer a hybrid high, but only have indica and sativa strains on hand, mixing the two in a ratio of 50:50 would be a pretty simple solution.

However, if your goals are medicinal in nature, it could be more of a challenge to pinpoint the exact blend that treats the symptoms you’re suffering from. Mixing hybrid strains can also be a bit trying, since you would have to know what strains each hybrid is comprised of.

A little bit of practice and experimentation should eventually help you determine what blends are best for you.

Cannabis Buds Mixing And Matching


1. Royal Domina and Medical Mass: If you're looking for a pair that's great during the day, give Royal Domina and Medical Mass a shot. Royal Domina is known to be high in THC (around 20%); however, the CBD-rich Medical Mass will neutralise the high, leaving you feeling relaxed yet energetic.

2. Sour Diesel and OG Kush: When it comes to these two strains, opposites definitely attract. Sour Diesel is an active sativa and OG Kush is a potent and sedative indica-dom. When the two are combined, the effects of each strain are slightly less intense. The ratio you choose will depend on if you’re looking for a more upbeat and energetic high, or more of the couch-lock variety.

3. Royal Cheese and Blueberry: As surprising as at it sounds, Cheese strains mix very well with Blueberry strains with regards to producing an unforgettable flavour. Both strains are extremely popular hybrids.

By now, you probably get where we’re going with this; mix two strains with opposite qualities for the best results. Also, make sure to pick flavours that complement each other; Lemon strains  and Blueberry strains pair well with almost anything. It’s also important to note that mixing strains doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes, it makes for a less than enjoyable high, so if you’re not a frequent user, it’s best to clear your schedule that day before experimenting.

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