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By Luke Sumpter

Everybody smokes cannabis for different reasons. Some people cherish the relaxing effects, whereas others love to delve deep into conversation. Then there are those smokers that love cannabis simply because it helps them to loosen up and laugh!

Cannabis allows us to take things, and ourselves, less seriously. The herb helps us to see life through a humorous lens, and makes even the most mundane things seem utterly hilarious.

But why does cannabis make people laugh so much? And not just the typical chuckle, but intense giggles and laughter that comes from the belly?

Why Humans Laugh

First things first, why do humans laugh at all? It turns out laughter plays an important part in human interaction. So much so that we all started laughing before we uttered our first words.

Laughing serves as an important social cue. It allows us to signal to others that we’re keen on connecting with them. From an evolutionary point of view, laughter probably alerted strangers—unsure of each other's motives—that they were in safe company.

Among friends and family, laughter may even serve as a replacement for primate grooming. We don’t have full-body fur coats anymore, but laughter works as a perfect replacement for forming and maintaining close bonds.

If passing a joint around a circle of your friends wasn’t enough to make you feel close, the laughter that erupts by the time it burns down certainly will!

Why Laughing Is Good for You

You’ve heard the quote “laughter is the best medicine” many times in your life, and there’s a reason this saying gets espoused so often. A good giggle releases a flurry of happy brain chemicals, and generally does the body a whole lot of good. Check out the main benefits of regular laughter below:

Soothes the body

Laughter helps us feel relaxed and at ease. In doing so, the muscles relax and tension leaves the body for a while.

Relieves emotional tension

Excess emotional tension harms the body, and the modern lifestyle can often keep us in a loop of worry. Laughter helps to break this cycle with positive emotions and strengthened relationships.

Supports well-being

Much like smoking a joint, laughter sends a wave of the feel-good hormone dopamine through the brain.

Burns fuel

Laughing recruits a lot of different muscles in the body, and muscles require energy to contract. If you laugh enough during a smoking session, you’ll combat those munchies by burning calories in the most fun way possible.

Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh?

We all know that cannabis catalyses laughter. You’ve probably got more memories than you can count where you and your friends burst into hysterics. But why exactly does the herb make you laugh?

As with almost every aspect of cannabis science, we’re still in the process of figuring this all out. However, some good progress shows that smoking weed makes everything more humorous by shifting cognitive activity[1].

More specifically, once THC enters the brain, it starts revving up certain groups of neurons associated with laughter. Cells within the frontal and temporal lobes receive more oxygen and nutrients as blood flow within these areas increases.

Smoking weed also plunges users into a relaxed and blissful state of mind. It elevates the mood way past baseline, to the degree that we find ourselves slumped into the couch, talking about all manner of trippy topics with goofy smiles across our faces.

We’re much more likely to start giggling at silly statements and terrible jokes when we’re relaxed. Seeing as modern humans are usually locked in a state of stimulation and stress, these effects become much more amplified when we finally get some downtime.

Why Does Cannabis Make You Laugh?

Which Strain Type Makes You Laugh More — Indica or Sativa?

Traditionally, the terms “indica” and “sativa” describe two subspecies of cannabis that offer different psychotropic effects. Indica strains have long been associated with stoning the body and producing a relaxed mental state. In contrast, sativa varieties are those that typically energise the mind and body.

However, the idea of indica and sativa effects has become outdated. Cannabis scientists have discovered that it’s most likely the terpenes—aromatic molecules responsible for the unique smell and taste of each strain—that underpin these differences in effect. Both indica and sativa strains can possess wildly different terpene profiles, and don’t necessarily fall into their traditional effects categories.

Some research has even suggested scrapping the word “strain” altogether, as plants of the same strain can even produce different terpene profiles depending on environmental conditions. Instead, they suggest using the term “chemovar” (chemical variety) to classify cannabis.

Chemovars higher in certain terpenes are more likely to make you laugh at classic stoner flicks than others. For example, the relaxing terpene myrcene helps smokers to lower their defences and chill out, increasing the likelihood of achieving a belly laugh or two.

Limonene and pinene also work wonders by enhancing mood and helping smokers feel at ease. These terpenes will have you zoning in on the conversation, catching every sentence uttered, and ultimately giggling and smiling more.

The Best Cannabis Strains To Induce the Giggles in 2021

Pretty much every cannabis strain has the potential to make you burst into laughter. However, some do a much better job than others at putting the mind in that special giggly place. The cultivars below will get you deeply relaxed and have you booming with laughter in no time. These are the giggliest cannabis strains of 2021.

El Patron

If you're in the mood to get silly, you need to blaze El Patron. This powerful cultivar packs a heavy punch and jolts the mind out of its normal mode of programming. Her buds will help you leave tension at the door as you enter a blissful and euphoric state of mind. Her THC level of 22% synergises with peppery and herbal terpenes that will send your mood through the roof. Don’t believe us? Hit a bowl, play your favourite comedy podcast, and get ready to work out your abs.

As well as inducing hysterical laughter, El Patron produces visually stunning flowers. Her buds boast gorgeous shades of deep purple and dark green, topped off with a thick layer of glistening resin. This highly productive strain thrives in a warm climate but puts out great yields almost anywhere.

Indoor plants provide up to 550g/m² after a flowering time of 9–10 weeks. Plants grown outdoors produce up to 600g/plant. Prepare to harvest this bounty during late October.

El Patron

El Patron
AMG x Shiva
450 - 550 gr/m2
90 - 130 cm
9 - 10 weeks
THC: 22%
Sativa 60% Indica 40%
550 - 600 gr/plant
140 - 200 cm
Late October
Powerful , Stoned

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Shogun will elevate your mind to new heights. After smoking these flowers, colours seem brighter, food tastes better, and everything becomes much funnier. These flowers definitely aren’t a good option before heading to work, unless you’re particularly gifted at suppressing the giggles.

Her massive THC level of 25% instantly penetrates the blood-brain barrier, and gets the blood pumping to the area of your noggin’ that simply loves to laugh. If this level of the psychotropic cannabinoid weren’t enough, high quantities of pinene will also boost your attention span, focus, and perception of all things funny.

Shogun will provide you with a rewarding yield and plenty of giggle sessions for weeks to come. Indoor plants grow to 90–140cm and deliver 550–600g/m² after 9–11 weeks of flowering. Outdoor specimens do well in the company of companion plants, produce up to 750g/plant, and peak at a medium-tall height of 190cm.


Amnesia Haze x Gorilla Glue 4
550 - 600 gr/m2
90 – 140 cm
9 - 11 weeks
THC: 25%
Sativa 70% Indica 30%
650 - 750 gr/plant
150 - 190 cm
Late October
Calming, Clear, Laughter, Uplifting

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Royal AK Automatic

Despite her weaponised name, Royal AK Automatic spreads nothing but peace and love. In fact, this giggly cannabis strain will have you laughing with complete strangers at parties and gatherings. She’ll put your mind at ease within minutes of taking your first toke, and things only go upwards from there.

Her moderate THC level of 15% hits the sweet spot between clear-headed and way too high. You’ll feel social, talkative, and witty. Plus, her earthy, peppery, and sour terpenes light up the taste buds with every hit. Just because you might end up buckling with laughter doesn’t mean you won’t get anything done. As well as being prompted to look on the bright side, you’ll experience waves of motivation. Blaze these buds throughout the day for positive vibes and productivity.

Royal AK Automatic boasts a rapid flowering time of 6–8 weeks, with a total life cycle of 11–12 weeks. Expect great yields wherever you grow her. Indoor plants produce up to 350g/m², while outdoor specimens will fill your stash jars with 160g/plant.

Royal AK Automatic

Royal AK Automatic
AK 47 x Ruderalis
275 - 350 gr/m2
60 - 70 cm
6 - 8 weeks
THC: 15%
Sativa 35% Indica 40% Ruderalis 25%
110 - 160 gr/plant
70 - 100 cm
11 - 12 weeks after sprouting
Laughter, Motivating

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Purple Queen Automatic

Purple Queen Automatic is easily one of the prettiest strains in our entire catalogue. Her deep purple flowers look incredible in grow rooms, and blow minds when unveiled at a smoking session. Not only does she look lovely, but she’ll put you in the state of mind to unwind, relax, and laugh. She’s the perfect strain for those relaxing sessions with close friends. Pass a joint around, share stories, and bask in the humorous euphoria together.

This giggly cannabis cultivar produces a medium THC level of 16%. She’ll get you to that perfect level without tipping you over the edge. If you want to experience these flowers in all of their glory, bake them into some tasty edibles. You’ll experience a much more intense high, and get a real taste of her citrusy and earthy terpenes.

Choose this strain if you’re looking for a fast harvest. These speedy autoflowering plants are ready to yield only 8–9 weeks after germination. Watch your plants grow to 90–130cm indoors and produce 350–400g/m². Outdoors, prepare to harvest 100–150g/plant.

Purple Queen Automatic

Purple Queen Automatic
Purple Queen x Critical Auto
350 - 400 gr/m2
90 - 130 cm
6 - 7 weeks
THC: 16%
Sativa 15% Indica 80% Ruderalis 5%
100 - 150 gr/plant
90 - 140 cm
8 - 9 weeks after sprouting
Calming, Euphoric

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Her name sums up her effects perfectly. Euphoria offers straight-up therapy after a long and trying day at work. Get home, eat some food, smoke a bowl, and put on a funny film. Before long, you’ll feel your muscles melt, your worries evaporate, and a large smile slap itself across your face.

Euphoria’s cannabinoid profile underpins her deeply relaxing effect. Her purple-green buds produce a THC level of 9% alongside high quantities of CBD. This perfect blend keeps the mind clear, eliminates tension on sight, and prevents rumination from setting in. You can smoke this strain all day long without getting overwhelmed.

Can’t wait to get your hands on these flowers? You won’t have to wait long. You can start harvesting these plants 8–9 weeks after initiating flowering. Indoor specimens churn out 450–500g/m², whereas their outdoor counterparts offer 450–500g/plant.


Great White Shark x CBD dominant plant
450 - 500 gr/m2
60 - 100 cm
8 - 9 weeks
THC: 9%
Sativa 20% Indica 80%
450 - 500 gr/plant
120 - 150 cm
Early October
Balanced, Calming, Physically Relaxing

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Laughter and Cannabis Is the Best Medicine

Laughter really is the best medicine. When you’re feeling down, isolated, or in your head, a good laugh with friends or family will almost always make you feel better. Use the giggly cannabis strains mentioned above to truly take advantage of the laughter-inducing power of weed.

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This content is for educational purposes only. The information provided is derived from research gathered from external sources.