By Miguel Ordoñez

For those who want a smoother alternative to smoking buds, dry herb vaporizers are a superb option. As vaporizers don’t heat buds to the point of combustion, you don’t have to inhale harsh smoke to enjoy the effects and flavours of your favourite strains.

But once you’ve finished your vape, you’re left with discoloured, dry herb—commonly known as “already vaped bud” (AVB). Should you throw it out? Of course not! Should you smoke it? Probably not. So, what should you do with it then?

In this article, we’ll share several ways to make good use of your vaped weed and its remaining cannabinoids.

How to Tell When Vaped Herb Is “Done”

Depending on the individual and their preferences, vaped herb tends to be considered “done” when it no longer provides satisfying hits, becomes very dry, and turns a brownish colour.

After being exposed to high temperatures of up to 227°C (440°F), the majority of the cannabinoids and terpenes in AVB are released into vapor and inhaled. But as the bud isn’t combusted, some of these compounds are left behind. That said, your vaporizer has exhausted its ability to eke out what's left.

While some people try to vape a batch of bud until it can't be vaped any further, others remove it from the chamber when the flavour starts to become less enjoyable.

How Strong Is AVB?

Given what we’ve told you so far, it’s likely not surprising to hear that the potency of AVB is significantly lower than before it entered your vape. Indeed, vaporizers are primed to extract as much THC, terpenes, and other crucial elements as possible. But they’re not perfect, and so there are still some cannabinoids left behind when all is said and done.

But if you tried to smoke your AVB, you’d experience a mild high at best (and a sad flavour to boot). This is why we recommend concentrating your AVB into something more powerful, rather than using it as is.

How Strong Is AVB?

Can You Smoke Vaped Weed?

You certainly can. But again, you won’t get anything substantial from it. If you want to blaze your AVB, perhaps use it as a last resort, or mix it with some fresh bud to extend the lifespan of your stash. You could also give it to a first-timer to ease them into the cannabis smoking experience—but the bad taste and underwhelming high might also turn them off.

5 Ways to Use Already Vaped Buds

So, without further ado, here are some clever ways to make use of already vaped buds. We’re giving you not one, not two, but five helpful suggestions—and it’s all a matter of picking which one(s) you prefer.

  • AVB Edibles

The first option on this list is a tried and true favourite. The great thing about using already vaped buds in edibles is that you already skipped the first step: decarboxylation. This is the vital process of “activating” the cannabinoids by heating the buds. Since this has already been taken care of by your vaporizer, all you need to do now is add your AVB to butter, oil, or another high-fat substance to concentrate those remaining cannabinoids.

Although you can make practically any type of edible using AVB, for those seeking something quick and potent, we suggest firecracker edibles.

For the uninformed, it’s basically just crackers, spreads, and weed. These single-serving treats are perfect for every occasion, whether it’s a formal gathering or an afternoon with friends.

Firecracker edibles are also easy to make. All you need are top-quality crackers, the spread of your choice (chocolate, hummus, or peanut butter), and your decarboxylated bud.

Whether you go the sweet or savoury route, simply sprinkle the ground bud onto the spread, and voila! You can now enjoy a potent snack.

- Water Curing AVB

Cultivators are aware of the importance of curing cannabis post-harvest. In this process, the sugars, chlorophyll, and other components that are known to give weed a harsher smoke are eradicated or toned down significantly. In turn, smoking becomes more pleasant.

In the case of already vaped buds, cannabis enthusiasts perform water curing to prepare their weed for edibles. This helps to remove any of the lingering unsavoury particles, allowing the taste of your AVB to be masked once mixed with other ingredients.

To complete the water curing process, all you need are household items including cheesecloth (or pantyhose), a large pot, a baking pan, an oven, and, of course, your AVB.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of wrapping your buds in the cheesecloth, submerging them into the water, straining off the discoloured liquid, and then baking your bud at a low heat (110°C) to dry it out. At the end of the process, you have yourself a fresh batch of water-cured AVB, ready for your recipe of choice.

- How to Dose AVB in Edibles

When it comes to dosing edibles with weed that hasn’t been vaped, we often recommend 2.5–5mg of THC per serving, as this tends to be a good jumping-off point for most people. When it comes to AVB, however, the potency can be depleted by more than half, so it may make sense to double what you would use if you hadn’t vaped it first.

How to Dose AVB in Edibles
  • AVB Tincture

Cannabis tinctures are another great way to concentrate the potency of your AVB—and the process is quite simple. All you do is mix your vaped bud with food-grade ethyl alcohol (or glycerine) to produce a substance that can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) for swift effects, or orally for longer-lasting effects. Moreover, the tincture can be used on its own, or you can add drops to food and drink for discreet dosing.

And remember; your bud is already decarboxylated, so all you have to do is infuse (albeit, for up to three months), strain, and enjoy! The reason the infusion part of the process is so extensive is to allow the alcohol to extract as much THC as possible. But once your AVB tincture is ready, you now have your very own batch to share.

  • Already Vaped Bud Tea (or Coffee)

Tea is actually quite a suitable vessel for already vaped bud. We recommend making AVB tea in one of two ways. The first involves the use of a quick cannabutter. All you’ll need is a gram of AVB, a teabag, and about a tablespoon of butter for infusion.

For the second method, you’ll make your very own cannabis tea latte. Here, you’ll need AVB, butter, milk, tea leaves, and honey. You can add some cinnamon for a more sophisticated flavour profile.

As for AVB coffee, some people prefer to infuse the bud into high-fat milk, then mix that into their brew. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. And that’s the fun part about it.

  • AVB Capsules

You probably have an overblown notion of the complexity of making AVB capsules. But it’s much simpler than you likely think.

For this one, you’ll need four things: about five grams of AVB, a grinder, vegetable glycerine caps (size 00), and a packing tool. The idea is to place about 0.5 grams of your AVB into each cap. The cannabinoid content of each cap might not be exactly the same, but it should be similar. To make sure everything’s tightly packed in, use a packing tool such as the tip of a paintbrush.

  • AVB Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, by itself, is known to bring a ton of nutritional value to the table. Add your AVB into the equation, and you have quite the concoction. For this, we recommend waiting until you have a decent stash of AVB at your disposal; around 50g worth. You’ll complement that with around 250ml of organic coconut oil. The tools include a large pot, cheesecloth, a litre of distilled water, a container with a tight lid, and some rubber bands.

Simply combine everything in the large pot and place the mixture over low heat for up to three hours. Make sure to keep the temperature at or below 120°C (248°F) to avoid destroying the cannabinoids.

You’ll then strain the plant material through the cheesecloth and allow it to cool for up to 12 hours before separating the coconut oil from the water. In terms of storage, be sure to keep your mixture out of direct sunlight.

Cannabis coconut oil has numerous uses. You can infuse it into your morning coffee or make it into capsules. But if you want a more straightforward approach, you can have a spoonful as is!

AVB Coconut Oil

Last Resort: Smoking Already Vaped Buds

Again, you can smoke AVB, but don’t count on experiencing a life-changing high. By combusting the last of those cannabinoids, you should still get a decent buzz if you take enough hits. As mentioned above, you can also try mixing it with some fresher, more potent weed to elongate your stash and save some money. If you are seeking a more pleasant experience, though, you can go with one or more of the options we suggested in this article. Whichever you prefer, one thing is clear: AVB shouldn’t be thrown away!

So the next time you notice your AVB stash building up, get creative and put it to better use!

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