By Miguel Ordoñez

The idea of smoking weed is pretty straightforward. You roll up a joint, light it, take two deep puffs, and pass it on to the next person. Pretty simple, right?

Yet, a lot of people seem to make some missteps along the way, which can lead to unfavourable situations, and in some cases, a not-so-good perspective on marijuana.

But this needn’t be the case! In what follows, we explain how to properly smoke weed. This stoner rules should serve as a simple reminder of the dos and don’ts of recreational cannabis so you, and your smoking mates, can make every experience a positive one. After that, we break down some need-to-know info on avoiding heavy coughing during a session.

How to Properly Smoke Weed: Follow the Weed Rules

So, let’s get straight to the point, shall we? This section is all about proper weed etiquette. Keep these tips in mind before heading to your next social session.

  • Bring Your Own Weed

If you’re invited to a weed party, you’re expected to make some contribution. You should come bearing at least one of two things: your own stash (ideally of a different strain) or some snacks.

  • If You Grow Your Own, Share It With Everyone

Now, if you grow your own supply, it would be respectful to share it with others. This will put both your green thumb and trimming/curing skills to the ultimate test.

  • Roll, if You've Mastered the Art

If you’ve mastered the art of rolling a joint, go ahead and volunteer. But make sure you’re capable of doing a decent job. While we all start somewhere, it’s no use wasting time, weed, and paper at others' expense. If you’re bad at it, leave it to those who can.

  • Demand Good Paper

To get the best experience, you need the best tools. From top-quality rolling papers to a well-functioning lighter, it’s all part of the package. Don’t insult yourself with subpar materials, especially when it comes to paper.

  • Know Your Roller’s Rights

If you took the effort to roll a perfect joint, you’re granted the honour of the opening spark. These are rules of smoking weed that everyone has followed since time immemorial. Breaking them would be a sin.

  • Puff, Puff, Pass

The title alone should be enough explanation. There’s a reason why it’s called “puff, puff, pass”. You get a maximum of two hits before passing it on to the next person. Don’t hog the spliff.

  • Keep Your Saliva Where It Belongs

Passing a joint also means swapping a bit of saliva with people. Still, have the decency to keep moisture levels to a minimum. Not only does it diminish the integrity of the filter, but it’s just plain gross.

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  • Start Rolling a New Joint Before It Finishes

If you want to keep the flow going the entire night, be mindful. Once you see that joint getting smaller and smaller, prepare yourself to roll a new one.

  • Avoid Spilling Ash

To minimise your clean-up job, be careful with ash spillage. Keep an ashtray, or at least a trash bin, next to you to sequester the ash without making a mess.

  • Pass It in the Proper Way

When passing a joint, you want to do so with the filter-side pointed toward the next person. That makes it easier for them to receive it. Don’t make the mistake of passing it lit-side forward.

How to Properly Smoke Weed
  • Stick to the Original Rotation

If you’re already going in a clockwise direction, keep it up. Don’t go disrupting the flow of the rotation. That’s one way to make a horrible first impression.

  • Don’t Exhale Onto Other People’s Faces

This is just downright rude. Exhaling should be done away from anyone’s face. Blowing directly toward a person will automatically get you a few enemies in one go.

  • Don’t Pass the Roach

If you happen to receive the roach and it’s nearly burned to the filter, don’t consider passing it further. You may want to discard this and move on to the next joint.

  • No Peer Pressure

If someone says no to your puff offer, respect it. Don’t be that person who tries to pressure people.

  • Respect the Space

If you’re smoking in someone else’s home, honour the house rules. Stay away from people around you who aren’t fond of weed smoke. Bottom line: respect the space.

  • Don’t Get Down With the Sickness

A weed party is also a haven for sickness. Someone who has the flu or a cold could easily pass it along by sharing a joint. If you’re not feeling good, have the decency to skip this party.

  • Don’t Be a Buzzkill

Smoke sessions are made by good vibes. If you’re in a bad mood, try your best not to be a buzzkill. You may also want to avoid topics like politics and religion that could create a divide within the group.

  • Drop Some Knowledge

If you have a wealth of knowledge about weed, share it! Smokers will always be fascinated by new strain facts. Just relay them in a way that won’t make you come off as arrogant or a know-it-all.

How to Properly Smoke Weed

Why Does Weed Make You Cough?

When any form of smoke enters the lungs, coughing is a natural reaction—it’s our body’s response to potential irritants. Experts will tell you that coughing is actually a protective mechanism to help expel harmful substances and let in air.

That said, it’s important to note that temporary, light coughing is a natural occurrence when smoking weed. Your throat could be feeling dry and irritated, hence the reaction. But if you’re dealing with a lingering or severe cough whenever you smoke, you may want to consult a doctor.

Though you might still sputter here and there, if you’re looking for ways to keep yourself from coughing during your smoking sessions, keep the following in mind.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you find yourself coughing a lot during a smoke session, your throat is likely dry. Do yourself a favour and stay hydrated. Some juice or a sports drink will do, but nothing beats good old water.

  • Get High-Quality Weed

If a certain strain elicits a serious cough from you and your mates, it could be that the weed was poorly cultivated or cured. Whether the buds were treated with chemicals or exposed to too much humidity, it's best to be on the safe side and switch this out for some quality weed.

  • Avoid Stems or Seeds

Here’s another sign of below-average weed that will make you cough. Not only do seeds and stems make for a subpar smoke, but you end up overpaying for cannabis that doesn’t even get you high. If you happen to encounter a seedy, stem-filled stash, say no.

  • Use Quality Paper

These days, you’ll find rolling papers made from hemp and other unbleached, unrefined fibres. Avoid using paper intended for cigarettes, or anything that isn’t specifically made for twisting up joints, as these are likely to be harsh on the lungs.

  • Grind It Well

This needs no explanation. Weed that’s neatly ground will give you a smoother, less smoky experience. That also means less coughing, which is the whole point of this section.

  • Roll Like a Pro

A poorly rolled joint can cause you to cough, even if the material inside is of a high quality. Make sure your joint is packed sufficiently, but not too tight, in order to achieve a smooth, even burn. Moreover, consider burning off the excess paper after rolling to reduce the amount you inhale.

  • Don’t Mix It With Tobacco

If you want to keep your smoking sessions relatively healthier, forget the tobacco. It’s a chemical that can compromise your lungs, and ultimately, make you cough.

  • Don’t Inhale During Ignition

That first spark will be a smoky affair, and once you start inhaling, it goes straight to your lungs. No one wants to be hacking for a good few minutes after that first puff.

  • Take Smaller Hits

Especially if you’re in a large group setting, take smaller hits. Not only is it the more considerate thing to do, but you also prevent inhaling too much and coughing your lungs out.

  • Don’t Hold the Smoke

Holding the smoke won’t get you any higher. That extra head rush you might feel is your body telling you that you’re deprived of oxygen. Drop this pointless practice.

  • Try Vaping or Edibles for a While

One of the likely reasons you’re coughing a lot is because of your preferred consumption method. Stay away from smoking for a while and instead go for vaping, or even edibles.

Take Note of These Weed Smoking Tips

As a veteran smoker, you may already know these tips. But if you’re a rookie, a lot of this may be new information. But regardless of where you fall, these dos and don’ts are always worth considering—and we all need a little reminder from time to time!

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