By Luke Sumpter

The idea of smoking weed is pretty straightforward. You roll up a joint, light it, take two deep puffs, and pass it on to the next person. Pretty simple, right?

Yet, a lot of people seem to make some missteps along the way, which can lead to unfavourable situations, and in some cases, a not-so-good perspective on marijuana.

But this needn’t be the case! In what follows, we explain how to properly smoke weed. This stoner rules should serve as a simple reminder of the dos and don’ts of recreational cannabis so you, and your smoking mates, can make every experience a positive one. After that, we break down some need-to-know info on avoiding heavy coughing during a session.

How to Smoke Weed

Weed Etiquette Can Make or Break a Cannabis Experience

Developing weed etiquette will drastically improve your smoking experience and that of those around you. We’re not telling you to bow when you enter the room or to never put your elbows on the table when caving to the munchies. Instead, we’re presenting a list of common courtesies that qualify as respectable stoner rules. Continue reading to find out how to make each smoking session a nicer experience every time you participate.

  • Bring Your Own Weed

If you’re invited to a weed party, you’re expected to make some contribution. You should come bearing at least one of two things: your own stash (ideally of a different strain) or some snacks.

  • Take Care of Those Who’ve Taken Too Much

If you’ve ever “greened out”, you’ll know how unsettling the experience can be. While legitimate cannabis overdoses are practically unheard of, consuming too much THC can result in unpleasant side effects, including nausea, tremors, and lightheadedness. In the spirit of treating others how you’d want them to treat you, make sure to help anybody out that you find in this position, whether they’re a stranger at a festival or a well-known mate on your couch.

  • Always Help Out Where You Can

Joints don’t roll themselves! Pull your weight during a smoking session. When everyone chips into the work, the group eventually becomes a well-oiled machine that churns out perfectly crafted cones. Offer to make a roach, grind the bud, or shield your buddy’s chilly hands from the wind.

  • Don’t Bring Up Anything Too Serious

Try to keep things light-hearted when you blaze. Some people can handle diving into the philosophical depths while smoking cone after cone. Others, however, find paradigm-challenging thought experiments uncomfortable when sober, let alone after a joint. Unless you know the other people well and what they like to talk about when high, stay somewhat superficial and enjoy one another’s company in other ways. This also applies to emotionally heavy topics and breaking bad news. This can quickly cause a person to start to spiral and edge toward a state of panic.

  • Respect Everyone’s Individual Tolerance

There exists somewhat of a “jock” culture in some cannabis smoking circles, in which individuals try to establish a hierarchy based on the ability to take the biggest hit, hold it for the longest, and smoke the most. Basically, don’t be a buffoon. Everyone has a different genetic makeup and varying levels of exposure to THC; both of these factors determine their tolerance level. Let people smoke as much or as little as they want, and leave them to enjoy the experience.

  • Never Comment on Someone’s Munchies

Smoking weed often gives rise to a fairly uniform experience: people inhale, get stoned, and then swiftly develop a ravenous appetite, before either smoking more or taking a nap. Munchies are very common among cannabis users. Some people feel satiated after a small snack, whereas others will not stop eating until they completely gut the cupboards. Food can be a touchy subject for some people, so simply sit back and watch the phenomenon unfold, and resist making any underhanded comments.

  • Don’t Rob the Lighter

The lighter theft epidemic continues to rage on within smoking circles all over the world, with no sign of ceasing. Clever stoners have tried to come up with various solutions, including communal lighters and gigantic models that are hard to lose, to no avail. Unless you decide to leash your lighter to the table, expect it to go missing at some point. Granted, this occurs by accident a lot of the time. To avoid unintentionally pocketing somebody else’s lighter, you’ll need to make an effort to stay vigilant. Spark up your joint, then place down the lighter before you initiate one of your stoned tirades about quantum mechanics, or whatever.

  • Don’t Blow Smoke Into Your Pet’s Face

If it’s ever crossed your mind to get your pet high, you’ve probably got an above-average percentage of Neanderthal genetics in your genome. Pets cannot consent to getting high, and exposing various household species to THC can make them very sick. If you see any other halfwit try to pull this off for cheap laughs, step in and put things right. Also, make sure to never leave any edibles lying around—you might find yourself paying a stoned emergency visit to the vet.

  • Act Sensibly in States Where Recreational Weed Is Legal

Even in countries and states that have legalized recreational cannabis, some laws still exist that prohibit the use of cannabis in public and in close proximity to schools. If you’re heading out the door with a blunt, make sure you know your local laws and become aware of the possible consequences.

  • Keep Children Safe

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t use weed around kids. If you or your friends have kids in the house, head to a location away from your home and make sure a trusted person supervises them while you’re gone. As with pets, you also need to make sure you correctly stash any cannabis edibles. These products are naturally attractive to children. If they manage to get into them, you’ll end up taking a trip to the emergency room.

  • Respect Your Housemates

Not everyone wants their flat or house to constantly smell of terpenes and volatile sulphur compounds—two classes of pungent molecules that underpin the aroma of weed. If you live with housemates who aren’t keen, then you need to come up with a compromise. Ask them if you can trial odour-scuppering methods such as sploofs or high-efficiency air filters. If these fail or they deny your request, you’re left with two choices: move out or smoke outside.

On the other hand, you might be lucky enough to have a weed-loving housemate! In this case, work to cultivate a good and respectful relationship. Share buds when they’ve run out, and never pinch anything from their stash!

  • Ask Before Finishing a Joint

Has somebody demonstrated kindness and decided to smoke their weed with you? Well, show gratitude through your actions! Don't hold onto the joint for an age, don’t take exceptionally big hits every time your lips meet the roach, and ask before assuming you can finish whatever you have left between your fingers.

How to Smoke Weed

How to Properly Smoke Weed: Follow the Weed Rules

So, let’s get straight to the point, shall we? This section is all about proper weed etiquette. Keep these tips in mind before heading to your next social session.

  • If You Grow Your Own, Share It With Everyone

Now, if you grow your own supply, it would be respectful to share it with others. This will put both your green thumb and trimming/curing skills to the ultimate test.

  • Roll, if You've Mastered the Art

If you’ve mastered the art of rolling a joint, go ahead and volunteer. But make sure you’re capable of doing a decent job. While we all start somewhere, it’s no use wasting time, weed, and paper at others' expense. If you’re bad at it, leave it to those who can.

  • Demand Good Paper

To get the best experience, you need the best tools. From top-quality rolling papers to a well-functioning lighter, it’s all part of the package. Don’t insult yourself with subpar materials, especially when it comes to paper.

  • Know Your Roller’s Rights

If you took the effort to roll a perfect joint, you’re granted the honour of the opening spark. These are rules of smoking weed that everyone has followed since time immemorial. Breaking them would be a sin.

  • Puff, Puff, Pass

The title alone should be enough explanation. There’s a reason why it’s called “puff, puff, pass”. You get a maximum of two hits before passing it on to the next person. Don’t hog the spliff.

  • Keep Your Saliva Where It Belongs

Passing a joint also means swapping a bit of saliva with people. Still, have the decency to keep moisture levels to a minimum. Not only does it diminish the integrity of the filter, but it’s just plain gross.

  • Start Rolling a New Joint Before It Finishes

If you want to keep the flow going the entire night, be mindful. Once you see that joint getting smaller and smaller, prepare yourself to roll a new one.

  • Avoid Spilling Ash

To minimise your clean-up job, be careful with ash spillage. Keep an ashtray, or at least a trash bin, next to you to sequester the ash without making a mess.

  • Pass It in the Proper Way

When passing a joint, you want to do so with the filter-side pointed toward the next person. That makes it easier for them to receive it. Don’t make the mistake of passing it lit-side forward.

Weed Etiquette for Edibles

Edibles are a whole different ball game compared to smoking weed. Learn the key rules when it comes to edibles etiquette below!

How to Smoke Weed
  • Don’t Give Somebody Edibles Without Telling Them

It might seem like a funny practical joke, but it’s certainly enough to fracture a friendship if it goes south. You need to ensure you have someone’s complete informed consent before handing them an edible. Weed-infused cookies and brownies are powerful items and can result in highly unpleasant experiences for unprepared recipients.

  • Don’t “Guess-timate” Edibles

If you’re going to make a batch of edibles at home, you need to make sure you do things properly to avoid accidentally ingesting way too much THC. Use our dose calculator to figure out the numbers and avoid giving yourself or somebody else a seriously bad time.

  • Know Your Tolerance

You need to get used to how your body responds to edibles before consuming anything overly strong. Even if you can smoke until you run out of weed, edibles have a much different effect on the body and mind. Start off low and slow, and go from there.

  • Share

Edibles are a unique means of taking cannabis, especially when people make their own preparations. After spending quite some time in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe or making a batch of capsules, you’ll find a lot of joy in sharing your creations! You never know, somebody might even return the favour.

  • Mark Your Goods

Whether you’re heading to a festival, party, or small-scale smoking session, you need to make sure you clearly label your stash. Not only will this help you keep track of your own goods, but it’ll stop other people from thinking they’re sinking their teeth into non-psychoactive food.

Why Does Weed Make You Cough?

When any form of smoke enters the lungs, coughing is a natural reaction—it’s our body’s response to potential irritants. Experts will tell you that coughing is actually a protective mechanism to help expel harmful substances and let in air.

That said, it’s important to note that temporary, light coughing is a natural occurrence when smoking weed. Your throat could be feeling dry and irritated, hence the reaction.

If you’re dealing with a lingering or severe cough whenever you smoke, you may want to consult a doctor.

Though you might still sputter here and there, if you’re looking for ways to keep yourself from coughing during your smoking sessions, keep the following in mind.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you find yourself coughing a lot during a smoke session, your throat is likely dry. Do yourself a favour and stay hydrated. Some juice or a sports drink will do, but nothing beats good old water.

  • Get High-Quality Weed

If a certain strain elicits a serious cough from you and your mates, it could be that the weed was poorly cultivated or cured. Whether the buds were treated with chemicals or exposed to too much humidity, it's best to be on the safe side and switch this out for some quality weed.

  • Avoid Stems or Seeds

Here’s another sign of below-average weed that will make you cough. Not only do seeds and stems make for a subpar smoke, but you end up overpaying for cannabis that doesn’t even get you high. If you happen to encounter a seedy, stem-filled stash, say no.

  • Use Quality Paper

These days, you’ll find rolling papers made from hemp and other unbleached, unrefined fibres. Avoid using paper intended for cigarettes, or anything that isn’t specifically made for twisting up joints, as these are likely to be harsh on the lungs.

  • Grind It Well

This needs no explanation. Weed that’s neatly ground will give you a smoother, less smoky experience. That also means less coughing, which is the whole point of this section.

  • Roll Like a Pro

A poorly rolled joint can cause you to cough, even if the material inside is of a high quality. Make sure your joint is packed sufficiently, but not too tight, in order to achieve a smooth, even burn. Moreover, consider burning off the excess paper after rolling to reduce the amount you inhale.

  • Don’t Mix It With Tobacco

If you want to keep your smoking sessions relatively healthier, forget the tobacco. It’s a chemical that can compromise your lungs, and ultimately, make you cough.

  • Don’t Inhale During Ignition

That first spark will be a smoky affair, and once you start inhaling, it goes straight to your lungs. No one wants to be hacking for a good few minutes after that first puff.

  • Take Smaller Hits

Especially if you’re in a large group setting, take smaller hits. Not only is it the more considerate thing to do, but you also prevent inhaling too much and coughing your lungs out.

  • Don’t Hold the Smoke

Holding the smoke won’t get you any higher. That extra head rush you might feel is your body telling you that you’re deprived of oxygen. Drop this pointless practice.

  • Try Vaping or Edibles for a While

One of the likely reasons you’re coughing a lot is because of your preferred consumption method. Stay away from smoking for a while and instead go for vaping, or even edibles.

How to Smoke Weed

Weed Etiquette for Bongs and Vaporisers

Right then, we’ve covered smoking joints and scoffing down edibles! Next up, we’re talking bong and vapes—let’s go!

  • Avoid Passing Stale Smoke

Don’t leave nasty stale smoke in your bong before passing it to the next bro in line. Either finish the hit or blow the excess smoke out of the carb hole. Nobody wants to see a rig filled with stale smoke get passed their way.

  • No Butterfingers

Take things steady and slow when smoking a big or extravagant rig. Not only are they expensive, but some are handmade and one-of-a-kind. Nothing will kill the vibe during a smoking session faster than smashing your friend’s prized bong or bubbler to pieces.

  • Burn With Caution

Avoid wasting weed! While some bong bowls are shallow, others are both wide and deep. You won't achieve an even burn by directing the flame into the middle of the bowl. Move your lighter over the entire surface of the bowl to make the most of each hit.

Weed Etiquette for Parties

Now that we’ve discussed the etiquette surrounding different ways of consuming cannabis, let’s look at the generally accepted rules in social settings.

  • Ask for Permission

Someone has taken the time and effort to set up a party, and even demonstrated their thoughtfulness by inviting you over for the occasion. The last thing you want to do is throw the gesture back in their face and sour the mood by blazing without permission. You need to ask; don’t assume that stepping out the door will excuse you, either.

  • Respect Non-Smokers

Many people choose not to smoke weed, and some genuinely can’t even stand the smell. If you’re at a big gathering, it’s not practical to go around and see how each person feels about your cannabis use. Simply leave the area while you smoke and return with red eyes and no problems.

  • Act Both Inclusively and With Discretion

Don’t assume everyone you don’t know at the party isn’t down to blaze. You’ll miss out on building some great bridges this way! Extend an invitation to people you intuitively think might receive it, then go and smoke up in a discreet place to avoid unwanted attention and possible conflict.

How to Smoke Weed

Weed Etiquette at Concerts

You’re heading off to see one of your favourite bands, but does that mean you should bring along pocketfuls of weed? Discover the etiquette around using bud at festivals below.

  • Be Mindful

Are you in a small indoor venue or a massive outdoor arena? Clearly, you’ll have an easier time smoking in one of these places than the other. If you’re in a small indoor setting, pop outside quickly whenever you want to smoke. You should also know your crowd. You could easily end up in the middle of a cloud of smoke at a reggae concert, but are far less likely to at an Ariana Grande gig.

  • Pass With Care

You're moving to the syncopated rhythms. The weed and music are hitting well. All of a sudden, you’re feeling super generous. Before you start passing around that massive blunt, quickly assess your surroundings. Do things seem chill and communal or rowdy and hectic? Are you likely to get your blunt back, or will it disappear into the masses?

  • Beware of Security

Festival security guards are highly familiar with the smell of weed and the sight of people blazing it. However, don’t get too cocky. Respect these employees by at least stepping out of their field of vision before doing something that they might be expected to act upon.

Take Note of These Weed Smoking Tips

As a veteran smoker, you may already know these tips. But if you’re a rookie, a lot of this may be new information. But regardless of where you autumn, these dos and don’ts are always worth considering—and we all need a little reminder from time to time!

DisclaimerIt’s no secret that humans have a huge impact on the planet. While smoking cannabis often draws us closer to nature, it can also cause us to accidentally (or intentionally) contribute to this mess.

At Royal Queen Seeds, we encourage you to leave no trace. Whether you’re camping in the woods, chilling on the beach, or enjoying time at your local park, always take your rubbish home with you.

Also, consider fire risks; never flick burning ash onto areas of dry vegetation.

Stay Cultivated.

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