Greening out is a term that unfortunately is becoming more common these days. It is the body’s reaction to what is basically too much cannabis in your system. While it is physically impossible to fatally overdose on cannabis, it is possible to get sick from it.

Really sick.

There are several ways this can happen - including the accidental overconsumption of cannabis edibles. It also is known to happen when consuming too high a dose of concentrates or “dabs” of every kind. This includes hash, oil, wax, and shatter. Drinking alcohol before smoking can also potentially double the rate of THC absorption. Bad news? This effect can also occur when mixing alcoholic beverages and cannabis together.

Want a quick rule of thumb? The higher the THC concentration of the flower, concentrate, or edible, the greater the danger of experiencing unpleasant side-effects.

greenout symptoms cannabis edibles


The easy answer? Your body receives too much THC over a short period of time. THC activates CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout the body and brain via the endocannabinoid system. These receptors affect memory, concentration, coordination, appetite, and pleasure, among other functions. However, when these receptors receive too much THC at one time, other things start to happen.

Greenouts are basically the exact opposite of the perfect high. In other words, they can be extremely mentally and physically unpleasant.


There are several tell-tale signs of a greenout. The first is severe paranoia or anxiety. A lack of energy, enthusiasm, or mobility is another one. An extremely dry mouth and burning eyes are also signs. Shaking, sweating, chills, disorientation, and an upset stomach are additional indicators that you have overconsumed.


In the middle of what you think is probably a greenout? Don’t worry. Do not panic. That just makes things worse. These sensations will not last very long. They could go away in a couple of hours. Worst case? You might feel crappy for the next 24-48 hours. After that, you should bounce back, ship shape.

In the meantime, there are absolutely things you can do to make yourself feel better. The first one? Relax. Freaking is going to make things that much worse. Try meditation if you would like. If not, just go for a stroll outside. Shake your mind free of the drain it is encircling. Get up and move around.

The second? Take deep breaths. No matter where you are.

Ready to take the next step? Try to drink and eat something. Anything fruity is a good idea. This will hydrate you. It will also flood your body with vitamins and terpenes. You will immediately start to feel better. You can also try chewing a few black pepper kernels. Yes, this really does work.

If you have any handy CBD lying around, you might also try a little of this. CBD is known to ameliorate the effects of THC. Including during instances of overconsumption.

Make sure you also get lots of sleep.

If you continue to feel bad with symptoms that include a racing heartbeat or shortness of breath, go to a hospital. Oh, and be honest.

Avoid greening out meditation


The first, best way to prevent this response is to just not overdo it. It is definitely harder to “greenout” when just smoking regular old bud. Even the most highly concentrated strains of flower on the market don’t come close to the THC levels found in concentrates. That said, with the rise of edibles and dabs, it is easier to overconsume. Proceed slowly with all of these.

If you are a medical user, try to take a drug holiday for a week or two, if you are able. This helps to flush your system on a regular basis. Going to a sauna is one of the best ways to give your body a chance to sweat out its toxins. So is exercise.

Stay within consumption guidelines with all edibles. No matter how great they taste. And no matter how much you think they are “not working.”

While it can be fun to mix alcohol and weed, this is also a great way to get that greened-out feeling (which can manifest in something that feels like a hangover and depression). This can last for several days. If you are susceptible to these feelings, don’t mix the two.

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