When those cannabinoids surpass the blood-brain barrier, the munchies attack. Stuffing one's face with nachos and pizzas under marijuana intoxication is a common exercise. Many individuals with appetite problems can benefit from the munchies, like cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and individuals with eating disorders. However, munchies can also result in significant and undesired weight gain if left unchecked. If you’re at a point where enough is enough, you want to cut down on the munchies, but want to continue your getting-high endeavours, here are a couple of tips and tricks to get those munchie monsters off your mind.


The biggest problem with the munchies isn't necessarily eating too much, but eating too much junk. The best solution is to eat delicious foods that are good for you, like fruits, vegetables, maybe some granola and muesli. You can search the internet for healthy and delicious snacks that mums are obsessed with. Since marijuana can induce laziness, it’s best to prepare some food before getting high. Processed foods are usually the classic munchie because they’re readily available—ain’t nobody got time to cook up a delicious curry while baked, so prepare beforehand, eat healthier, and enjoy.

Eat Munchies Cannabis


When you get the munchies and your brain goes into scavenger mode, make the scavenge inconvenient. For example, if you're out on a hike with some friends and smoke some weed, you’re not going to raid your fridge because it’s nowhere around. Just don’t trespass into strangers’ apartments and raid their fridge—also, don’t eat some weird berries in the forest. If you’re home, put all the foods in the "munchie danger" category into some inconvenient place that your laziness during the high will say "this is not worth it, man". Unless you’re one of these overachievers who climbs buildings to get your munchies, then keep on reading.


Try to keep yourself busy with activities that you enjoy, and that don’t remind you of food. Read a book, do some yoga, meditate, breakdance, whatever you’re into. Marijuana can produce intense feelings of creativity, unlocking your artistic potential; therefore, you could do something like paint, draw, play music, etc. Just don’t paint your favourite donut as it might trigger your munchies, unless you have no talent and your donut just looks like a circle. In that case, don't stop, believe in yourself, and keep working on your art.

Creativity And Cannabis


Sometimes the munchies can be triggered by delicious flavours lingering in your mouth. If you’ve had a state-of-the-art cookie and got high, you’ll be constantly reminded of that cookie in your mouth, making you pursue more of it. Therefore, try brushing your teeth before getting high; it will keep your teeth fresh, give you nice breath, get rid of the cookie taste, and will make foods taste weird should you momentarily cave.


All strains have unique effects, with some inducing greater munchies than the others. Some blogs and articles claim that strains with elevated levels of CBD and THCV are good for preventing the munchies, however, on a scientific level, we still have a lot to discover. Just try a couple of strains and see if any particular variety cools down those munchies.

CBD Concentration


Sometimes we can mistake dehydration for hunger. A good idea is to drink a glass of water, wait a while, then see if you still want to chow down. Water fills you up for a short while, and many individuals trying to cut back on the amount they eat drink a big glass of water regularly before meals. The same logic can be applied to the munchies. Not to mention, staying hydrated after smoking marijuana is good for you anyway, especially during the hot, summer months.


Now that you have all the tools to fight those munchies, go out there into the marijuana-infused world and eat healthier. Remember to aim for a balanced relationship with food; we are being bombarded with commercials now that suggest all we should eat are ice cubes, and that food is an enemy of sorts to the human race. There’s no need to restrict yourself completely, although exercising moderation is key. So enjoy your high, your heightened senses, and some delicious sorbets and granola—just not too much.

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