94 Blogs about "Cannabis Strain Reviews and Features"

Dive into the most detailed weed strain reviews on the internet. We don’t skim over anything. Discover in-depth analyses of the strains you’re considering growing—you'll learn about everything from genetics and ancestry to flavour, effects, and key growing traits.

  • AMG (Amnesia Mac Ganja): Fuel Your Brain

    AMG was carefully crafted to produce a sativa high that shocks the system. Start your day with AMG and a cup of coffee to ensure you tick all of your goals off that list!

  • Special Kush 1: A Special Indica Indeed

    Do you prefer the stoning body high of indica strains? Do you appreciate the sensory experience that only Kush terpenes can offer? If so, look no further than Special Kush #1!

  • Easy Bud: Start Growing Cannabis The Easy Way

    If you're a casual grower looking for a strain that can withstand the elements, grower error, and so much more, we can't think of an easier bud than, well, Easy Bud. It offers a wave of relaxation ...

  • Quick One: First At The Finish Line

    Quick One carries the legacy of Lowryder to new heights. Find out more about this speedy cannabis cultivar, including its genetics, effects, aromas, and how to grow it indoors and out!

  • Honey Cream: Sweet In Every Way

    Honey Cream is a complex blend of reputable strains—namely, BlueBlack, Maple Leaf Indica, and White Rhino. In Spain, where it was first grown, people have embraced Honey Cream with open arms, but t ...

  • Royal Dwarf: Compact But Mighty

    Small. Fast. Discreet. These words sum up Royal Dwarf to a tee. Whether you’re a beginner grower or you are simply looking for a speedy growing cycle, Royal Dwarf hits the mark. She’s also perfect ...

  • Lemon Shining Silver Haze: A Sativa That Never Sleeps

    Lemon Shining Silver Haze ticks all the sativa boxes. She provides a motivating high, complex tastes, and great yields indoors and outdoors.

  • Mother Gorilla Cannabis Seeds Review

    Royal Madre was great. Mother Gorilla is better. Meet this improved version of one of our classics. Enjoy her improved THC production, mesmerising terps, and improved productivity—a natural evoluti ...

  • Kali Dog — Bold, Strong, And Stimulating Cannabis

    Kali Dog by RQS may not be a strain for the inexperienced smoker, but for those who love their cannabis strong, this hybrid will be right up your alley! Get ready for a bold smoke with a powerful, ...

  • Royal Domina: A Hard-Hitting Indica Fit For Royalty

    Royal Domina is an exotic indica variety that boasts a fantastic aroma and a knockout stone. Keep reading to learn all there is to know about this strain, including what to expect in the grow room. ...

  • Chocolate Haze: Experience The Sweet Life

    Chocolate Haze won't disappoint. This cerebral sativa cultivar delivers flavours of chocolate with every hit. She's an ideal strain to smoke when seeking some motivation to get stuff done.

  • Bubble Kush: Carrying On A Sweet Cannabis Legacy

    Bubble Kush, a descendant of the famous Bubba Kush, delivers a quality smoking experience sure to earn its place amongst your favourites. Learn all about Bubble Kush, as well as its automatic varia ...

  • Candy Kush Express Feminized Cannabis Seeds

    Indica or sativa? When it comes to cannabis, some people are purists. However, with the increased availability and quality of hybrids, now is a good time to branch out and try new things. One of th ...

  • Dance World Medical Cannabis Seeds

    Dance World is a great strain for cannabis users seeking high levels of both THC and CBD; she strikes the balance perfectly. This strain delivers a gentle psychoactive effect and mouth-watering tas ...

  • Royal Jack Automatic: Legendary Sativa Turned Auto

    Royal Jack Automatic is a simple and forgiving cultivar to grow. Its small height enables growers to raise it indoors and outdoors without drawing unwanted attention.

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