Blue Cheese is known within the cannabis community for having an exceptional flavor. In fact, the flavor of Cheese is so intense that it took two of the most powerful strains of Blueberry to match the flavor provided by the legendary Cheese.

When Cheese and Blueberry are combined, the union of these two powerhouses is something truly special. People often refer to the combination of Cheese and Blueberry as the ultimate hybrid, a name that it richly deserves and constantly lives up to. When the two strains were originally crossed, the resulting strain was backcrossed with Cheese. This was done in an effort to make the strain more genetically stable and to fine tune its effect and taste.

Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds

The length of time that is usually required for a Blue Cheese plant to finish its flowering period is roughly two months. However, several weeks following the beginning of the flowering, you will start to smell the fruity aroma. As days and weeks go by and the plant continues to mature, this aroma will only continue to develop and become even more intense. The vast majority of Blue Cheese plants will grow anywhere from 80 to 140 centimeters tall. If you decide to grow your plant outside, you can expect it to grow slightly taller than this. Towards the end of September is when you will finally be able to reap your harvest and experience the bountiful flavor of Blue Cheese for yourself.

Cannabis growers who have more experience with similar strains will discover their yields from Blue Cheese plants will be more than satisfactory. The average yield is around 500 to 600 grams per square meter. As extraordinary a strain as Blue Cheese is, it does have one negative aspect to it that you need to take into consideration before you decide to start growing it. The plants will contain a leaf-to-flower ratio that is a little more than similar strains.

This basically means that the plant will require more effort to trim. Therefore, people who are looking for a strain of cannabis that produces plants that are very low maintenance may need to choose a different strain. If you do not mind a little extra effort, your work will pay off in the long run with the production of some of the best herb you have ever tasted. Various sea of green techniques have proven to be effective when used with Blue Cheese. This strain also grows well when both soil and hydroponic based methods are used. Blue Cheese should only be grown indoors, unless you happen to live in a warm climate.

Blue Cheese Cannabis Strains

If you want to find out what the flavor of Blue Cheese is like before you buy the seeds, it is not that difficult to imagine. The flavor is the perfect combination of Cheese and Blueberry, the two parent strains. Those people who have enjoyed the powerful Cheese flavor and Blueberry's sweet taste will have some idea of the Blue Cheese taste experience that awaits them. The buds that will eventually grow on your Blue Cheese plant will be very dense. If you know what you are doing and you grow this strain correctly, these buds will have trichomes layered thickly on the outside of them. If you have enjoyed either Blueberry or Cheese in the past, Blue Cheese is a strain you simply must try at least once.

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Blue Cheese was created by crossing the world famous and much loved Cheese, originally from the UK, with the very tasty and equally famous Blueberry. This strain is packed with intense flavour and an intense effect.


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