I, for one, was glad to see the folks at Royal Queen Seeds recognized this, too. In response to this desire for a faster turnaround, they have managed to shorten that wait time considerably for this highly anticipated cannabis strain. The company accomplished this by crossing Amnesia Haze, of Amsterdam fame, with a Skunk variety, and then included some of their auto flowering specimens in the mix.

The Amnesia Haze – listed as one of Royal Queen Seeds’ top 10 best feminized marijuana strains – was born in Holland, when an American expatriate decided to combine existing hybrids that had cropped up for years with a male originating from classic haze seeds. The combination proved to be a crowd-pleaser in terms of the lengthy and body-relaxing buzz, but left those eager to sample waiting through four months of growing and another couple of weeks of drying time before spinning up their first joint.

Royal Haze auto buds

But never fear; Royal Queen Seeds, which boasts selections that include winners of the Highlife Cup and High Times Cannabis Cup awards, knew how to address this issue. By combining this popular but slow-to-grow strain with assortments that grow to maturity much sooner, what this kind seed company ended up creating was an auto flowering type of weed that tastes and smokes like a regular haze, but one that can be harvested in just 10 or 12 weeks.

In short, it will take far less time from the moment you receive your seeds until the day you can literally put that in your pipe and smoke it. For those of us like me, who lack a green thumb but still a love nice, effective weed with a fresh flavor, this is great news!

Even better, with a growth of between 60 and 100 centimeters, Royal Haze Automatic can be developed in much smaller spaces than a standard haze variety, an awesomely important detail for those of us who have limited room to cultivate. And like the old saying goes, good things come in small packages! One of these plants can produce as much as 180 grams of processed, dried buds ripe for a leisurely experience that will leave you hanging onto the grass to keep from floating off the Earth in a cloud of aromatic smoke. If that doesn’t totally remove the bummer factor from this cannabis-centered equation, I don’t know what does.

Royal Haze auto bud

Being new to the ganja-growing scene, I’m pretty excited about this specific member of the royal family, for sure. It’s one thing to obtain a little smoke of unknown origin from some yahoo pedaling the green stuff in your community, but cultivating such a fine product with your own two hands is far more rewarding. Especially when you can taste the difference in quality between what you get from those folks and the cannabis you cared for and harvested yourself – and in half the time one might expect to wait for the fantastic effects of the haze types that we have all come to know and love.

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own chronic but felt intimidated by some of the processes, time and space necessary for a successful yield, I would suggest giving Royal Haze Automatic a try. Happy growing!

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