This plant descends from a complex mix of popular sativa and indica-type cannabis strains, but it's built a reputation of its own. If this weren't enough, it's an easy one to raise on your own. Since you probably have more pressing issues than becoming an expert horticulturalist, Euphoria can bring you relief without bringing extra headaches.

Euphoria CBD Marijuana Strains
Euphoria's immediate parentage includes Royal Medic, itself an exceptional medicinal strain, and Shark Shock. While Royal Medic is technically more of a sativa-type variety that normally is high in THC, this plant supplies even measures of THC and CBD and imparts this equilibrium to its offspring. Shark Shock, on the other hand, is a strong indica-type variety of cannabis, and it's genetics are obvious in Euphoria's short stature, quick growth period, and thick leaves. Shark Shock, I'll also mention, is a repeat winner in the High Times' Cannabis Cup competitions since its inception in the 1990s. The culmination of this DNA is a plant that's approximately 65% indica and can contain between 7% and 10% CBD with a THC level about one percentage point lower.

Tending Garden
Like both its parents, Euphoria isn't particular about growing conditions and is happy indoors as well as outdoors. When you plant it outside, expect plants that can attain as much as 150 centimeters or five feet in height. The good thing is that with their indica ancestry, they'll have stout stems that usually won't require extra support. Under these conditions, the harvest starts around early October. In an enclosed space, they'll sport a more condensed form of just one meter or not even three-and-a-half feet. In only two months from planting, count on your first buds. Indoors, thanks, in part, to Royal Queen's feminization process that allows only female flowers, a deluge of resin-encrusted blooms potentially totaling 500 grams, just over a pound, is coming your way with about 50 grams less from an outdoor crop. Once they're ready for consumption, in my opinion, use them with a vaporizer for the maximum medicinal effect.
Euphoria CBD Cannabis Strains
Sweet Relief
Marijuana includes two active ingredients that affect the mind. For medical purposes, CBD or cannabidiol is what's favored. This drug provides comfort from the pain connected with neuropathy, glacoma, or migraines, among others. It also has a sedating effect that assists with everything from insomnia to anxiety to nausea to muscle-restricting ailments like Parkinson's and Huntington's disease. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, though, can give Attention Deficit Disorder victims better concentration and focus. It also works as well as CBD at reviving food cravings. When the two are combined, as in the case of Euphoria, the results can help other conditions neither drug would be very beneficial for alone like social anxiety. This condition is very common and can be surprisingly debilitating. While CBD alone is a great anxiety reliever, it does nothing to boost anyone's interest in socializing. When THC is added in, it energizes the mind while canceling the drowsiness caused by CBD. In the end, you'll be ready to get out there and freely express yourself to others with no overwhelming sense of nervousness. I'd toss in that many social anxiety disorder sufferers have observed that strains like Euphoria often work when medications like SSRIs don't.
Euphoria CBD Cannabis Strains


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