Medical Mass is a new hybrid offered by Royal Queen Seeds. This particular strain is a combination of several different varieties. It brings together the best traits of Royal Highness, Royal Medic, and Dance World. When you look at the family tree of Medical Mass, you can see this plant has great genetics. Medical Mass is a low THC strain making it a better choice for patients seeking relief from any ailments or medical conditions they may be suffering from.

Specifically, Medical Mass is an excellent form of pain relief from conditions that include; Arthritis, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, glaucoma, anxiety, and nausea among others. Its combination of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica makes Medical Mass a great option for patients seeking relief from insomnia.

Medical Mass CBD Cannabis Seeds

This plant has a solid genetic background. Royal Medic and Royal Highness, two of its genetic components, are consistently rated with high reviews for their pain relieving abilities. The smoke with this reefer is a mellow, enjoyable high that you will want to savor. The flavor has been described as a unique combination of Kush and Coca-Cola with a nice earthy sweetness.

In addition to its sweet, fruity taste, Medical Mass also has a great smelling, complex aroma that is not overpowering or skunky which adds to the user's pleasant experience when smoking. Since it has a relatively low THC content at just 10% with an incredibly high CBD content of 11%, users are able to feel the effects of both a mental and physical high that is satisfying and relaxing. Patients will get plenty of enjoyment and relief out of these buds.

Medical Mass CBD Cannabis

This lady is a good choice for inexperienced growers and experts alike. This sturdy plant is easy to care for from seedling through harvest time. Medical Massallows patients to have unlimited access to pain relieving medical marijuana. Due to its relatively short height and compact, bushy structure as a mature plant, Medical Mass is an ideal choice for growing indoors or outdoors. She will consistently perform well and produce large harvests of gargantuan buds quickly even though she is on the smaller side. Supports are suggested to help keep her branches and buds sturdy under the weight of her large buds. Indoor growers can expect a height of 60-100 cm and a yield of 500-550 grams per square meter. This shorter mature height is a great choice for growers who are short on indoor space looking for a very manageable plant.

Medical Mass CBD Cannabis

Those growing outdoor plants can expect heights of 120-150 cm and yields up to 500-550 grams per plant dried. With outdoor heights reaching one and a half meters at most, Medical Mass is ideal for smaller gardens. Growers should note that Medical Mass is resistant to most pests and diseases, making her an excellent choice for indoor grow rooms or outdoor gardens, but keep an eye out for molds.

The flowering time of this strain is short. Buds are ready to be harvested in just seven to eight weeks. Growers outdoors can expect harvests near the end of September. To maximize the ratio of THC to CBD, you may want to wait to harvest the buds near the end of the flowering cycle. This will enable you to get the most potency out of the healing and pain relieving properties of Medical Mass. This plant is ideal for growers who are looking for a plant that gives them consistent access to pain relieving medical marijuana.

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Medical Mass is a new hybrid of Critical and Medical Madre. It's a predominantly indica strain with a lot to recommend it, and a solid genetic background that combines some of the best traits of Royal Highness, Royal Medic, and Critical Mass.


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