Cheese's reputation precedes it: it's often considered one of the best all around strains. Developed by Royal Dutch Genetics and originally bred in the UK, Cheese continues to dominate the UK grow scene, holding the spot of most popular. Cheese is so named for its odor-- it's similar to a pungent cheese, especially while it's growing. It doesn't taste like cheese, though; instead it has a pleasant, earthy flavor, said to stay in your mouth for hours.

Though it's a hybrid, coming from careful cultivation of rediscovered Skunk #1 by dedicated growers in London, Cheese is predominantly indica and the high from smoking it is pretty in line with a typical indica high. Most users report feeling relaxed, happy, and hungry. Some have said that Cheese doesn't cause couch lock, but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule-- the sedative effects of indica is more likely to win out. Cheese is more often described as a full body high coming in waves of relaxation, as opposed to a cerebral head high. Most smokers recommend it for relaxing at the end of the day, saying it's really not for daytime use. Due to its high THC content, normally around 18-20%, the high is extremely strong and long lasting. In spite of its indica dominance, the high from smoking Cheese is said to hit hard and fast. First time or inexperienced smokers should exercise caution to avoid dosing too high; if unprepared, the high THC content can lead to feelings of paranoia.

Medically, Cheese can be used to treat a couple different things. Because of its calming high, Cheese is good for sufferers of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD. Like most strains, Cheese is effective at relieving pain, making it a viable option for those with migraines. It's also a great choice for people afflicted with insomnia, as it is a strain that tends to knock people out. Many people report getting the munchies after smoking Cheese, so for people suffering from loss of appetite, Cheese can be a helpful strain.

Cheese does has some downfalls. Because it is so strong, some users report feeling dazed after smoking, with others reporting dizziness. If overdone, Cheese has been known to cause feelings of paranoia, and a few smokers have reported headaches. Strains with THC content as high as that of Cheese should be respected and dosed carefully.

For growers, Cheese is a popular if problematic strain. Its biggest downfall doubles as its most distinctive factor: the strong cheese odor. If grown indoors, a carbon filter is a necessity to help control the smell. Outside, the smell will alert anyone in the immediate radius. The plants grow to a pretty significant height of 1.5 m indoors, 2.5 m outdoors (4 to 8 feet), meaning they'll need a decent amount of space. Plants on average yield about 60 grams, but in certain climates, can give up to 600 grams. Cheese is ready to be harvested as early as 8 weeks after flowering; harvesting at this point will give the strongest flavor, but waiting another 2 weeks will result in a stronger, though less flavorful, smoke.

Overall, Cheese is a fantastic strain. It's popular worldwide for a reason, and has even won a Cannabis Cup. It holds an almost legendary status among smokers, and packs a huge punch. Perfect for when you want to melt into the couch.

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This cannabis plant stinks so much that a carbon filter is almost essential for indoors, while everyone in the immediate radius will smell it outside.

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