Cannabis for depression

Depression is a hard condition to deal with and there is no easy fix. Anecdotally, cannabis is said by many to have a positive effect on the condition - though, like other ways of dealing with depression, it is no quick fix. The evidence is certainly growing that cannabis can help, but be sure to do your research. Cannabis will only help relieve symptoms - depression is far too complicated to have it otherwise. Beating depression is about giving an overburdened mind time to relax and heal. For this reason, sativas and hybrids with sativa qualities are often preferred choices for stoners looking for relief.

Everyone has different needs, but here at Royal Queen Seeds, we have put together a list of 10 strains that have properties thought to help.


Jack Herer was such an iconic name in cannabis activism, he had strains named in his honour. Royal Jack is the outstanding sativa-dominant hybrid inspired by him. Its strong uplifting buzz is meant to symbolise the inexhaustible spirit with which Jack Herer had fought for cannabis legalisation. The spicy, peppery taste will carry you aloft to new highs. If you are feeling low, this has potential to energise you and lift your mood.


The strains of Pineapple and O.G Kush come together nicely in Pineapple Kush. The clue is in the name for its pineapple flavour. There are also subtle hints of caramel, butter and mint in its sweet taste. A mouth-watering sensory experience for such a relaxing high. This has been to known to lift moods to the point of giggling - most likely because of the high THC content. Let it bring a light relaxation to the body while the cerebral high carries you aloft.


The vivid colours of the dazzling aurora would be fantastic to see with some weed. Such a psychedelic sight was bound to get a strain named after it. Sure enough, Northern Lights is the name of a very popular indica strain. Indica is for staying 'in', sativa is for going out; that's how many like to think of them. Northern Lights will keep you in because your body will sink under the mellowing high. Banishing worrisome thoughts, this strain has been used to treat sleeplessness and chronic pain. This sweet, piney treat can also help relax the mind, giving it potential to ease anxiety.


The THC levels climb higher with Royal AK, sure to bring one powerful rush of euphoria. Hints of berry and diesel in its scent accompany a sweet sugary taste. This sativa-dominant hybrid combines the lasting body high of an indica with a strong sativa head high. Legend has it that upon its launch in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam, Royal AK put many smokers to sleep. One thing is for sure, the combination of physical relaxation with mental uplift is not to be missed.


Amnesia Haze is such a popular strain you're not likely to meet a stoner who hasn't heard of it. It's in virtually every Amsterdam coffeeshop. It has won first prize at the Cannabis Cup twice, bringing a shimmering high to your head. Some have reported watering mouths and eyes from the joy of its high. That could also be down to its intense citrus lemon flavour. Amnesia Haze should help boost you when you feel fatigued and banish stressful thoughts.

Royal Cookies COOKIES

Cookie strains are popular. Not just because their name suggests a perfect accompaniment for when the munchies hit; their levels of THC are potent, often reaching the twenties. Prepare for a commanding high which relaxes the body, eases pain and proves to be very stimulating. It stimulates your appetite as well as any creative activity you may enjoy. Help get yourself back to a good place by combining some fun activity with these thick, sweet, vividly green buds.


OG Kush goes back in the history of California's cannabis cultivation. This is one of the standout strains for California and for the world. Even seasoned stoners are blown away when they're hit by the powerful high of OG Kush. This indica-dominant hybrid is suited to relaxing happy highs or energetic uplifts. Such is the strength of its high, no doubt and an inheritance of its genetic heritage from the Kush region. This strain is anecdotally thought to relieve migraines and stress disorders.


Super Silver Haze and Blueberry have been combined into Haze Berry, a sativa-dominant hybrid. The very high THC levels from the Haze lineage are to be expected. The sweet berry taste and pungent aroma, a result of its berry properties. This would be a treat for sensory pleasure but has very good medical application. It can lift your mood like a rocket taking off, restoring energy when motivation is lost. It can also relieve the eye pressure and muscular tension so often associated with anxiety.


Royal Moby has high levels of THC and medium levels of CBD. The interaction between the anxiety-relieving CBD and the high-inducing THC is crucial to its impact. The stress relief qualities on offer here are unparalleled. Any combination of Haze and White Widow was bound to be strong. Each of those has an intense impact and they combine here for a whopping sativa head high. This sativa-dominant hybrid is recommended for seasoned smokers who feel a powerful high would help them.


The name Sour Diesel does accurately describe its aroma. While that might not sound pleasurable, it accompanies one of the most amazing highs you will ever feel. The Skunk heritage in this sativa has been known to push THC levels as high as the mid-20s. The ultimate relaxing and mind stimulating properties of Sour Diesel can one take a moment to ease their burden.

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