• Stress Killer Automatic CBD
  • Stress Killer Automatic CBD
  • Stress Killer Automatic CBD
  • Stress Killer Automatic CBD
  • Stress Killer Automatic CBD

Stress Killer Automatic CBD

Lemon Shining Silver Haze x Juanita La Lagrimosa

Stress Killer Auto are autoflowering cannabis seeds bred specifically to offer users a clear, functional, and focused high. By combining the genetics of Lemon Haze, Juanita la Lagrimosa, and ruderalis strains, we created a distinctly citrusy hybrid, able to produce generous yields.
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Stress Killer Auto Seeds Derive From Lemon Shining Silver Haze and Juanita la Lagrimosa

Stress Killer Auto seeds are your ticket to buds that combine the sharp lemon flavour and mentally uplifting high of Lemon Haze with the subtle tones and potent CBD content of the Juanita la Lagrimosa strain. By then crossing this further with a prime specimen of ruderalis we have created one of our clearest and most focusing strains to date. Suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors, Stress Killer Auto seeds represent an extremely versatile cannabis strain dominated by her sativa heritage.

Stress Killer Auto Seeds: Versatile Genetics Suited to All Environments

Indoors, plants of this strain usually grow to 90–140cm, going from seed to harvest in just under 11–12 weeks. At the end of this period, she is able to produce yields of up to 500g/m² depending on how she was grown. Outdoors, Stress Killer's cannabis seeds have the potential to go a little further, especially when grown in a warm, sunny climate. In this situation, she can reach heights varying between 110-160cm. She still takes just under 11 weeks to go from seed to harvest outdoors, and can produce up to 160g per plant for your time and effort. The Stress Killer bud produces a pungent lemon and haze aroma, with both her major parents having a dominant citrus flavour in their own right.

A Strain with a Euphoric Balance of Cannabinoids

As the name suggests, the effect she induces is great at easing the troubles and worries that may be playing on your mind, instead creating a clear and focusing high, drowning out the distraction and letting you get on with your day. The Stress Killer Auto strain serves up 11% THC combined with a high CBD content.

If you are looking for a light and citrusy herb to enjoy during the day, then the buds produced by Stress Killer Auto seeds are an excellent choice. They won’t weigh you down.

Stress Killer Automatic CBD data sheet
Strain Type: CBD
THC: 11%
CBD: High
Yield Indoor : 450 - 500 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 110 - 160 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 90 – 140 cm
Height Outdoor: 120 – 160 cm
Flowering time: 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest Month: 11 - 12 weeks after sprouting
Genetic Background: Lemon Shining Silver Haze x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis
Type: Sativa 60% Indica 30% Ruderalis 10%
Effect: Clear, Focus
Climate: Long Summers
Flavour: Citrus

    By M. S. on 10/Jul/2024 :

    Title : Stress Killer
    Comment : Gleich nach der 1. Ernte nachbestellt. Leichtes THC und hohes CBD sind unschlagbar!

    By J. O. on 10/Jul/2024 :

    Title : Relajante y creativa
    Comment : Una planta maravillosa con efectos relajantes, al tiempo que mantiene la mente despierta y aumenta mi creatividad. Volveré a comprarlas.

    By F. L. on 02/Jul/2024 :

    Title : Floa
    Comment : I am overwhelmed by the size of this plant. My automatic is already 190 cm tall, so I had to shape here into an "S" in my tent to even get it in. Advantage: Now she has five head buds. :D

    By T. T. on 02/Jul/2024 :

    Title : Wizards_420
    Comment : Eine bezaubernde Pflanze: Mit ihren 11 % THC und knapp 10 % CBD wird man von dieser Pflanze verzaubert. Sie ist sehr stark. Von drei Samen ist einer gestorben, weil er einen Genetikfehler hatte, aber die anderen zwei sind richtig schön fett und haben dicke Blüten. Klare Kaufempfehlung, einfach nur geil!

    By P. I. on 02/Jul/2024 :

    Title : Mr.Newby
    Comment : First of all, many thanks to ROYAL QUEEN SEEDS, a very, very good supplier, very reliable with excellent products! I have been diagnosed with cancer "urotelic carcinoma" G3, an aggressive cancer, 85% fatal. It is impossible to get cannabis in Germany. Sad. In the clinic, it was simply offered to me and I was delighted. Once out of the clinic, it was impossible to get any more cannabis without a lot of bureaucracy. Thank you very much R.Q.S. Now I'm going to try growing it. The seeds here are great. Growing fast.

    By B. W. on 21/Jun/2024 :

    Title : Berni
    Comment : Bin Anfänger aber die Pflanze wuchert wie verrückt und sieht auch sehr gesund aus. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.

    By M. M. on 04/Jun/2024 :

    Title : Wirklich schöne Blume ☺️
    Comment : Ich habe 3 von 3 Samen gekeimt und sie sind echt gut geworden sie haben beim mir jeweils 4 dicke colas bekommen und sehen sehr gesund aus zum Rest kann ich leider noch nichts sagen da sie erst in Blüte Woche 3 sind

    By A. W. on 04/Jun/2024 :

    Title : All Good!
    Comment : Seed germinated fast after 2 days. Growing strong and resistant. She’s in week 8 now and the first flowers are forming. Good for Beginners!

    By M. S. on 30/May/2024 :

    Title : Bulli
    Comment : Super gekeimt - wächst super indoor auf der Fensterbank

    By P. P. on 30/May/2024 :

    Title : P
    Comment : Germinated fast, grows really good and big. Survived really bad German weather. Looking forward to harvesting!

    By M. P. on 30/May/2024 :

    Title : Good stuff
    Comment : Finally got to smoke it after a 2-week cure. Love the balance of CBD and THC. I can actually smoke a whole joint of it and not be crazy! Growing it was great. Awesome citrusy smelling buds, big buds, fairly large auto plant. The buds on mine were not dense, so the dry weight was lower than it looked, but overall very glad I tried it. I just popped another three to try growing outside!

    By J. F. on 21/May/2024 :

    Title : NEW STRAIN
    Comment : Bought 3 seeds of Stress Killer Auto. All sprouted within 3 days.

    By C. R. on 16/May/2024 :

    Title : C
    Comment : very good quality, bought 2 seeds and both germinated perfectly and healthy. I can recommand it!!

    By S. P. on 09/May/2024 :

    Title : Sven
    Comment : Super schnelle und unkomplizierte Lieferung! Alle Samen sind gekeimt und wachsen prächtig! Immer gerne wieder

    By R. G. on 13/Apr/2024 :

    Title : amazing
    Comment : Amazing plant!

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From George Asfour | 2018-12-22 13:00:58

can i use these seeds in a Female Starters Kit ?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

Absolutely, you can use any strain in the Starter kit, the only difference between starter kits are the seeds included in the pack.

From Moritz | 2018-05-23 15:16:08

Bezieht sich die Angabe zum Ertrag auf das Frisch- oder Trockengewicht der Blüten?

Royal Queen Seeds Team

We are referring the dry weight.

From Veerle | 2017-11-10 18:54:48

It says CBD is high, which range of % is this? thank you

Royal Queen Seeds Team

In general CBD content can be up to 8%. We consider high Strains those that have between 5-8%.

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Cannabis seeds can be freely distributed within the EU under the principle of mutual recognition. However, it is your own responsibility to research your local laws and regulations before ordering.