Those who've ever found it frustrating or unrewarding have most likely felt that way due to improper preparation or lack of necessary equipment. Here at Royal Queen Seeds, we don't just help with all your cannabis seed needs, we are also here to give advice and information on how to get the most out of your growing experience, from germination to harvest. Below, we've compiled a list of everything you will need to get your grow op off to a healthy start.
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Every plant needs a healthy soil in which to lay its roots. The best soil for this is a Bio Grow soil with a Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium (NPK) mix of 12-14-24 (respectively) as this will ensure that your plant will get the proper amount of nutrients throughout its grow cycle. This soil should be used an an 11-litre pot for feminized auto-flowering plants and a 20-litre pot for feminized photo-period plants

Since growing outside can be quite risky, we'll assume you're growing inside and as such will need proper lighting for your plants. We recommend High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights for your grow op.
    1-4 plants = 250W
    4-9 plants = 400W
    9-16 plants = 600W

3-Air Filter Ventilation System w/Temp Metre
Temperatures can become increasingly high due to the lighting and electrical equipment being used. Having a proper ventilation system will ensure that stagnant or otherwise harmful air is transported away from the grow area while helping to keep temperatures in check.

4-Air fan
While any floor or oscillating fan will do, it is imperative to have an air fan in your grow room to circulate fresh air and assist the ventilation system in its job. It is important to remember that your plants are living, breathing, things and they need clean air just like we do.
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5- Heater
Just as grow rooms can become too hot due to the lighting and electrical equipment being used, so too can they become too cold by way of external temps. In this case, it is best to have a heater ready to ensure that your plants are comfortable and properly temperate no matter the season outside.

6-Grow Tent
Having a grow tent for your op is a huge benefit to the healthy growth of your plants. A grow tent will allow for a more sterile environment in which your plants can grow as well as one where all the necessary elements of growing can be properly monitored.

7-Seeds of Wonder
Ensuring that you have quality seeds is the first step to growing amazing cannabis. At Royal Queen Seeds, we offer potent, award winning strains like White Widow and Royal AK Automatic and much much more.

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