Perlite is often added to grow mediums when cultivating cannabis. It is an excellent addition to coco coir and improves the structure of organic soils. Perlite is neutral and will not alter nutrient EC or water pH. Many nurseries add perlite to soil to decrease overall weight, which makes handling potted plants easier. This is also an advantage for the cannabis grower who moves their plants to take advantage of lighting conditions.

Perlite Soil Cannabis Cultivation


Perlite is a soil conditioner and growing medium that isn’t made from pearls, but is very light. It occurs naturally as an amorphous volcanic glass with a relatively high water content. When this natural substance is heated to extremely high temperatures (850-900°C), it expands substantially to become the commercial product perlite. Commercial perlite is extremely white due to the reflectivity of the bubbles in its structure, which also make it very lightweight.

Perlite is available in three grades; fine, medium, and coarse, with the fine grade usually selected when growing cannabis. It is used as a soil or coco coir amendment that promotes proper drainage and air retention. Perlite is the perfect complement to coco coir, which can retain a lot of water. Perlite holds a film of air close to its surface and creates air pockets no matter how wet the growing medium is.

Perlite is a common soil amendment that helps stimulate marijuana growth. The increase in drainage helps prevent overwatering and nutrient buildup, while increasing root penetration and oxygen availability.

Perlite is suited perfectly for clones. New roots can penetrate the lightweight structure of perlite with little effort. Faster root growth means a quicker turnaround from cutting to growing plant. Perlite drains so well there is little chance of drowning your cuttings.

Types Of Soil Perlite Cannabis Cultivation


Of course!

Many commercially available growing mediums will already have perlite added. If not, you can add your own. It is common to add between 10-50% by volume of perlite.

Add up to 20% if you only intend to use small amounts of nutrients and additives. The perlite will help with water and nutrient retention.

Add up to 50% if you intend to use a lot of nutrients and supplements to help prevent nutrient buildup. Too many nutrients can cause lockout in the root zone. The perlite will ensure efficient drainage.

Perlite is available in smaller bags from any nursery or hardware store. If you intend to use a lot, contact the manufacturer and arrange for bulk buying. Bags are usually 100 litres and make you seem like a superhero when you handle them as they are so light.

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