For the cannabis growing enthusiast who has spent many weeks tending to their precious plant, nothing can come close to the joy of being rewarded with a big harvest of top grade buds. With trichomes sparkling in the light from resin and an intensive aroma in the air, there won’t be any doubt about the payoff of your hard work.

On the other hand, not all cannabis strains are equal when it comes to yield and production. If you want to max out your growing efforts, no matter whether you grow indoors or outdoors, here is a list of the top 10 most productive Royal Queen Seeds strains that you can grow.


royal moby1. ROYAL MOBY

Royal Moby is a Spanish classic. This is a remarkable Sativa that will grow to a height of 2 meters indoors. Outdoors she can reach 3 meters in optimal conditions. She will grow long, stretchy branches with an abundance of fat buds.

Due to her respectable size, Royal Moby will yield up to 75g per plant or 600g per square metre under a 600W light. If you want to grow her to her full potential, it’s best when you grow her outside in a sunny climate like in Spain or Italy. Don’t be surprised because this is where she may reward you with a whopping 1000g per plant!

You won’t see much about her Indica side when you grow Royal Moby, except when it comes to one of her best qualities: Her rather short flowering time of only 9-10 weeks. This makes her an excellent choice for cash croppers who want a first-grade Sativa with impressive yields but minus the long wait.

Royal Moby has one of the highest THC content among cannabis strains, which ensures an out-of-this-world high. With those fine qualities and her massive yields, Royal Moby deserves a spot in our top 10 production list!

skunk xl2. SKUNX XL

Skunk is a true classic with spectacularly good genes that you can find in most of today’s strains. Ever since the strain’s creation in the 70s, breeders have improved the original Skunk #1 and tirelessly worked on enhancing her taste and yields ever since. Skunk XL is no exception.

One of Skunk’s traits is how easy she is to grow. This great Skunk variety usually grows between 1-1.5m where she’ll grow one sizeable main cola. She’ll thrive in soil or hydro and doesn’t need much maintenance.

You can expect good yields of 65-75g per plant indoors or 600-650g per square metre when you grow Skunk XL under a 600W light. In optimal conditions outdoors she will reward you with up 600g per plant. While Skunk XL will do best in sunny climates like in Spain or Italy, she has a very short flowering time which makes her also suitable to grow in less than optimal climates like in the UK, although with less spectacular results.

Cannabis enthusiasts love Skunk XL not just because of her good yields and how easy she grows. She delights with an awesome fruity taste and gives a nice subtle stone.

critical3. CRITICAL

Critical has always been a top choice among those who want to see consistent results and who want to see them in a short time. This popular strain combines many different qualities like her excellent taste, extra-ordinary yields, robustness and strength into one reliable plant.

What makes Critical so well liked among those who look for maximum production and yield is that she doesn’t really compromise anything. She will give you massive yield in a super-short flowering period along with a fantastic smoke experience.

Expect yields of about 65-75g per plant or 600g per square metre under a 600W light and be amazed how she does it in a short 7 weeks. With such a short flowering time, Critical is the ideal plant for anyone who grows under a tight schedule or for those who simply don’t like to wait.

bubble kush4. BUBBLE KUSH

Royal Queen Seeds did a fantastic job bringing together two of the most powerful strains, a classic OG Kush and the awesome-tasting Bubble Gum. The result is a spectacular 80% Indica that impresses with a whopping 19% THC content and an amazing bubble gum flavour.

Combining these two powerhouses of strains means that you can expect some awesome yields, and this is where Bubble Kush more than delivers. She grows to a height of 80-140cm indoors and can bring a staggering 550-600g per plant on the table. Outdoors, she can reach a height of up to 200cm where she’ll yield up to 650g if you let her.

royal Critical FMBubble Kush is a great strain if you want a cerebral and uplifting high where you can simply sit back and relax. Her great bubble gum taste adds to an already awesome smoking experience.


royal cheese auto5. ROYAL CHEESE AUTO

Royal Cheese is one of the most popular autoflowering strains and not without several good reasons. Cannabis enthusiasts love the excellent and very strong cheesy flavour of Royal Cheese Auto, which makes her stand out among other strains. She is very easy to grow as well and delights with a short life cycle of only 10 weeks from seed to harvest, in which she’ll spend 7 weeks in bloom.

Royal Cheese will stay a manageable 100cm although some plants may grow taller and others a little shorter. She will reward with respectable yields up to 160g per plant on average and 210g in optimal conditions

With her great cheesy taste and a strong effect that is very relaxing, Royal Cheese is an excellent choice for anyone who wants an easy growing autoflower that won’t disappoint.

white widow auto6. WHITE WIDOW AUTO

Like her big regular sister, White Widow Auto grows wide and dark green leaves, that are coated with tons of glistening resin. Growers will love, that she will do this in a short 75 days from seed to harvest.

White Widow Auto may grow to an unassuming height of around 50 cm with some plants reaching 100 cm. This makes White Widow Auto an ideal strain if you want a plant to grow where space is limited or for stealth grows. Where she shines, despite her size, is with some good yields for an autoflower. You can expect 190 to 240 grams per plant.

When smoked, you will notice a pleasant sweet and sour taste with nicely complementing citrus notes on top of it. Her effect is similar to the original White Widow but with a slightly more physical stone.

northern light auto7. NORTHERN LIGHT AUTO

This Indica-dominant strain has become extremely popular since her first appearance back in the 1970s. Like other classic famous strains, breeders have improved Northern Lights over time. This variety is a great example where the best of old genetics is kept and blended with new qualities.

Northern Light Automatic is one of those strains that you can grow almost everywhere. She will do fine in almost any climate, and she won’t have troubles grown indoors or outdoors. What makes Northern Light Auto unique is that she will start flowering very quickly. Despite the easiness to grow her, Northern Light Automatic is one of the best yielding autoflowering strains that is available today, and she’ll do it in a short 9-10 weeks.

She will grow to about 90-120 cm, somewhat taller than many other autoflowers, but this is one reason why she excels when it comes to yields. In optimal conditions outdoors she can produce up to 200g, although most growers will likely see around 90g per plant when they grow her indoors.

Northern Lights Automatic delights with a nice sweet taste and a high that is equally pleasant and very relaxing.

royal ak auto8. ROYAL AK AUTO

AK-47 is a classic strain that combines the goods of Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani genetics. She is extremely popular not just because of her excellent yields but also because of her potency and heavy-hitting effect.

Royal AK Auto can reach up to 100cm which makes her a good strain for those locations where space is somewhat limited. Give her some nutrients and plenty of light, and she will be producing a ton of resin-covered buds rewarding you with a staggering 160g per plant in a short 9-10 weeks.

white widow skusha de luxeThe aroma of Royal AK Auto is deep and musky and pleasantly sweet, very much like incense. She will give a very uplifting and happy high with just a hint of a subtle body stone.


medical mass9. MEDICAL MASS

Medical Mass is a perfect cannabis strain for those medical cannabis users who want a manageable and easy-to-grow plant. This cross between the popular Royal Medic and Royal Highness ensures a potent strain that’s perfect for treating chronic pains and other conditions without the psychoactive effects of THC.

When you grow her, you can expect 500-550g per square meter indoors. Outdoors, in ideal conditions, she can yield about 500-550g per plant. Her rather short flowering time of only 7-8 weeks is another plus for the grower. No matter how and where you grow Medical Mass, her growing vigour will ensure some excellent yields.

Medical Mass delights with a complex and very rich flavour that combines sweet notes with flowery tones. She’s a good example for that growing a top grade CBD strain doesn’t mean having to accept any compromises.

royal highness10. ROYAL HIGHNESS

Royal Highness is a medicinal cannabis strain with a nice balance of THC and CBD. The cross between a Respect and a Dance Hall doesn’t come with a strong, overpowering effect as some strains that are higher in THC content. This makes Royal Highness an excellent strain for medicinal cannabis users that want a clear and active high for treating various conditions from chronic pains to anxiety, inflammation or stress.

Royal Highness will grow to a very manageable 80 to 110 cm which makes her ideal for almost any type of growing environment. You can expect harvesting 425-475g of medicine per plant in a rather short 8 to 9 weeks.

The aroma of Royal Highness is a mix of haze, skunk, and fruit and when you smoke her, you can enjoy a very smooth and sweet taste with a slight note of skunk.



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