Are you thinking of switching from smoking cannabis to vaporizing? If so, you’ve made a good choice. Vaporizing weed is not only better for your health—as vapor does not contain the harmful byproducts that you get when smoking marijuana—it can also up your public consumption game quite a bit. Vaporizing is more discreet and less “dank-smelling”, so you can blaze stealthily without drawing too much attention.

On the other hand, choosing your perfect vaporizer can be quite challenging. Not that there aren’t enough vaporizers to choose from out there. In fact, just the opposite is the case, which doesn’t exactly help matters either. Today, budding weed-vaping enthusiasts can choose from an overwhelming selection of vapes, so many that their heads might spin even without herbal assistance. So, how do you choose the right vaporizer? Here are the things that you should consider before you buy.


Some vaporizers are only good for vaping buds, and that’s okay if that’s all you want. There are also vapes for concentrates, and those that allow you to vaporize both. As such, before you decide on a vaporizer, the first thing that you should decide is what you want to vape.

Vaporizers that allow you to vape both dry herbs and concentrates can be a better investment than those without this feature. These models often contain additional heating chambers that you can exchange to vape flowers or concentrates, which often also results in a higher price tag. Still, it’s usually better to choose a vape that will last, rather than getting carried away by prices that seem too good to be true, or models with super-snazzy features. It is always beneficial if your vape doesn't limit what you can vaporize with it, so keep this in mind.

Vaporizers from Royal Queen Seeds


The money that you can (or want to) spend on your vaporizer is another big factor. You can easily get elaborate vapes today that may set you back several hundred dollars, but then you can also find simple, low-cost, battery-operated pen vapes for under €50.

Regardless of your budget, it will be immensely helpful if you read reviews on your vape before you get it. And don’t just go by one review, but check out several to get an idea of what you can expect. Although you may well find a decent and affordable vape, the old rule of “you get what you pay for” will usually apply. Chances are, if you get a “cheap” vape, it may disappoint you in the long-run.


The decision of whether to buy a portable vaporizer or a desktop unit will depend on a number of variables. If you want a vape that you can easily take with you when you travel, go to festivals, etc., then you obviously want to look into a portable vape.

On the other hand, if you are one of those folks who enjoys their herbs mostly at home, you can also look into a desktop unit. Desktop vaporizers have the advantage of delivering a stronger draw than portable vapes. High-quality desktop vaporizers can also last for many years, which isn’t necessarily the case for a lot of cheap, portable types.

Portable or Desktop Vaporizers


There are two ways vaporizers can heat your herbs: by using convection heat, or conduction. Opinions on which type of heating is “better” differs among people because each type has its pros and cons.


Most lower-priced vaporizers use conduction heat. This is where the heating element touches your herb directly. Because of that, your bud can sometimes get brown when vaping, and some poorly designed devices may even burn it. As such, some think of conduction heat as a sort of “hybrid” between vaping and smoking, and not as “true” vaporizing. Then there are those who swear that they get a richer flavour with conduction heating; but of course, this is a matter of taste.


More expensive vapes often use convection heat, where they force hot air around your herb instead. Since no heating element is touching the material, and therefore possibly burning your herb, convection vapes create a much smoother vape. The flavour is usually milder, but then you can also inhale deeper with less irritation and coughing.

So, which one is better, conduction or convection? This is something that only you can decide for yourself. Do you think the slightly richer flavour of conduction vapes is more up your alley? Or would you rather enjoy the smoothest possible vape? In the latter case, a convection vape may be what you want; otherwise, a conduction vaporizer could do. If you can, you should first try out both types to see what you prefer.

Convection, Conduction


Most affordable pen-style vaporizers these days come with preset temperature ranges that you can select with buttons. They don’t provide a way to fine-tune vaping temperatures, but instead offer simplified temperature settings such as low, medium, and high. For the average user, this may be all that’s needed.

On the other hand, if you have more control over temperature, this can give you more flexibility for an overall better experience. Some extracts may also require particularly high temperatures so you can take advantage of their full effect and aroma. And then there are those herbal materials that need especially low vaporizing temperatures that your average vape pen doesn’t offer.


Here are the most common types of vaporizers that are available today. Each of them has their own use cases and pros and cons.


Pen vapes are the most affordable vaporizers, and they are normally pretty simple and straightforward in design. They have the shape of a very large pen or oversized cigar and usually consist of a rechargeable battery and a heating unit. They are easy to use and often only have one button to turn them on and off, and where you can select from preset heating levels.

While pen vapes do not cost as much compared to other vapes, they are often quite weak. This makes most of them less ideal for vaping dry buds since they just don’t have the power to vaporize them properly. This can be a let-down for those new to vaping when they find that the vape from these cheap pens doesn’t have much aroma and feels “empty”.

Then again, vape pens can work alright for oils and concentrates. With a dab tool, you can place a drop of concentrate onto the coil of more elaborate pen vapes.

If you want a decent and affordable vape pen, check out the Storm Vaporizer Pen. It is one of the best vape pens out there, and doesn't have many of the disadvantages of other pen-style vapes.

Storm Vaporizer and Vapcap


Handheld vapes such as the Boundless CF or the Mighty offer the portability and ease of pen vapes, but are a lot more powerful. They normally operate with several stronger rechargeable batteries for a richer and more flavourful smoke. You can also find some handheld vaporizers that do not use batteries at all, but which you’ll need to heat with a butane lighter.

The PAX 3 is another handheld vape that is immensely popular. The PAX 3 comes with a concentrate insert so you can use it for dried herbs and concentrates. As you’d expect from a portable vape, the PAX 3 features convenient built-in presets for vaping temperatures. But it also allows you to fine-tune its temperatures so you have full control, among other useful features.

Handheld Vaporizer


If you enjoy your medicine mostly at home and don’t have the need to take a vaporizer with you at all times, consider a desktop vaporizer. They are not cheap, but their performance and build quality can make a desktop vaporizer a good investment.

One of the most popular desktop vaporizers is the legendary Volcano by Storz & Bickel. This high-quality vaporizer is indeed so popular that you can find it in many Dutch coffeeshops, and on the coffee tables of many medicinal cannabis users. You can use the Volcano for dried herbs and concentrates.

The Extreme by Arizer is another good desktop vaporizer that uses a similar balloon system like the Volcano. Compared to the Volcano though, the Arizer Extreme doesn’t use a mesh metal disk for concentrates, but a nail just as with a dab rig, which is definitely a great option to have.

Volcano Hybrid


If you’re shopping for a vaporizer, don’t just look at the price to make your decision. These days, the market is flooded with cheap pen vapes, often manufactured overseas. These are likely to cause you more trouble than they’re worth. With cheap no-name vapes from questionable sources, there is also the risk that the materials the vape is made of may not be safe. Some types of plastics can give off harmful chemicals when exposed to heat. The same is true for certain metals. So keep this in mind if you come across a deal that seems too good to be true.

When you buy a vaporizer, make sure that your model is made by a trusted brand. Not only will this help ensure that you don’t get anything unhealthy into your body, it also usually means that the product comes with some kind of warranty, allowing for more peace of mind.


You won’t find “the perfect” vaporizer that fulfills everyone’s desires equally. Everyone is different, which means that only you can decide which vaporizer will best suit your needs. Before you buy, take some time to do research so you can narrow down your choices, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It may take some time to find your perfect vaporizer, but rest assured that this time is well spent.

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