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What do you look for in a vaporizer? Some shoppers spend hours combing through specific characteristics before taking the dive. Others, however, are more easily swayed in far less time by brand name alone. While we recommend learning everything about a vape before making a purchase, we agree that brand name often speaks for itself. Take Storz & Bickel, for example. While smartphones have Samsung and Apple, speakers have Bose and Sony, and cars have Lamborghini, vaporizers have Storz & Bickel. All of these powerhouse companies have one thing in common: They’ve created pioneering and innovative products that have influenced entire markets.

Crafty +

If you’ve ever shopped around for vaporizers before, you’ve no doubt come across the name Storz and Bickel. Famous for bringing the Volcano Hybrid to the market (arguably the most party-friendly vape of all time), this company has developed an entire range of truly fantastic handheld and desktop devices. Leveraging over two decades of experience, the company prides itself on excellent build quality, innovative models, and user-friendly devices that boast longevity. Now, you’re about to get to know one of the superstars of their line-up: The Crafty+ dry herb vaporizer

The Crafty+ recently emerged as the new and improved version of the older Crafty model. Known for its sleek aesthetics, large temperature range, and efficient portability, the original device made huge waves in the world of vapes. However, the Crafty+ offers all of the best features of the original alongside upgrades that make it one of the best vaporizers on the market. Learn all about the Crafty+ below.

56_1 Heat Conduction & Convection
57_2 Size 11 x 5,7 x 3,3 cm
58_3 Weight 135 gr
59_4 Temperature 40ºC - 210ºC / 104ºF - 410ºF
60_5 Heat Up Time 60 sec
61_6 Chamber Size 0,25 gr
62_7 Control type Digital
63_8 Used With Dry Herbs


How To Use the Crafty Plus Vaporizer

A fast heat up-time. Bluetooth compatibility. Hybrid heating. The Crafty+ offers a long list of benefits. But before we get into all of the impressive traits that this device possesses, find out exactly how to use it in this step by step process:

Step 1: Load the bowl

The Crafty Plus vaporizer features a ceramic oven with a capacity of 0.25g. You can go about loading it in one of two ways after removing the screw-off cooling unit from the top of the device. Method one involves grinding up your bud and placing it directly into the oven. Method two involves packing one of the dosage pods provided; simply pack it with ground bud and slot it into the oven. Once packed, reattached the cooling unit.

Step 2: Power up

Press the orange power button situated at the bottom of the back of the device. The LED light along the bottom will glow red while the device heats up to the pre-set temperature of 180°C. Once reached, the LED will start to glow green.

Step 3: Fire up the app

Unlike many vapes out there, the Crafty+ doesn’t have a display. Instead, you can use Bluetooth to connect to an app (more about that later) to get a visual of your settings. Using the app, you can easily select any temperature between 40–210°C.

Step 4: Boost and superboost

If you don’t have time to get the app up, or simply don’t want to use it, then you can take advantage of the Crafty Plus’ boost settings. Hit the power button twice to nudge the temperature up to 195°C. Hit it three times to activate triple boost and send temps soaring to 210°C to clear your bowl at the end of each session.

Temperature settings

As you’ve just seen, the Crafty+ vaporizer offers a wide range of temperature settings. If you’ve looking to simply feel the effects of THC (or CBD) without making too much fuss, then the default, boost, and superboost settings will take care of things for you during each session. However, if you’re a bit of a cannabis connoisseur and like to take full control of your sessions, the Storz & Bickel app offers so much more than the in-built settings. Use this platform to tinker the temperature to increments of 1°C to target the particular cannabinoids and terpenes that you want to experience and taste.

Heating system and heat-up time

As well as boasting superb portability, the Crafty Plus vaporizer only takes 50–60 seconds to heat up (depending on the selected temperature). An efficient hybrid heating system underpins this speedy heat-up time. A conduction element helps to vaporize cannabis constituents near the walls of the oven, whereas a convection element sends hot air through ground herb to ensure as few cannabinoids and terpenes as possible are left behind.

Vape quality

The Crafty+ vaporizer produces thick, smooth, and cool vapour. The cooling unit situated above the oven on the top of the device features a winding air path that gives hot vapour time to cool down. The result? Buttery-thick plumes of vapour that rarely irritates the throat and lungs.


The Crafty+ vaporizer features an internal 2800mAh battery that packs some serious juice. The battery takes between 1–2 hours to charge via USB-C. Once full, it’ll last you between 6–9 sessions—more than enough to keep you covered for day trips.


You can use the Storz and Bickel app alongside your Crafty Plus Vaporizer for much more than temperature settings. Once connected via Bluetooth, you can use your smartphone to turn your vape on from a distance and initiate heating. You can also set personalised alarm tones, extend the automatic shutoff time, and use the app to locate your vape if you ever misplace it. Currently, the app only works with Android devices.

Build quality and materials

The Crafty+ features a body made from sturdy plastic. As well as serving as a protective shell, the body features curved ridges that provide ample grip. The box-like shape of the device makes it fit snugly and securely into the palm of the hand. With a weight of only 135g, you can place your Crafty+ into your hiking backpack or work bag without noticing any difference in weight at all—now that’s portability.

Crafty +

How To Clean the Crafty+ Vaporizer

Thoroughly cleaning your vape every ten sessions will help to extend its lifespan and also purge away any residue that will spoil the taste of your terps. Thanks to the clever design, only two pieces of the device gather residue and require cleaning. Use the easy steps below to keep your Crafty+ vaporizer squeaky clean.

Before we get into the steps, gather these supplies:

  • Cotton swab
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Storz & Bickel cleaning brush
  • Toothpick

Right, let’s get down to business:

  1. Dip a cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the inside of the oven. Leave the oven open for a few minutes to let the alcohol evaporate. Then, replace the cooling unit and run your device through two heating cycles.
  2. To clean the cooling unit, begin by sliding the logo towards the mouthpiece to unlock the two parts. Then, gently pull off the mouthpiece.
  3. Next, insert a toothpick into the top of the oven to dislodge the screen.
  4. Place all of these components into a small bowl and submerge with isopropyl alcohol. Let them sit for around 30 minutes.
  5. After this time, simply rinse and dry each piece.
  6. Between each session, use the Storz & Bickel brush that comes in the box to clean out the oven to prevent excess residue build-up.

Accessories for the Crafty Plus Vaporizer

There are a host of accessories you can use alongside your Crafty+ vaporizer to optimise the experience. Several of these come in the box:

1 × USB-C cable

3 × base seal ring, small

3 × normal screen, small

3 × coarse screen, small

1 × dosing capsule

1 × cleaning brush

User manual

Storz and Bickel also provide additional accessories online, including:

Additional dosing capsules

Herb mill

Extra cleaning brushes

Capsule caddy

Dosing capsule magazines

Dose capsule filling set

Filling chamber tools

Filing aid

Crafty vs Crafty+

As you can tell, the Crafty+ offers a long list of impressive traits. But how exactly does it differ from its predecessor? Check out the main differences:

  • Heat-up time: The original Crafty takes up to 120 seconds to heat up, compared to the Crafty Plus’ maximum heat-up time of 60 seconds.
  • Battery life: The original crafty has a battery life of 3–4 sessions. The battery in the Crafty+ lasts up to 9 sessions.
  • Charging time: It takes a solid 2 hours to charge the original, whereas the Crafty+ will finish charging between 1–2 hours.
Crafty +

The Crafty+ Vaporizer Review: Portable, Reliable, and Compatible

Has the Crafty+ won a well-deserved place in your vaporizer cabinet? If so, you’re not alone! Many cannabis users opt for the Crafty+ as their go-to vape both at home and when on the go. The lightweight body and relatively small size make it perfect for day trips out in nature and the long battery life will see you through several sessions. The ability to switch between the default settings using the device controls and the in-depth settings using the app makes using the Crafty+ a flexible experience. On top of all of this, her vape quality makes her really stand out. Her thick plumes of vapour, made smooth by the cooling unit, are hard to replicate elsewhere.

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