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I write about: Cannabis growing, cannabinoids, terpenes, lifestyle

RQS writers specialise in cannabis science, cultivation techniques, culture, history, cannabis phytochemistry, and news.

“We’ve only scratched the surface of cannabis research—the best is still to come”.

At the forefront of cannabis breeding, growing, and harvesting, RQS has been writing about all things marijuana since the company began in 2007. Whether it’s a detailed breakdown of tried and tested growing techniques or exploring new and exciting methods, RQS works tirelessly to bring you the most up-to-date knowledge.

Alongside an emerging podcast series, RQS presents content in a simple to read, enjoyable format, relentlessly pursuing information on cannabinoids, terpenes, genetics, lifestyle, cannabis 101, and the latest news to make them one of the best cannabis-based resources available. Combine their passion with an expert team of dedicated breeders, and the result is a drive to keep on learning, keep on exploring, and keep on growing, no matter the topic.

RQS’s latest posts

  • How to Make Cannabis-Infused Banana Bread

    Nothing tastes better than homemade, warm banana bread straight from the oven. That is until you have a slice of cannabis-infused banana bread! This simple recipe will make perfect use of your cann ...

  • How to Make Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

    In this article, explore the pros and cons of different fats for cannabis infusions, and discover how to make your own cannabis-infused olive oil at home. Not only is it a great addition to lots of ...

  • The Legal Status of Cannabis in South Africa

    South Africa is one of the newest countries set to legalize cannabis possession and cultivation. But is it all good news? Here we delve into the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, and see what imp ...

  • Orion F1: RQS Strain Of The Year 2023

    Want to discover the best cannabis strain of 2023? This year, the honour goes to none other than the exceptional Orion F1. As a standout variety boasting impressive speed alongside unmatched produc ...

  • How Long Is the Cannabis Flowering Stage?

    Every cannabis grower knows how important the flowering stage is. Over a matter of weeks, plants become covered in dense buds. But how long does weed actually take to flower? And does it vary accor ...

  • Synthetic Cannabinoids: The Dangers of K2 and Spice

    The dangers of using synthetic cannabinoids like K2 and Spice are known to many—but just how threatening are these substances, really? It turns out, very. Follow along as we detail the health risks ...

  • 10 Cannabis World Records You Won’t Believe

    The cannabis community is vast and filled with innovative, inspired smokers and growers. As a result, there are some truly amazing cannabis world records that are bound to impress any stoner. Witho ...

  • How to Micro Grow Cannabis in a Computer Tower

    So, you don't have the space to set up a cannabis grow tent indoors, and you certainly can't have the neighbours or cops coming across a crop in your backgarden. What is a grower to do? Allow us to ...

  • Cannabis Pests: How to Get Rid of Broad Mites

    This article is meant to equip you with all of the information you need to identify a broad mite infestation on your cannabis plants early, and to eradicate this dreaded pest. And since prevention ...

  • How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Cannabis Garden

    Deer like leaves, including those of your beloved cannabis plants. If you grow in an area with deer present, you'll probably want to protect your weed plants from being scoffed away by these four-l ...

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